November 13th Champshow 2005

Alfreton Leisure Centre


BIS & BCC Ch Aritaur Hipnotique.

RBIS & RBCC Trystorme In Association with Ashlain

BOS Jowendys Jump the Gun

RDCC Kaistar Boogie Too Shoes at Falconi

BP & BPD Otherton Knight Templer

BPB Amazon She Will Be Loved


Some good examples of the breed, found only one overshot mouth temperaments could not have been better. 

MP (9,1a)
1st BP Rock’s Otherton Knight Templer, stunning puppy, should have a very bright future, good head planes, correct front, deep enough brisket, lovely length of neck, well laid shoulders, tight feet, front & rear, good enough topline & croup, moving freely for one so young, can only get better 
2nd Andre’s Arbrodin Knight of Legacy, not much between him & 1 except for a much broader skull & a bit longer in loin, these points apart these two could change places 
3rd Charlton’s Mealstrom Baracouna at Lizels 
Puppy (4)
1st Atkinson’s Supetas Wicked Wizard at Sonaking, nice dog, good mouth & head, nice reach of neck, well laid shoulders, tight feet all round, correct length of back with good topline, shows & moves well 
2nd Skues Chancepizies Dejavous, taller & longer that 1, standing on feet not so tight as 1, still gangly, needs time to mature. 
3rd Nesbitt’s Heimdalls Lorenxo 
Junior (8,2)
1st Philbroughs Fursklars Stand By Me, handling left a lot to be desired as he was not being shown to advantage. Correct mouth, good head, nice front, straight legs viewed from the front, good length  of neck with good front, nice short back, well bent stifle, moves well 
2nd Webbers Shenlo Oscar Wilde, much better handling here, not unlike 1, good head, mouth, expression & head, short in back, good fett, but just not as tight as 1, two of a kind, could change places on another day. 
Yearling (8,2)
1st Dearing’s Jaegerson The Outlay of Profor, super head & head planes, correct bite good earset, forechest & depth of brisket, good neck & shoulder placement, best of tight catlike feet, short coupled & good topline, moved well 
2nd Sharpes Martifers The Joker, has most of the attributes of 1 & only because he was that big longer that 1, he was placed 2nd On another day these two dogs could change places.
3rd Reid’s Swnydwr Supacool 
Novice (4,1)
1 F Stand By Me 
2nd Caffels Doberway Chocktaw, taller, long that 1 & not so good in front, never the less moved fairly well, showed for the young handler excellently. Many of the adult handlers should take a leaf from her book. 
Under Graudate (2,1)
1st D Choctaw 
Graduate (4,1)
1st RCC Harris Kaistar Boogie Too Shoes at Falconi, lovely short coupled dog of standard size, correct dentition, pleasing head, eye shape & eye colour, good forechest & depth of brisket, good straight front legs both from the front & in profile, standing on well arched catlike feet, superb topline, good rear angulation, move, shows & handled well 
2nd Howell & Evans Amazon Xfactor, not unlike 1 except he is a bit longer & taller, also moved & handled well. Both dogs moved with no toeing in which was common place 
Post Graudate (10,1)
1ST Cranstons Jowendys Jump the Gun, by far the best exhibit in this class, correct dentition, good head, long enough neck, well laid shoulders, good bone, not coarse, short coupled, best of topline & tailset, powerful rearquarters which excelled when on the move & showed well 
2nd Lamacraft & Pieter’s Tuffenuff Wick N Wild, lighter version of 1, nice head, eye shape & colour, good depth of brisket, well laid shoulders, good turn of stifle, moved & handeld well 
3rd Parsons  Ottia Gaelic Storm 
Limit (15,2)
There were a lot of good moving dogs here & was difficult to Judge
1st Bagley’s Onelee Mister Insistence, lovely head, head planes, correct dentition, best of eye shape & colour, creating a melting expression, first class topline & tailset good straight front legs viewed from the front & in profile.  Good height to length formation, impressed all round 
2nd Schneiders Furstklars Evolution, on another day could change places with 1, but narrower that 1 in front & like 1 standing, best of tight catlike feet, moved & showed well 
3rd James Jaegerson Smart Reply 
Open (15)
1st Swains Amazon Under Fire at Liason, nice short god, good head, correct dentition, skull on the broad side but seems to be the norm, good forechest & depth of brisket nice straight front legs, standing on  well arched feet, good turn of stifle, moved well 
2nd Cox’s Jaenburg Apollo from Zeloviak, narrower than 1 in front, short in back like1, good tight feet, nice dark eyes giving a good expression, weaker in pastern that 1 but a nice picture. Moved well. I found no bad moving dogs in this class 
3rd Cotter & Fox’s Helidys Hector at Supremacy 
Veteran (7,2)
1st Remesca Best Kept Secret at Mavson, 7 years & not beginning to show any trace of age, he could compete in open classes & still do well.  Good head, correct dentition, well arched feet, good straight front legs viewed from front & in profile, nice short back, level & slightly sloping, good shaped eye & dark colour.  Moved and showed well, could go on winning for some time to come 
2nd Spindleys Mytanamy’r Air Forece, good head & dentition, good length of neck with good shoulder placemen, good topline & tailset, much nearer standard size that 1, turn of stifle not as good as 1, nice catlike feet, wearing well, handled & moved well 
3rd Higgins Dolbadarn Buffalo Soldier