Midland Dobermann Club Open Show, Alfreton, June 8th 2014

Its always an honour to judge for a breed Club but today was extra special for me because my association with this Club goes back several decades and today brought back so many happy memories.  The Dobermann fancy is privileged to have the Midland Dobermann Club with its long standing,  stable committee who are committed to the breed.   It's been 15 years since I owned and showed a Dobermann and I was impressed today to see the breed in such a healthy state and clearly in good hands.   Temperaments were, without exception , impeccable .  Dentition was excellent, just one missing tooth and one level bite in a couple of older exhibits.   Head planes were generally very good and I was pleased to see those diverging planes that were once all too common now seem to be a thing of the past.  Breed type and  profiles impressed, so many beautifully balanced, clean outlines here today.   Colour and coat texture was also to be admired, some super marked blacks and the browns were generally a wonderful rich colour.  Thank You to all who attended, for allowing me the honour of judging their dogs,  for accepting my decisions so sportingly and for making my day such a special one to remember.


Minor Puppy Dog (2.0)

1. Fishers  Jojavik Elite Mafia,   A well grown pup of good size & type, pleasing head with dark eyes and well set ears. Parallel head planes and a flat skull.  Very promising pup,  nothing exaggerated about him, moved and showed well.  Best puppy in show.
2. Gregsons Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton.  A 6 month old black, nice type but not as good in underline as 1 and a little 'throaty' at the moment.  He can move well but handler needs to watch him as he has a tenancy to pace at times.

 Puppy Dog (2.1)

1. Kings Nerak American Dream.  Impressive brown at just 10 months old with a smart profile, correct size, super angulation fore & aft. Loved his balanced head and correct planes.  Good body proportions.  Top line just needs to firm up as he matures.  Strong round bone and super tight feet.  Steady and purposeful on the go around.  One to watch as he must have a bright future.

Junior Dog (5,3)

1. Goodwins Satinea Alonzo 12 mth brown with a super masculine head, strong muscular neck,  straight, strong topline but slightly more sloped than my preference, well filled croup , well angulated hindquarters, well off for bone, has the tightest of catlike feet.  Striking colour and markings, correct hard coat. In hard muscular condition which really showed on the move.  Another impressive youngster .

2. Capells Ruzuna Amazing Valour 14 mth old black & rust.  Head is still needing to come on,  neck is quite short and laid on rather steep shoulders.  The underline is very exaggerated and he really needs more spring of rib.  Tends to stand roaching his topline too.


Yearling Dog (2.1)

1. Ingrams Jovavik  Midnight Express JW ShCM. Top class exhibit, very striking in every department.  Stunning outline, correct height with a beautifully balanced profile.   Pleasing head, darkest of eyes, super length of neck set on the cleanest of shoulders.  Enough fore chest, strong straight forelegs , well arched feet,  strong topline held rock solid on the move, excellent tailset.  In the hardest of condition, Moves with real drive, would love to see this dog go around in a big ring.  Faultless handling together with a dog of excellent breed type who has real driving movement  makes this a team destined for the top.  Res. Best dog. 


Graduate Dog (5.2)

1. Goodwins Satinea Alonzo.  1. In Junior.  This was a tight decision between 1&2 as both are excellent young male representatives of the breed. 1 just clinched it with his deep rich colour and those extra couple of months of maturity.

2.  Kings Nerak  American Dream 1. In Puppy
3.  Capells  Ruzuna Amazing Valour

Post Grad Dog (1.0)

1. Coxs Zeloviak Endeavour JW A pleasing dog of good outline, good for size, appealing head with nothing exaggerated about him, good length of neck and well laid shoulders producing a good fore chest.  Well ribbed up with strong sound rear assembly.   Well muscled and moved out well.


Limit Dog (2.0)

1. Underwoods Liason  Labyrinth  An appealing dog of correct size, Masculine head with flat skull, correct dark eyes, excellent neck and shoulder angulation, good depth through his body, although a tad long in the loin, correct underline.  Topline a little slack today and feet could be tighter.

2. Parsons Ottia Captain Barbossa. Upstanding dog with a super masculine head which I liked a lot. A decent, honest type of dog of good type. Sadly his movement was erratic today and he needs to settle to show himself to advantage.

Open Dog (3.0)

1. Sandersons CH Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen ShCM.  What a super brown male this 3 yr old is,  fits the standard so well, he is muscular, proud and strong. He's a fine example of the breed,  showing great strength & athleticism .  I loved his masculine, classic,  elongated blunt wedged shaped head, flat skull and tight lips.  Correct almond shaped eyes give him an alert bold expression.  Carries the strongest of necks laid on clean, well laid shoulders. Hes well off for bone, has sound straight limbs and stands 4 square on the best of well arched feet.   A dog of great balance , style and soundness with movement to match his conformation .  Covers the ground easily with his vigorous,  elastic driving strides, holding his shape perfectly on the move.  Pleased to award him Best dog today amidst some tough competition.

2. Normans Nearctic Timelord.  A strong masculine 3 yrs old dog who excels in head type and expression.  One of the best heads here today, Has many virtues on his side including his size, angulation and movement but today I found his feet too flat for my preference.

3. Tinsleys Zeoviak Incantation with Sherrebenca JW


Minor puppy bitch. (1.0)

1. Underwoods Utomia Aphrodite  At just 6 months old, this ultra feminine black bitch is very pretty. She's  pleasing in  outline, has super shoulders and is just the right size for her age. Forechest developing nicely, super feet, good width of second thigh.   Very steady for one so young. 


