Midland Dobermann Club

Championship Show 12/11/2017

I would like to thank the club for their kind invitation to judge their commemorative show.
I had a very enjoyable day amongst some very nice people. Overall, there were some very good exhibits, my main criticisms on the day were loose elbows and feet that either were pinning in or a bit flat.
  Minor Puppy Dog. 3 Entries.
1St Richardson's  Jasprico French Rebellion. Just 6.5 months and what a showman showed like a veteran, never put a foot wrong. Head and eye colour good with sound front, tight feet long neck. Good topline and tailset with good angulation. Moved steadily. To be critical I would have liked a bit more of him, hope it comes. Could go to the top. B.P.I.S.
2nd  McLaren's  Teuschon Lex Luther. Head planes good with long muzzle, body good but not so short coupled. Shoulder and front assembly good, but feet need to tighten. Enough forechest, with firm sloping topline. Played up when moved.
3rd Webb's  Shalissa's Siriusly Costly.
 Puppy Dog  2 Entries.
1St  Mackintosh-White's  Supeta's Witchkraft. Good in head and underjaw,with dark well shaped eye. Enough forechest with tight front, feet a little flat, well arched neck into firm sloping topline. Very good rear angulation but played handler up on the move.
2Nd Orrell Alison's  Shalissa Siriusly Nutty.  Head planes fairly goodbut has loose flews. Enough forechest, good in topline and tailset. Moved steadily.
 Junior Dog.  8 Entries.
1St Feeney's   Via Felicium Vettel [Imp Rus]. Won on his overall confirmation, well handled. Head planes good with tight flews, and dark eye. Good shoulder angulation with tight elbows and feet. Forechest needs to develop but time is on his side. Long neck into short body with firm sloping topline, correct tailset and rear angulation. Moved steadily with strong driving action.
2Nd Santoriello's  Korifey Amulet JW.  Lovely showmanship free standing, nice colour brown, head with correct eye shape and colour. Arched neck into firm sloping topline, tailset good. Well muscled rear with good angulation. Preferred the shorter body of my winner, and needs to tighten in elbows but good forechest and feet. Moved freely but a little wide in front.
3Rd  Lafford and Groves.  Lateagain Satisfaction.
 Yearling Dog.  7 Entries.
1st Lafford and Groves.  Lateagain Satisfaction.  3Rd in Junior good honest dog, head planes not so good, good eye colour. Firm topline and good depth of brisket. Feet need to tighten and a little out at elbow, moved fairly well.
2Nd  Bishop's.  Repertoire Simply Red.  Good colour brown, head broad in skull. Good forechest firm in topline. Longer in body than one, very good bone. Moved well.
3Rd Heffernan's  Avamer Ethan.
 Novice Dog.  5 Entries
1st  Feeney's Via Felicium Vettel.
2Nd Webb's.  Shalissa's Siriusly Costly.  Third in Minor Puppy, head not that good and lacking in underjaw. Front good with enough forechest, feet need to tighten. Good reach of neck but topline a bit slack. Moved fairly well.
3Rd Alp's.  Aslanim Serafimi Azure.
 Undergraduate Dog.  2 Entries.
1St Feeney's.  Via Felcium Vettal.
2Nd Lafford and Groves.  Lateagain Satisfaction.
 Graduate Dog.  2 Entries.
1St Bevan's.  Khaneve Benidict.  Cobby brown with good head and dark eye, tight front with good feet. Enough forechest, arched neck into firm topline. Well sprung ribs and deep brisket withgood rear anglulation. Moved well, a little overweight.
2Nd  Plummer's.  Grafmax Alfie Boe.  Not so good in head planes. Front good but feet need to tighten. Very good topline and rear angulation, moved fairly well.
 Post Graduate Dog.  5 Entries.
1St Brannon and Smith's.  Remesca's Under Pressure.  Head good and underjaw, with dark eye. Enough forechest and depth of brisket, needs to tighten up in front and feet are a bit flat. Topline firm with good tailset and angulation, moved well.
2Nd  Hickling's.  Evalesco Stormin Norman.   Head fairly good, front needs to tighten, out at elbows. Good reach of neck, topline ok with good rear angulation. A bit on the tall side for me, moved fairly well.
 Limit Dog.  10 Entries.
1St Wall's.  Dobehaven Atlantic Storm, JW ShCM.   Very smart, good head shape with strong underjaw and dark eye. Sound front and good shoulders, tight feet. Enough forechest with well arched neck into firm topline. Correct tailset and good rear angulation, bone and substance very good. Moved soundly.
2Nd Wilcox's  Grafmax Roberto Alagna.  Close decsion again, quality dog  has very good bone, wedge shaped head and strong underjaw. Dark well shaped eye, good front with ample forechest. Feet need to tighten up, short firm totlinewith ribs well sprung and deep brisket. Moved well but a bit close behind.
3Rd   Brock's.  Supeta's Revenge Is Sweet For Truvel.
 Open Dog.  8 Entries.
1St  Reid's.  Korifey Brave [AI] JW.  Very sound dog has lovely bone and head shape with tight flews and dark eye. Forechest and shoulders very good, best feet of the day. Good reach of neck with firm topline, deep brisket. Moved soundly.  RCC.
2Nd  Downie's.  CH Knecht Marek.  A worthy champion, very close descion. Free standing with good wedge head, well shaped dark eye. Sound in front with tight elbows and feet, good reach of neck. Short body, firm sloping topline. Good tailset and rear angulation. Strong steady mover.
3Rd  Rennie's.  Korife Rage JW.
 Veteran Dog.  3 Entries.
1St Feeney's.  CH & LUX CH Italo Elite House [IMP POL]. What can I say, for me he excels in all departments. Classic wedge shaped head with strong underjaw, and tight flews. Front assembly, forechest and shoulder angulation very good with tight feet. He has good length of neck into firm sloping topline. Well muscled rear, good tailset and turn of stifle. He has the bone and substance needed in our breed. Moved with strong positive action. DCC and RBIS.

                     Hilary Partridge-Duckham  [Pompie]

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