The Midland Dobermannn Club Championship Show
Sunday 9th November 2008

Bitch Judge – Spencer Houghton

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge this show and to the exhibitors for braving the bad weather to attend. This was my first appointment since the docking ban and I must admit I was not looking forward to seeing my beloved Dobermann’s with tails however I was pleasantly surprised to see a trend in the tail type and carriage. I look forward to a standard being agreed upon in the future.
The bitch classes remain very competitive especially in the latter classes. Since my last bitch judging appointment I must say that temperaments appear to have improved and dentition certainly has improved greatly with very few missing teeth and only a couple of over shot specimens. Well done to the breeders.
On the down side, the standard of showmanship has taken a dip and I would urge all owners/handlers to take the handling of their dogs seriously as some good specimens were marked down and lost possible places because I struggled to see them at their best and assess them properly. This didn’t help when moving the exhibits and needs attention as overall movement in the Dobermann still remains poor.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14)
  1. Sinnott’s Trojanteam Dad and Me – Cracking 6mth Brown bitch with good dark markings. Smart and showy. Good well shaped head on long arched neck. Good shape overall with pronounced forechest. Strong topline and good high tail set. Good rear angulation with good turn of stifle. Well boned and very good tight feet.
  2. Burnett, Hall & Mycroft’s Supeta’s Feels Like Heaven at Zuffenhausen – another very smart showy little bitch. Black bitch with well shaped head, well shaped dark eye, strong neck leading to well shaped body. Not the forechest of winner but plenty to shout about. Challenged hard for first place
  3. Irving’s Amazon Sydique
Puppy Bitch (11+1)
  1. Connerley’s Jaegerson Hell N Reddy – won the class with easy. Good sized, well proportioned young brown bitch. Commanded attention from start to finish and never stopped showing. Long wedged shaped head leading to long arched neck. Plenty of body with good forechest. Good short back giving an overall square appearance. Strong topline and tailset. Nicely angulated with good bone. Moved reasonably well for a youngster. Showed well all day and won BP in Show
  2. Sinnott’s Trojanteam Bootys Duet – slightly longer than winner but another good young black bitch. Strong well shaped head on nicely arched neck. Strong well filled body with good forechest. Good topline & tailset. Nicely angulated and moved fairly well, probably the best mover in the class
  3. Sheldon’s Otago Hakina
Junior Bitch (4+1)
  1. Spindley’s Grosvenor The Celebrity at Mytanamy – won a small but strong class and pushed hard by second bitch. Well proportioned young black bitch. Good long wedged head with dark well shaped eye. Nice small ears. Good length of neck leading into strong short back with good topline and correct tailset. Good forechest and overall body shape. Good angulation,bone and tight feet. Moved fairly well.
  2. Cox’s Zeloviak Inquisition – pushed hard for top spot and won a number of later classes.. Another very smart black bitch. Good head and eye. Strong neck and plenty of body. Has strong forechest, depth, strong topline and tailset. Slightly longer than winner. Angulation good. Moved fairly well
  3. White’s Martifers Page Three Girl
Yearling Bitch (13)
  1. Milne & Williams Leibwache Sunset Stripper – Strong standard sized brown bitch with nice dark markings. Well shaped head and eye. Pleasing length of neck leading to a strong body. Good forechest, strong topline and good tailset. Good angulation. Moved fairly well
  2. Ryan & Taylor’s  Khazaddum Sealed with a Kiss – beautifully shown by handler! Strong standard sized black bitch. Good head shape dark well shaped eye. Good length of neck, strong topline and good tailset. Well muscled. Moved fairly well with a touch of elegance. Lost out to winner as she didn’t have the forechest
  3. Meredith Jojavik Helluva Dancer of Tarchan
Novice Bitch (9)
  1. Cox’s Zeloviak Inquisition – As per Junior
  2. Irving’s Amazon Syndique – young  black bitch. Long wedge head, long arched neck running into solid topline and high tailset. Well angulated. Plenty of forechest but a little longer than winner
  3. Hopkinson’s Otago Kura
Undergraduate Bitch (4)
  1. Cox’s Zeloviak Inquisition – As per Junior
  2. Pollards Otherton Maybe Hot at Whizzbean – Strong black bitch but a little too tall. Good head & eye shape. Well arched neck leading to strong topline and good high tailset. Plenty of body with good forechest. Well boned with good tight feet
  3. Wall’s Jarjarjinx Armed N Fabulous
Graduate Bitch (7)
  1. Williams’ Livikee Moulin Rouge JW – Well balanced solid & standard sized  brown bitch. Well handled. Well shaped head and dark eye. Good under jaw. Good length of neck solid topline and good high tailset. Lovely shape with good solid forechest, plenty of depth, good body length. Well angulated with plenty of bone and tight feet
  2. Swain’s Jankins Fire Cracker at Liason – Smaller black bitch than winner. Good head shape and eye. Smart. Good overall body shape with correct topline and high tailset.
