The Midland Dobermann Club 14th November 2010

The Midland Dobermann Club held a Championship Show at The Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Chesterfield.
I would like to thank the hard working committee for their lovely hospitality on the day; I was made to feel so welcome and was thoroughly spoiled on the day!
I would also like to thank everyone who entered under me and excepting my decisions in a very sporting manner, I had a great day judging and was very happy with my entry, mouths were very good, as were temperaments, broadness in skull should be addressed, but I felt on the whole there was quality in depth available and I was extremely pleased with my final line up, its also good to see some new puppies in the ring.
BIS was the bitch Gaindyke Eureka, taking her third ticket on the day I was in full agreement with my co-judge to award her BIS, a compact female, super classic outline and plenty of ring presence, very balanced mover, beating an excellent male in the challenge. Both very worthy champions.
MPD Johnson & Keeley’s 1st Cockneyoka Alabama At Rolniscade, very raw black & rust baby but could not deny him the win, super outline, short coupled with balanced angulation front and rear, short strong backline. Head planes need to settle, but good length to head, with good fill under the eye, eyes almond shaped and good dark colour, lovely bone standing on good cat like feet, moved steady, a very promising puppy.

2nd Richardson’s Sharshyste Dark Reflection, different type to winner, good body shape with strong topline, would prefer more underjaw, moved out well.

3rd Norman’s Neartic Time Lord, a very chubby puppy who would benefit cut back in diet!

PD 1st & BPIS  McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger’s The Wizard of Oz,
mature young lad, well put together, black with the darkest of rust markings, strong bone. Parallel headplanes, head well filled under the eye, no broadness in skull, well set dark eyes, and good underjaw, strong well developed front, good ribbing well down to his brisket, strong backline and correct tailset, moved very steadily.

2nd Talbot & Welsh’s Chancepixie’s Trophy, close up to one and pushed him hard, compact male, super square outline, very balanced brown & rust puppy, excellent bone, strong short backline, moved very well when settled.

3rd Lainchbury’s Ashlain Makriammos

JD 1st Downie’s Knecht Macouba, black & rust male who is going through a rangey stage and needs to mature on, good head with correct underjaw, correct eye shape and colour, needs to fill his frame and develop on, moved out well.

2nd Harkness’s Jeujaan Le Vito, another male who just needs more time, good body shape with excellent bone, moved out well.

3rd Bridge’s Kenine Exceptional Charm

YD 1st Cairn’s & Mycroft’s Supeta’s Al Pacino at Forestivory’s,  strong black & rust boy, excellent bone, compact body with  balanced angulation, strong head, good backline & tailset, moved well once settled.

2nd Krieger Ring Master, close decision between one & two, elegant male, super outline, very balanced dog, would prefer a more masculine head, moved well.

ND No Entries

UGD 1st Brown’s Freelance Collateral, compact black & rust male with balanced angulation, well developed front with plenty of depth, strong topline and correct tailset,  moved out well.

GD 1st Jones’Amazon Russian Ice, compact black & rust male, very well schooled, shown to perfection, in super condition, short strong back, good tailset, balanced angulation front and rear, good head, correct planes, good fill under the darkest of eyes. Moved out very well.

2nd Robertson’s Cockneyoka Josey Wales, close up to one, another with a crisp clean outline, very balanced black and rust male, super strong topline, unfortunate to meet one in such good form. Moved out well.

3rd Stewart’s Swnydwr Reggie Perrin at Ebrill

PGD 1st Quigley’s Swnydwr Whistle Blower, strong black and rust male, excellent bone, super body shape, strong topline with correct tailset, another with balanced angulation, good tight front, with plenty of depth, moved out well.

2nd Meredith’s Supeta’s Got A Feeling, another strong male, preferred the cleaner neck of my winner, felt he was just a bit throaty, similar in shape to one, another balanced dog with a short strong back, moved well.

3rd Jakarta’s Jabberwocky

LD 1st Wilcox’s Amazon Nadal, strong brown and rust male, good head, no broadness, excellent length, with enough underjaw, good dark well set eyes. Lovely bodyshape, super strong backline with correct tailset. Strong well developed front with plenty of depth, moved out well, just lacked animation in the challenge. 

2nd Jodaseen Jamiroquai,
another brown and rust male, super elegant outline, very eye catching, another who covered the ground well, preferred the rear angulation of my winner

3rd Pollard’s Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean JW ShCM

OD 1st, DCC & RBIS Mycroft & Atkinson’s Ch Supeta’s Wicked Wizard at Sonakint, I judged this black & rust male as a junior and he has fulfilled his promise, not for the feint hearted he is a handful with attitude plus! Super crisp outline, not overdone in any way, the strongest of backlines, good bone, balanced angulation. Strond rearquarters. Good head planes, another who is well filled under his dark eyes and not broad in skull, he flows from nose to tail! Powerful on the move covering the ground so well and handled to get the very best out of him, pleased to award him the DCC & in agreement with my co-judge RBIS.

2nd & RDCC Evan’s Ch Amazon El Torro JW different type to one, very stylish, quality black & rust male, super outline, strong bone, lovely head & expression, he pushed my winner so hard, a very close decision.

3rd Ch & Lux Ch Supeta’s Ozzy Osbourne JW

VD 1st  & in agreement with my co-judge BV Richardson’s Ch Purroma’s Dark Impression at Jasprico JW ShCM super black & rust male, beautiful masculine head, with length and the correct fill under his dark eyes. Strong backline and correct tailset, balanced angulation front & rear, moved out very positively with reach and drive.

2nd Supeta’s Witch Doctor at Kaistart, different type, strong brown & rust male who has a lovely outline, balanced angulation, moved very well, both dogs are a credit to their loving owners, still enjoying their day out!

Judge Tracy Feeney