Midland Dobermann Club Ch Show - Bitches

11th November 2012

      A strong entry numerically but I am saddened that the breed has all but lost its elegance. Not only was the majority of the entry overweight and/or oversized but more than a few exhibits were coarse, which in males is most undesirable but in bitches is unforgiveable. There will always be good and bad regardless of size but a preponderance of over-sized animals which lack quality has led to the detriment of the Dobermann as laid down in the Standard. Heads were unattractive in many instances and the lovely sleek outline which shouts “Dobermann” is spoilt by shoulder blades being too far apart at the withers. On the plus side, there were no nervous exhibits and feet and pasterns were generally excellent.
Only a very small minority of handlers presented their charges without stuffing them with food throughout and I found it difficult to assess mouths and heads as the exhibits were fixated on their handlers’ constant supply of cheese, etc. A lazy attitude to training is evident if a dog cannot stand still without continuously grabbing at lumps of food. Very few seemed capable of gaiting their dogs on a loose lead and I did wonder why long leads are used at all when they are rolled up into a palm-sized ball and held up tightly. Again, a little training would go a long way. I have purposely not commented in great depth on movement as it cannot be fully assessed for the desired ground covering action in a small indoor area.
Despite the foregoing comments, it gave me great pleasure to end up with a challenge of typey, elegant bitches from which to choose for high honours. My co-judge concurred with my CC & RCC choices as he needed no prompting from me to award them BIS and RBIS respectively.

MPB (10,0) 1 Heffernan’s Ruzuna Blazin Amazin. And she certainly is! Her presentation on the stack outshone everything else here! Freestanding, exciting feminine prospect, full of confidence, displaying outgoing disposition, alert, showy, elegant, clean wedge headpiece, dark eye, good earset. Well-proportioned throughout, reachy neck flowing smoothly into strong topline, strong quarters. Over-enthusiastic on the move and needs to be steadied and moved on a loose lead. BPB.

2 Gallagher’s Izralight Sugarbabe. Another smart one with lovely outline, most of 1’s attributes but finer in muzzle and not so tidy in ear. Steady on the move.

3 Balshaw’s Remesca’s Vida Loca.

PB (8,1) 1 Schneiders’ Shantock Aurora. Good make and shape, alert expression, square outline and well balanced but could carry a little less weight. Sound front, strong topline and quarters. Steady mover.

2 I Sugarbabe.

3 Groves’ Ruzuna Blazin Anahera Being Lateagain.

JB (10,1) 1 Sharp & Boncey’s Ourouse Shabby Chic with Martifers. Elegant and carrying the correct weight. Long clean head, reachy neck, sound front, strong topline, short-coupled, correct angulation fore and aft. Moved well.

2 Ward’s Aritaur Dita Von Teese. Close up to 1 with not much to choose between them other than I preferred pelvic angulation of 1.

3 Long’s Aritaur Enchante.

YB (11,0) Best class of the day. 1 Walton’s Remesca’s Perfect Timing at Dabells. Simply stunning, full of quality and has the essential elegance I was looking for. Fits the Standard so well, totally balanced, razor-sharp outline, clean over the withers, square, correctly proportioned, good depth and correct tuck-up, strong topline, firm over the loin, strong quarters, pleasing feminine head, dark eyes, neat ears, alert but not grabbing at bait, rhythmic movement, covering ground well. BCC & BIS.

2 Underwood’s Liason Latanya. Most attractive br/rust exhibit. Close up to 1 and would have been in contention for top honours had I not been splitting hairs between the CC and RCC winners. Much the same remarks apply but just pipped by 1 on her faultless silhouette.

3 Hopkinsons’ Otago Fuzzy Logic.

NB (7,1) 1 Pollards’ Zeloviak Atlantis at Whizzbean. Well put together, stood out in this class. Keen expression, dark eyes, little heavy over withers which was evident when on the move, good hind angulation.

2 R Blazin Amazin Anahera Being Lateagain. Slightly smaller, of good breed type but not so good on the move behind.

3 Fishers’ Dronski Adele at Lintoya.

UGB (4,1) 1 O Shabby Chic.

2 Conway’s Remesca’s Perfect Image. Litter sister to CC winner. Same elegant type, of good proportions and not overdone, smart outline, reachy neck flowing into clean shoulders. A little plain in head, movement could be better.

3 Mulhollands’ Tom Dober Stardust Marillium.

GB (1,0) 1 Wetherall’s Kodam Full Stop. Stood alone but could have held her own in JB or YB. Appealing feminine exhibit, not oversized, excellent head, clean shoulders, well-held topline with tail running correctly off spine, good feet, well let down in hock, moves really well. Would benefit from being shown on a looser lead.

PGB (16,1) Three lovely exhibits. 1 Jones, Butler, Byrne & Wright’s Amazon Cartier. What a youngster! Confident outlook and has it all with most pleasing head and super square well-proportioned body, sharp outline. Correct throughout, great mover but carrying too much weight. Her future is not in doubt.

2 Lock & Ingram’s Jojavik Junkie Slip. Most appealing  brown, close up to 1, well-constructed, elbows close to brisket, moving out soundly. Just preferred head and outlook of 1.

3 Cairns’ Tuwos Jacki O at Dronksi.

LB (13,2) 1 Lamacraft & Pieters’ Supeta’s Grace Kelly of Ostertag, Tall bitch, elegant and sound. On her toes throughout, tight feet, excellent clean shoulders, strong topline, free mover.

2 Roberts & Nailor’s Roblore Bebopalula. Another sound one. Close up to 1, good body shape, sound mover, short coupled, nice quarters.

3 Snell’s Amazon Bad Romance.

OB (17,3) A lovely trio. 1 Quigley, Day & Piper’s Swyndwr Supa Tramp. Won this class on her size, soundness and femininity and it really was a case of splitting hairs when she came up against the winner of YB in the challenge. Another elegant, standard exhibit oozing quality, clean lines throughout, well-balanced, not overdone in any way. Sound mover. RCC & RBIS.

2 Waldie’s Ch Coltregan Prada at Vonedstram. On the large side for me but lovely make and shape, powerful, super square outline. Not quite the finesse of 1 but loved everything else about her. Imposing headpiece, well-muscled, excellent movement.

3 Downie & Glass’ Ch Gaindyke Eureka.

VB (9,1) 1 Lainchburys’ Ch Trystorme In Association with Ashlain. 8½ looking about 3! In superb condition and correct weight, feminine, clean wedge head, dark eyes, excellent forehand, super tight feet, clean shoulders and although can appear not to be quite square, she is short-coupled. Sound mover.

2 Banton’s Ch/Ir Ch Vanhallen Black Velvet with Darkiss. A 7-year-old favourite of mine. Lost out only on head being just a tad less feminine than 1 and not quite so tight in elbow.

3 Quigley, Day & Piper’s Ch Swyndwr Supa Tramp.

Rosie Lane (Judge)