The Midland Dobermann Club Open Show

Sunday 19th February 2017
Judge - Mr Simon Luxmoor (Hushwing)

I would like to thank the Committee of the Midland Dobermann Club for their very kind invitation to judge their 50th Anniversary Open Show. In particular I would like to thank Chairman Carol Smith and Secretary Linda Fisher for making the day so enjoyable and for making the Shirland Village Hall a 'picture' for the event.

Minor Puppy Dog (4) 1st Wilcox's Grafmax Roberto Alagna - A smart youngster with an immature yet masculine head, good reach of neck, a strong level top line, good fore chest and good angulation front and rear. Well knuckled up feet and easy on the move.
2nd Child's Jojavik Bullet Train - Not quite the angulation of 1 but balanced and covered the ground efficiently. Correct head, well set eyes and keen expression. Good bone, parallel throughout and correct tidy feet.
3rd Billington's Luftez Meridian

Puppy Dog (3) 1st Heffeman's Avamer Ethan - A well proportioned male with good balance but I would have preferred tidier and 'fit' feet. Good head proportions, well arched neck set on good shoulders and a strong top line. Sound on the move.
2nd Luftez Meridian - Super head and expression, but for me I felt he was 'medium minus' when it came to bone, and struggled on occasion to hold his top line. But still very much a youngster and when he did settle he showed promise.
3rd Garnham's Newfords So Jonny Got Moose

Junior Dog (2) 1st Bishop's Repertoire Simply Red - Correct head, good bone but I would have preferred a little more shoulder. But balanced fore and aft and with good 'fit' feet. Easy light footed gait.
2nd Luftez Meridian

Yearling Dog (1) 1st Brannan and Smith's Remesca Under Pressure - A very sound powerful male, good head, well sprung ribs and nice depth of chest. Good bone, balanced front and rear and a good efficient ground covering gait.

Novice Dog (2) 1st Child's Jojavik Bullet Train
2nd Luftez Meridian

Graduate Dog (5) 1st Rennie's Korifey Rage - A very nice male, good head and expression, good neck well set shoulders and strong top line. Excellent angulation front and rear, good bone, nice feet. Easy on the move. Well handled and presented.
2nd Bradbury's Jaktays Arrakis - In good overall proportion, standard fitting head, I would prefer a somewhat straighter leg, but good reach of neck and a strong top line with correct tail set and carriage. Easy light footed gait.
3rd Godfrey's Dobshangrila Renaldo

Post Graduate Dog (6)
1st Korifey Rage

2nd Wall's Dobehaven Atlantic Storm JW ShCM - A very nice example of the Breed,
good head and expression but I just preferred the overall balance of 1. Excellent
bone, shown in good hard condition, good feet and possessed a good ground
covering gait.

3rd Lainchbury's Ashlain Sotiros

Limit Dog (2)
1st Hopkinson's Otago Gotta Be Me - Again my preference for 1 was just based on
the overall balance. Good head, correct neck, sufficient fore chest, good straight legs
and tidy feet. Easy on the move and sound throughout.

2nd Gregson's Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton - Another nice example of the Breed
when settled. Balanced, without quite the front of 1 but shown in good overall
condition and covered sufficient ground on the move.

Open Dog (4)
1st Tyler's Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW BD, BIS - Super male, absolutely sound
throughout. Head in absolutely correct proportions with a youthful expression.
Excellent angulation with a very good fore chest, strong top line, good croup, tail set
and carriage. Easy light footed ground covering gait. Shown to advantage.

2nd Morgan's Newfords Moves Like Jagger At Calonmac - Good overall proportions,
correct head, correct spring of rib, good depth of chest. Impressive in profile and at 2
years of age a good prospect.

3rd King's Ch Nerak American Dream JW ShCM

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Lainchbury's Ch Ashlain Makriammos JW ShCM - A very nice veteran at seven
and a half years old. Super front, balanced angulation and easy on the move. Had
the head and expression of a two year old! A wonderful advertisement for the Breed.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Ingram's Jojavik Forget Me Not BPIS - Two very nice puppies and although I
know it is very early days I just prefered the front of 1 on the day. Feminine puppy
head, super overall angulation and a picture in profile. Displayed excellent forward
reach and drive on the move. A real prospect.

2nd Horgan's Rafthouse Beretta At Aritaur - Balanced throughout, I will be interested
to see how the pasterns strengthen in maturity, but another who moved to good

Puppy Bitch (4 2abs)
1st Wilson's Granadeya Val Veny - Preferred the fore chest and front angulation of 1.
Was a bit of a struggle to handle on the day but she has good angulation and nice
bone. Appealing feminine head and expression.

2nd Hopkinson's Otago Pure Serenity - A nice balanced bitch with a good head but
will need to grow in to her ears - which I am sure she will! Good straight legs, correct
bone and quick light footed gait.

Junior Bitch (3)
1st Cattermole's Supeta's Phoenix For Kalvadene - RBB Two very nice bitches -
both excellent prospects. Just preferred the tidier movement of 1 on the day.
Feminine head and expression, good fore chest, nice top line, tail set and carriage. A
picture on the move.

2nd Ingram's Jojavik Domino Derval - Good head, nice reach of neck, strong top line
and shown in hard condition. Good depth of chest, nice reach and drive on the
3rd Mo
rgan's Newfords Quetly Brown At Calonmac

Yearling (2 1abs)
1st Lainchbury's Ashlain Trypiti JW - Balanced bitch with excellent angulation. Good
tail set and carriage and efficient and absolutely sound on the move.

Novice Bitch (4 2abs)
1st Jojavik Forget Me Not
2nd Garnadeya Val Veny
Graduate Bitch (1 1abs)

Post Graduate (4 2abs)
1st Parsons' Ottia Maleficent - This was an exhibit who was able to show herself off
to advantage once on a loose lead. I preferred her overall angulation to 2. Correct
feminine head, powerful shoulders, correct bone.

2nd Matthews' Monarkle Sweet Lil Sister - Balanced front and rear but personally I
would like a little more angulation in the shoulder and a developed fore chest. Good
head, well set ears, good dark eye.

Limit Bitch (5 2abs)
1st Keen and Smith Majjeline Freyja - Nice medium sized bitch won this class with
some style. Typical head and expression, stood well in profile with all the attributes
to support her sound and ground covering gait.

2nd Wall's Amazon Infiniti To Jarjarjinx - Good head, strong level top line, balanced
throughout. Sound on the out and back.

3rd Sanderson's Jaktay Cardinal Sins At Jodaseen JW ShCM

Open Bitch (9 2abs)
1st Jones' Korifey Black Diamond JW ShCM BB RBIS - Strong class with three
excellent examples of the Breed taking the top three places. This is a lovely feminine
bitch who was expertly handled and presented, good fore chest great angulation,
correct bone, never put a foot wrong on the move.

2nd Ingram's Ch Jojavik Constanzia JW ShCM - Not quite as relaxed as 1 but of
equal quality with good shoulder and an excellent turn of stifle to complement her
front. Good bone, correct feet. Foot sure on the move.

3rd Brannan and Smith's Remesca's Rive Gauche

Veteran (4 2abs)
1st Lainchbury's Ch Ashlain Kazaviti JW ShCM BVIS - Two super veterans this
'youngster' at seven and a half just holding sway over her admirable eleven year old
rival. Understandably perhaps a little more together on the move than 2.

2nd Mycroft's Supeta's Witchqueen JW ShCM - This girl at eleven was full of 'vim
and vigour' and just a pleasure to meet, clearly enjoying her day out. Retains a
strong top line and is balanced throughout covering plenty of ground on the move.

Simon Luxmoore


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