Thank you to M.D.C. for the invitation to judge males.
An enjoyable day, and a well run show. Many thanks to my very efficient stewards.
Overall I was pleased with temperaments, bone size and shape, depth and spring of rib cage, dentition and bite. On the negative side, it is blatantly obvious that there is a problem with excess length of 2nd thigh and over angulation of rear quarters. It is impossible for a dog to move correctly when the rear stride is greater than the front.

The standard calls for fairly well bent stifle, this definitely doesn't mean "more is best"
There was also a noticeable amount of broad skulls and excessive cheeks, if the cheeks are not flat then the whole head shape appears stunted, as opposed to elongated.


M.P.D. 1st  "AMAZON NOTORIOUS MR BIG"  excellent  head shape and length , neck length and shape is in proportion. Forequarters are ok, compact body, rear angulation is very good. Markings are excellent . Best puppy male.

2nd   HOLY HELLS BLUE STEEL. Good head but not as well developed in foreface as the  winner, .not the masculinity or depth of chest as winner.
3rd   KHANEVE BENEDICT.  Lost out on crabbing, under jaw, and head / expression.
2nd  SANT KREAL HORATIO OF CHOPITEA, excellent head and markings. Compact, but upper arm not laying close to body, this shows on the move. Shoulder should be laid back more.
3rd  REPERTOIRE SIMPLY RED. Back needs to rim up somewhat, eye colour not correct,
JUNIOR DOG. 1st KORIFEY BRAVE. Again cheeks are not flat, yet head shape is good. Very muscular body ( pleased to see that) . Excellent depth of body, excellent bone size and shape, compact enough. Masculine, without being coarse, markings very good. Rear movement is good, front movement slightly restricted.
2nd WOODBRIAR FIX UP LOOK SHARP. Compact enough, with good head properties. Elbows not close to body and front angulation too acute. Strong backline, lost on masculinity and front angulation.
3rd   JOJAVIK JAMES BOND. Compact enough, deep body, balanced. Cheeks not flat, fore face too short, under jaw should be more developed. Eye colour should be darker.
YEARLING DOG. 1st  JOJAVIK BULLETPROOF BOMB J.W. . Excellent for breed type, very good head shape, ( should be longer in foreface) as with many not clean in throat. Compact body, depth and  forechest is correct, good in front and rear angulation, this shows on the move especially in profile. Excellent markings , excellent breed type. Front pasterns showed weakness on the move. I have to comment on how superbly this dog was presented, a pleasure to judge.
2nd  DOBSHANGRILA RONALDO. Head very good shape, but yet again cheeks not flat. Body deep enough, and compact enough. Front and rear movement ok, but over reaching in profile due to slight excess length in 2nd thigh.
3rd  REMESCA UNDER PRESSURE . Head shape and length is very good, but eyes are round( not almond shaped) this spoils the expression. Shoulder is not laid back enough, causing over reaching on the move. Body is deep and compact.
GRADUATE DOG . 1st  OTTIA UPTOWN FUNK AT KAISTART.  Head planes very good, head length excellent, eye colour should be darker. Neck length and shape all in proportion.  Loin is too long. Front angulation is acute, rear angulation is ok but shows on the move as overreaching.
POST GRAD DOG. 1st  SUPETAS REVENGE IS SWEET FOR TRUVEL . Excellent for head planes, type and expression, excellent for eye shape. Bone shape and size also excellent, body compact enough. Shoulders should be laid back more and this shows on the move. (front reach not ideal)
2nd   NEWFORDS JAMMY DODGER. Muscular. Overall head shape and length is ok, as is eye colour and shape. Neck shape and length is very. Good, strong back, compact enough. Deep body and very good bone, excellent markings. Lacks vigour on the move.
3rd  ARITAUR INGLORIOUS AT JAGELKA. Head very good, expression good. Markings very good, bone excellent. Body is deep, compact and muscular. Front angulation too acute, this shows on the move, restricted reach.
LIMIT DOG. 1st   RUHOLFIA ARAGORN (IKC.) (APT) (IMP)Very good for head length and shape, cheeks not flat, but better than most. Ear carriage not so relevant when a dog has obvious quality in breed type. Excellent bone, all in proportion. Correct depth of body and compact enough. Strong back, slightly sloping (as it should) correct underline . Ample forechest,  markings very good. Front and rear angulation are balanced, there is no exaggeration!  This is a very sound Dobe , as with the RCC winner he struggled to cope with the indoor conditions, but it does not take long to see his balanced conformation. Please look at this Dobe when he is standing with rear pasterns perpendicular, and look how they support his rear quarters. More rear angulation does not mean better.  in fact the greater the turn of stifle, the weaker it is. Dog C.C
2nd  EICKZ PADOKU FOR LARIZA. Head type is very good, only slight excessive cheeks. Better head than the winner, but not as sound. Shoulder placement should be laid back more. This showed on the move. Compact enough, deep body. Breed type excellent.
3rd  KORIFEY RAGE. Again cheeks slightly broad, very good for breed type , second thigh slightly long, showed on the move.
OPEN DOG. 1st   CH.LUX CH ITALO ELITE HOUSE. Nearly 7 yrs old. Clearly an excellent Dobe. He has attitude, vigour, presence and the basic standard requirements to attract any judge towards him. Dentition and bite correct  for his age. Head qualities are spoilt by cheeks not being flat. He is compact and deep in body, bone is correct and  
He is balanced fore and aft. Struggled with indoor conditions (on the move) but it was clear that he moves with vigour, soundly. R.C.C
2nd  LINDA'S WOT A THRILLER. Head shape and type is very good. Body is compact and muscular. Overall he is balanced and in proportion. A difficult dog to assess, but we got there eventually! Shoulders should be laid back more.
3rd  CH JOJAVIK ELITE MAFIA. Quality  Dobe, but again too long in second thigh. Shows clearly on the move. All the major attributes are here, compact and deep with excellent bone shape and size
VETERAN. 1st ARITAUR PHILOSOPHY  Excellent head shape and length, too long in 2nd thigh.
2nd  COCKNEYOKA JOSEY WALES Very good head properties, not as balanced on the move as winner.

Graham Hunt

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