The Midland Dobermann Club Championship Show

At the Midland Dobermann Club Championship Show and in full agreement with my co judge Rosie Lane, BIS was Remesca’s Perfect Timing at Dabells, RBIS Swnydwr Supa Troopa and BPIS Liason Rockstar.

My thanks to the committee for their warm welcome and hospitality, my efficient stewards Paul and Diane Rock and to you the exhibitors for the entry and the sporting manner in which my decisions were accepted.

It has been some eleven years since I last had the opportunity to judge males,
generally presentation and handling could not be faulted however many exhibits were unable to move in straight lines. Front movement left a lot to be desired, there being a prevalence of toeing in and loose elbows on show, the rear rotary action has all but gone except for the few.

Remember this is a dog show and exhibits should be well groomed, presented with clean ears, teeth and neatly trimmed clean nails – the constant feeding and filling the exhibits mouth upon examination, was not appreciated.


MP (3)

1 Stewart & Smith’s: Ebrill Hit Man, 6 months br/t, substantially built with pleasing head, eye and ear set. Good front angulation, depth of brisket and close lying elbows, firm pasterns and tight feet. Good reachy neck flows into a slightly sloping firm back with good tail placement. Well presented and for one so young moved steady with purpose.

2 Jones’s: Remesca’s Vincent, 7 months b/t, square with good angulation fore and aft, good head and length of foreface, slightly crested neck flows nicely into a topline that just needs to firm up. Moved and handled well.

3 Sherratt & Mansfield’s : Izralght Gotye

PD (6)

1 Swain’s: Liason Rockstar, br/t, as star in the making at just 12 months, strongly built with ample bone, good head and eye with keen expression, straight legs and tight feet, brisket was well let down with elbows close lying.  Reachy neck flows into well placed shoulders and short slightly sloping firm back that was retained on the move. Stood four square and was extremely well presented. BPIS

2 Richardson’s: Jasprico Jazz Master Flash, b/t, well grown for 8 months with ample bone, carries a good head, eye shape and colour. Neck flows nicely into good lay of shoulder, elbows well tucked in to deep brisket. Good firm topline that was retained on the move. Just lost out on maturity and presence of 1.

3 Cairn’s: Dronski Amadeus

J (7)

1 Cox’s: Zeloviak Endeavour, b/t, much to admire with his striking outline, good head planes and length of foreface, eye shape and colour. Well angulated fore and aft with good reach of neck and firm slightly sloping topline. Hocks short and set perpendicular to the ground. Moved true with good reach and was presented to advantage.

2 Marsden & Harington’s: Newfords Eleventh Hour, b/t  similar in many respects to 1, overall conformation was good and carries a good head piece but would like to see more length of foreface, topline was firm and tail well placed, There’s adequate depth and heart room, front and rear angulation was good. Moved well but was very fidgety on the day.

3 Tapply’s: Tuwos Justified at Heldenburg

Y (1)

1 Underwood’s: Liason Labyrinth, b/t, stood alone today but could not deny his qualities, stood four square, carries a good head with dark eye and well placed ears, neck flows into well laid back shoulders and firm topline. Front and rear legs where straight and stifle well bent. Moved and handled well.

N (4)

1 Cairn’s: Dronski Amadeus, 10 months b/t, upstanding and very alert youngster, carries a good head and dark well shaped eye, good reachy neck flows into firm topline, overall angulation was good presenting a nice picture when viewed in profile. Just needs letting down in brisket that will come as he matures. A little erratic on the move today but never- the- less well handled and presented by this young but proficient handler.

2 Daniel’s: Sant Kreal Perun at Mattacane, 11 months, very smart b/t, short coupled with good head piece, neat well placed ears, dark well shaped eye and good depth of muzzle. Ample reach of neck flows into good well-placed shoulders leading to a short firm topline. Movement was good, stood freely four square and handled well. Just would like more of him, this will inevitably come as he matures.

3 Sherratt & Mansfield’s: Izralight Gotye

UG (2, 1 abs)

1 Daniel’s: Sant Kreal Perun at Mattacane

G (3)

1 Gallagher’s: Izralight Zorro JW ShCM, b/t, short coupled with good headpiece and length of foreface, plenty of depth here with well tucked in elbows.  Good reach of neck flows into well-placed shoulders, firm topline and good tail placement. Moved positively and was handled well. Dark mask slightly detracts from the overall picture.