  3. Lewis’s Jowendys Love for Sale JW
Post Graduate bitch (11)
  1. Evans & Irving’s Amazon Sweet Home Alabama JW – A close decision between the first two. Lovely type. Solid standard sized bitch with good head and eye shape. Good dark eye. Good length of neck, solid topline and correct high tailset. Plenty of forechest and depth to elbow. Well angulated.
  2. Young’s Trystorme Beezie Madden at Malibray – pushed winner hard. Similar to winner but lost out on forechest and handler struggled to keep the exhibit showing at her best.
  3. Jones’s Supetas Miss Elliott
Limit Bitch (27)
  1. Wilkes’s Lynfryds Raspberry Beret – won a strong class but oozed class and showed to perfection. Strong standard sized brown bitch. Good elongated wedged shaped head with well shaped dark eye. Long arched neck leading into a solid body with plenty of substance. Strong short topline and high tailset. Good forechest and correct depth. Good angulation.  Well boned with very good tight feet. Moved fairly well. Although pushed very hard by Open Class winner, she was awarded a very worthy Bitch CC
  2. McDaniel’s Slinjos Cast a Spell – similar in type to winner but a little longer in the loin and feet not quite a good but overall another very good bitch
  3. Creme & Parson’s Izralight New Year Wishes JW
Open Bitch (18)
  1. Evans & Thompson’s CH Amazon Devil Wears Prada – another very close decision. Classy smart, standard sized black bitch that showed her heart out. Good head with well shaped and dark eye. Beatifully long arched neck leading into a well balanced strong short body. Good correct topline and high tailset. Good forechest and depth. Well angulated, well boned and tight feet. Moved fairly well. Well handled. Deservedly won the Bitch RCC and could have pinched the top prize on a different day
  2. Somerville’s Stolzrasse Scirrocco Von Peaselye – a very different type to winner but really challenged hard and was beautifully shown in good solid condition. Her head was the best example of a Dobermann head I saw during the day and had a real “Dobermann stare” that would stop you in your tracks. Finest of heads in all aspects, long elegant neck, strong topline and high tailset. Good depth. Solid and square. Well boned  Moved fairly well
  3. Brown’s Freelance Whoopi
Veteran Bitch
  1. Tinsley’s Sherrebenca Amaretto JW – 8yo black bitch. Sadly sat on 2 CCs and a bitch really deserving her title as a youngster. Well shaped head, almond dark eyes. Long arched neck leading to super topline and correct high tailset. Lovely shape and balance. Excellent forechest and plenty of depth. Well angulated. Plenty of bone and still got tight feet. Moved like a Trojan! A credit to the breed
  2. Walker’s Ch Supeta’s Lyin Eyes for Sizlin JW – another super “old lady”. A smaller bitch than winner but a real cracker. Well shaped head with good expression. Good long neck, solid topline and tailset. Good depth. Well angulated and went round the ring like a youngster. Well handled
  3. Woodward-Sheridan’s Achenburg Katina
Bitch Challenge Certificate
Wilkes’s Lynfryds Raspberry Beret
Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate
Evans & Thompson’s CH Amazon Devil Wears Prada
Bitch Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Show
Connerley’s Jaegerson Hell N Reddy