February Open Show 2006

Breed Judge

Mr. Peter Forshaw

The Midland Dobermann Club held their Open Show at Belper Leisure Centre on Sunday 19th February 2006.

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge, I had a superb entry with some excellent quality dogs. Dentition was good, as were temperaments. Some exhibits lost out due to poor front movement, straight front angulation and wide front movement needs to improve. 
BIS &BPIS Amazon She will be Loved
RBIS Onlee Mister Insistence
Vet Dog 4 - 0 Abs
Bostocks Remesca Best Kept Secret at Mavson
Standard sized well balanced 8 yr old black / rust with masculine head. Parallel head planes, reachy neck with slightly sloping topline, well boned straight front legs, tight feet, chest deep to elbows, correct turn of stifle, well presented, moved well. Best vet dog and best V I S

2nd Byrnes Ch Amazon Licensed to Thrill

3rd Spindleys Mytanamys Air Force One

Minor Puppy Dog 2 - 0 abs
Gregsons Amazon Inferno
7 mth brown with clean outline, parallel head planes, medium eye shade, pronounced forechest, prefer tighter feet, depth of chest to elbow, adequate turn of stifle, shows well for age.

2nd Nelson Remesca Maestro 

Puppy Dog 8 - 2 abs
Andres Arbrodin Knight of Legacy
Compact, balanced 11 mth brown with wedge shaped head, almond eye shape, front legs straight and parallel, tight feet, elbows tucked into ribs, chest to elbows, firm topline stood and gaiting, Promising puppy, should do well. Best puppy dog.

2nd Rainbow and Hayes Otherton Rainbow Warrior

3rd Wakefeilds Amazon Bon Jovi at Arahni

Junior Dog 4 - 0 abs
Arbrodin Knight of Legacy

2nd Orrells Purroma Extrodinaire

3rd Walters Lodgehouse Brave Spirit at Chessuri

Yearling 8 - 0abs
Grahams Purroma Easy Lover at Sharhyste
Mature 13 mth brown, wedge shaped masculine head, almond shaped eye, firm topline, deep chest, forelegs well boned and parallel, tight feet, well muscled thighs, adequate turn of stifle, moved well for one so young. Res best dog. 

2ndPittendrigh Almeira Shadrak at Tomar

3rd Sharps Martifers the Joker

Novice 3
Arbrodin K of Legacy 

2nd Remesca Maestro

3rd Amazon B J at Arahni

Grad Dog 4 - 4abs

Post Grad Dog 3 -0 abs

1st Fletcher Supetas That’s Enuf
Just under 2yrs black and rust, wedge shaped head, dark eye, chest deep, forelegs parallel and straight, fair length of neck leading into slightly sloping topline and correct tailset, Handled well with purpose

2nd Ekin Ferrero Chocolate Soldier

3rd Keeler Tuwin Reddy to Rumble

Limit Dog 3 -1abs
Bagley Onlee Mister Insistence
Substantial 3 yr old black and rust with the right amount of elegance, masculine head with parallel head planes, dark almond eye, reachy neck, firm topline and correct tailset, forelegs well boned and parallel, adequate forechest, deep chest, fair layback of shoulder, stifle well bent, tight feet, moved with drive and ease. Best Dog and Res B I S.

2nd Parsons Ottia Gaelic Storm

Open Dog 6 -1abs
Swain Amazon Under Fire at Liason
Standard sized substantial black and rust 4yr old, Strong head but broader than I like, dark eye, straight forelegs with round bone, tight feet, deep chest, solid topline, correct turn of stifle, moved steady and handled well. 

2nd Richardson Purroma Dark Impressions at Jasprico

3rd Cox Jadenburg Apollo at Zeloviak

Vet Bitch 4 -1abs 
Jones Moordale Ever so Supetas
Standard sized 71/2 yr old black and rust, head in proportion to body, parallel head planes, well developed forechest, elbows tucked into ribcage, reachy neck leading to correct topline, steady mover.

2nd Andre Ir Ch Amazon Love Potion at Arbrodin

3rd Lack Drava Phoenix chi at Montrestar

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 -0abs
Graham and Evans Amazon Holding onto You
Stylish 7mth black and rust, square in outline, feminine head, dark eye, forelegs parallel, lovely topline and tailset, Litter sister to minor puppy dog.

2nd Boncey Ourouse Promises

3rd Pilbrough Furstklars Dance Fever

Puppy Bitch 6 -2abs 
Evans and Thompson Amazon She will be Loved
Very mature young lady, head in proportion to body, classic body shape, square in outline, lovely depth of chest equal to leg length, well developed forechest, well boned parallel front legs, tight feet, super topline and tailset, correct turn of stifle, hocks parallel to ground. Handled and moved round the ring with ease. One to watch out for, Pleased to award Best Bitch B I S and B P I S.

2nd Mycroft Supetas Alcoholic Frolic

3rd Barlows Ulneswalton Star Dreamer

Junior Bitch 5 - 0abs
Barbers Freelance Temptation for Alcumlow
This was a hard decision between 1 and 2, could change places on another day, Well proportioned 17 mth black and rust, feminine head with dark almond eye, straight front legs, tight feet, chest to elbows, slight slope to topline, correct tailset, well muscled thighs with correct turn of stifle, Handled and shown with style.

2nd Dale and James Jaegerson Imagination

3rd Mathews Heathwaens Dream Machine

Yearling 7 -3abs
Richardson Evans and Byrne Amazon Don’t Call me Baby
Compact 17mth black and rust, stands square, dark almond eye, reachy neck leading to faultless topline and tailset, correct depth of chest, 

2nd Smith and Stanley Remesca Jolo

3rd Lainchbury Trystorme in Association with Ashlain

Novice 5 -2abs 
Amazon She will be Loved

Ourouse Promises

3rd Elliots Helmlake by design for Tuwin

Grad Bitch 5 -1abs 
Freelance T for A

2nd Amazon Don’t Call Me Baby

3rd Evans and Byrne Amazon innocent eyes

Post Grad Bitch
Browns Freelance Whoopi
Litter sister to junior winner with a lot of similarities between them, 17mth black and rust, feminine head with dark eye, parallel head planes, correct topline and tailset, just enough depth and forechest, moved steadily.

2nd Boncey Ourouse Shes Chic

3rd Lucas Studbriar Way to Go for Vivluc

Limit Bitch 8 -3abs
Dones Dobedone Javelin Gal
31/2 yrs black and rust in hard condition, head in proportion to body, dark eye, parallel forelegs, tight feet, chest reaching to elbows, muscular thighs with fair turn of stifle, moved steady coming and going.

2nd Evans and Butler Amazon You Give me Fever

3rd Evans and Byrne Amazon Leave me Breathless

Open Bitch 8 - 1abs
Tinsleys Sherrabenca Amaretto
Quality black and rust of 5yrs, just the right amount of substance and elegance, clean head, dark eye, straight forelegs, tight feet, slightly sloping topline with correct tailset, chest to elbows, well bent stifles, hocks parallel to ground, moved soundly. Res Best Bitch.

2nd Woodward-Sheridan Achenburg Katina

3rd Mycroft Jowendys Enuf Said for Supeta 

Judge Peter Forshaw