2 Webb’s: Monarkle Mad Bad Jack at Shalissa, br/t, carries a good headpiece, eye and well set ears. Neck flows nicely into firm topline with good tail placement. Well let down in brisket but front angulation and front could be better. Moved and handled well.

3 Wall & Bolton’s: Jarjarjinx True Grit

PG (5)

1 Parson’s: Ottia Captain Barbossa, square b/t of quality, carries a strong headpiece with good planes, dark almond eye, neat ears and lean reachy neck leading to good lay of shoulders. Ample depth of brisket with close lying elbows, pasterns firm and cat-like feet, hocks were short and perpendicular to the ground. Standing freely all feet were in the correct position. Moved and handled to advantage

2 Lock & Ingram’s: Jojovik the Heist, Substantial br/t of standard size. Carries a good headpiece with eye of good colour and shape. Crested neck flows nicely into the best of shoulder placements. Topline was firm and was retained on the move. Fore chest is well pronounced with brisket well let down to closely tucked in elbows. Feet were tight but pasterns could be firmer. Moved and handled to perfection, by this young experienced handler.

3 Dunn’s: Gylemuir Strathlochie

L (16)

1 James & Goscomb’s: Jaegerson Man in the Mirror, quality b/t, compact with great strength and oozing breed type, fits the standard well. Carries a well-shaped head of good proportions with almond shaped eye of good colour. Neck is reachy, slightly crested and flows into the best of shoulder placements and short firm topline. Legs were straight and rear quarters strong which he used to advantage on the move. Well angulated and let down in brisket with elbows well tucked in. Fore chest was pronounced, pasterns were strong and feet cat-like. Moved and handled to advantaged by this experienced handler / breeder – just a tad on the heavy side today. Res CC

2 Pollard’s: Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean, another b/t of standard size and of substance, short coupled with good strong head piece, eye shape and colour. Reachy neck flows nicely into well-placed shoulders and short firm topline. Plenty of depth and close lying elbows, good fore chest and strong well bent stifle. Stood four square on strong pasterns and tight feet. Moved positively and with purpose by this proficient handler.

3 Brown’s: Feelance Collateral

O (11)

1 Cairn’s: Supeta’s Secret Wizard at Dronski JW ShCM, strongly built upstanding b/t  youngster with plenty of bone, carries a good strong well chiseled head with dark almond shaped expressive eye and neat well placed ears.  Neck is long and flows into well laid back shoulders, firm topline and good tail placement. Stood four square with straight legs and good sweep of stifle. Pasterns were firm on  cat-like feet with hocks short and perpendicular to the ground. Fore chest was well pronounced and brisket well let down to close lying elbows. A powerhouse of a dog wanting to please his handler at all times to the point of being a little over –exuberant, could not be faulted in a dog so young. Extremely well presented and moved as a dobe should.   CC & BOS

2 Smith, Bennett & Mycroft’s: Ch & Lux Ch Supeta’s Ozzy Osbourne JW, b/t a worthy champion who’s virtues have been extolled on many occasions and has attained un-paralled successes in our breed. Quality exhibit excels in all departments and was handled to perfection, as you would expect by this experienced handler/breeder. Just seemed to lack the sparkle and enthusiasm today.

3 Wilkes’s; Ch Lynfryds Scaramouche

V (5)

1 Mycroft 7 Atkinson’s: Ch Supeta’s Wicked Wizard at Sonakint JW, this b/t belies his age, full of beans today. He carries the best of heads with dark almond shaped eye and neat well-placed ears. Neck is reachy and flows from withers into a firm short topline with good tail set. Fore chest is well pronounced and brisket well sprung and deep to well tucked in elbows. Legs are straight and rear quarters strong with good bend of stifle. Pasterns are firm and feet cat-like. Moved with enthusiasm and drive which some of the youngsters would find difficult to emulate today.

2 Pittendrigh’s : Almeira Shadrak at Tomar JW ShCM, br/t different type to 1, substantial and bigger all round, carries a good head and almond shaped eye of good colour, has good body proportions and stood four square. Feet and pasterns are beginning to weaken understandable at his age. Moved well with purpose and was presented sympathetically by his handler.

3 Robertson’s : Road Sweeper Trigger at Cockneyoka

Bob Moore