Puppy Bitch (4.0)

1. Kings Nerak Twist of Fate. This was a nice class headed by two very  promising bitches, 1&2 are similar in type and size. Both have good,  well balanced outlines,  enough good bone but still remain feminine, both have excellent forechests, good lay of shoulder, excellent feet, good colour and markings.  Today this girl scored over 2 with a slightly more developed head, better under jaw  and tighter underline.   I expect they will change places regularly as they develop and grow on .  Best Puppy Bitch.

2. Dzubas Khaneve Aurora at Zajonti

3. Cox's Zeloviak Evolution

4. Cross's Neartic Talk to The Hand

Junior Bitch (4,1)

1. Myecrofts Supetas Spells Trouble JW  16 month old black bitch of excellent type.  Strong head, a true blunt elongated wedge with parallel planes.  She's excels in forechest, and angulation, strong well held topline, well sprung rib and deep brisket. Ample round bone, super feet, good tail set.  Hard, smooth coat.  Shows herself really well and moved with ease and vigor.

2. Pittendrighs Flexor Isabella At  Tomar. Close up behind 1, this beautiful brown 16 month bitch cuts a clean, impressive outline. Feminine head,  clean flat cheeks, good ear set, has so much going for her she was unlucky to 1 on such fine form.  Movement is very sound and elastic but slightly wide coming head on today.

3. Robinsons Remesca Reet Petite

Yearling Bitch (1.0)

1. Pittendrigh's Amazon This Girls On Fire With Tomar.  This 16 month old bitch has an excellent head, plenty of muscular neck and well laid shoulders.  I found her a little long in loin and needing more drive on the move today.

Novice Bitch (4.1)

1. King's Nerak Twist Of Fate  As puppy  1

2. Cox's Zelovaik Evolution  An attractive bitch with a feminine head of good proportions and ratios.  Good angulation fore and aft, stands on well arched feet but she let herself down her today as she insisted on constantly roaching her topline.

3. Robinsons Remesca Reet Petite


Graduate Bitch (3.0)

1. Ingrams Jojavik Constanzia. This 13 month old brown bitch fits the standard beautifully, a true blend of quality, elegance, balance, soundness and athleticism.  She has the cleanest of outlines and impressed me in every department both in profile and on the move.   I loved her correct length of neck, super lay of shoulder, firm topline, and showy attitude.  She's  the total show dog package of excellent breed type,  soundness,  purposeful driving movement,  tip top conditioning and expert handling.  She has to be a star in the making and I was very pleased to award her BB & BIS here today and look forward to seeing her mature on, as the best is yet to come as her head develops.   Well done to all her connections on a very successful day.

2. Pittendrigh's Flexor Isabella at Tomar

3. Pittendrigh's Amazon This Girl Is On Fire With Tomar

Postgraduate Bitch (4.1)

1. Balshaws Remesca Vida Loca JW. Beautiful headed black bitch, best head here today. Super wedge shape, strong but still feminine. Lovely kind eye, alert expression, well set ears, pleasing clean outline, correct for size.  Well sprung ribs,  in super solid, muscular condition allowing her to move with drive and purpose once settled.
2. Salsburys Gaia Wot A Thriller For Monarkle.  Attractive brown bitch, good for size, nothing exaggerated about her, excellent rich colour and hard coat.  Handler needs to watch her tendency to roach when stacked, but she held a steady topline on the move. 
3. Myecrofts Supetas Winnie The Witch

Limit (5.0)
1.  Walkers Trojanteam Icon Von Sizlin. This was the toughest class of the day, lots of variation in type here.  This upstanding proud brown bitch scored with her lovely wedged shaped head, she is a good shape, although a little too much forechest for me,  stands alert and proud on sound straight limbs with good round  bone, excellent feet.  moved and handled well.
2. Parsons Ottia Lady Gaga. Athletic bitch of good type, with an excellent head but her eye is little light  and her handler needs to watch her tendency to 'knuckle over' at times.
3. Nicoll-Jones Supetas Jessie 'J' Into Kyricia

Open Bitch (5.3)

1. Kings Nerak  Sweepstake JW  6 yr old black bitch of substance, strongly built square outline, excellent head, well of for bone and stands on good catlike feet.  Nicely angulated, powerful rear with good width of second thigh. 

2. Wedgebury Demorgothcals Allure Also 6 yrs old. Has Some good virtues , her neck length and shoulder placement are correct.  But I found her eyes light, her front wide on the move and her feet need to be tighter.

Veteran Bitch (5.1)

1. Balshaws CH Janzins Jamelia JW ShCM  A long standing favourite of mine, I remember seeing her get her crowning CC several years back and today she looked every bit as good as on that day.  She's excels in every department, she has the best of heads. A classical elongated blunt wedge with very expressive eyes.  Super showy attitude, such a beautifully  made bitch, everything is to like about her.  She defies her age, in tip top show  condition and still moves with purpose.  Res. BB and Best Veteran in show. 

2.Ingams LUX CH Jovavik Gangsters Moll JW  Another quality bitch, of taller more upstanding type to 1.  Imposing clean  profile, excellent forechest and strong topline,  in perfect hard muscular condition , handler just needs to watch her feet and tendency to 'knuckle over' whilst baiting.  Moved out well, she needs a big ring to show her movement to full advantage.

3. Halls Jorazan Crime Of Passion

Mike Butterworth Memorial Stakes (7.2)

1. Balshaws Remesca  Vida Loca JW

2. Walkers Trojanteam Icon Von Sizlin

3. Wedgeburys Demorgothcals  Allure


Judge Janice Bannister

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