November 13th Champshow 2005

Alfreton Leisure Centre

Judge Mrs L. Cartledge

BIS & BCC Ch Aritaur Hipnotique.

RBIS & RBCC Trystorme In Association with Ashlain

BOS Jowendys Jump the Gun

RDCC Kaistar Boogie Too Shoes at Falconi

BP & BPD Otherton Knight Templer

BPB Amazon She Will Be Loved

The Midland Dobermann Club held its 22-class Championship show at the Alfreton Leisure Centre, Derbyshire, with a good entry of 219 from 197 exhibits. I had the pleasure of judging the bitches, 120 making 133 entries.

Limit, Open and Veteran were amazing classes, high in both numbers and quality. Exhibitors were as always disciplined and courteous, posing and moving their charges correctly. But why oh why does every Dobermann have to be fed cheese, sausage, chicken and other bait when being gone over? The mess on the rubber mats with bits of left over bait had to be swept away at regular intervals by Harry Woodward, my splendid and efficient steward. 

When I first judged Dobermanns way back they were usually shown free standing, no baiting and with the handler standing in front of his/or her dog. Now!!!!! Nearly everybody crouches down behind the dog, positioning each leg and then still kneeling the feeding and baiting continues until it is time to move. Often the dog is then only interested in getting another tit bit and does not get into a smooth gaiting pattern. Today so many paced but I imagine that was because it was a bit difficult to get into rhythm on the first short part of the triangle.

Mouths were good throughout; some were shown overweight instantly taking away the Dobermanns elegance. Many failed in eyes-both colour and actual shape. There were some big, heavy and beefy bitches lacking femininity and shoulder placement in some could have been better. Best in Show was the bitch, Ch and Ir. Ch Aritaur Hipnotique. RBIS, on referee Mr David Stafford decision, Trystorme In Association with Ashlain JW. BOS Jowendy’s Jump the Gun JW, BP Othertons Knight Templer and BV Kramnarak Straight Ace.

I would like to thank The Midland Dobermann Club, its Officers and committee for a very nice day, a good lunch and I also thought a friendly and happy atmosphere prevailed throughout.

MP 12, 3 Good class.
1st BPB Evans and Thompson’s Amazon She Will Be Loved 61/2 months b/t.
On her toes and showed very well for such a young one, well placed shoulders, good reach of neck, firm body and topline, feminine head and expression. Moved soundly and full of promise, half sister to BP.

2nd Mycrofts Supeta Alcoholic Frolic. 81/2 months b/t.
Obviously more mature than 1st, clean neckline, good bone, legs and feet, glossy coat, well conditioned and proportioned. Good length of head. By Vysans Boy, a dog I have given a group to this year. Not moving 100% behind but close up here.

3rd James and Dales Jaegerson Imagination.

Puppy (8, 4)

1st Elliot’s Helmlake By Design for Tuwin, nearly 12 months, easy mover and very fit, almond shaped dark eyes, very nice expression. Feminine outlook, assertive showgirl, well muscled. Needs to drop in body;

2nd Crème and Smiths Izralight My Fair Lady.
Well grown 11 months brown, excellent forechest and depth of body, good bone and feet, keen alert show girl. Could have pushed off behind with a bit more conviction.

3rd Sarbrook and Glennons Veerderhall Whatever.

Junior (11) 1
1st RCC
Lainchburys Trystorme In Association with Ashlain JW
16 mths b/t, gorgeous youngster with the cleanest of outlines, bit of a clown and took a little time to settle down and get into her stride, once in orbit she moved very well indeed. Quality head and expression, lovely feet, good bone, firm body and topline. In a strong bitch line up she pulled out all the stops and fully deserved the RCC. I liked her very much.

2nd Swains Supetas Lookin Good for Liason, feminine b/t of 16 mths, attractive head, short back with good depth of body, in muscular condition, well handled. Not quite the drive behind of 1st.

3rd Barnes Jowendy’s Gifted and Black at Tallowah.

Yearling. (10)
Quigley, Davis, Day and Piper Swnydwr Supa Tramp 19 mths Bl/R
Who won a hot class, quality head, intelligent expression, good topline, body and quarters, compact feet, focused showgirl, very fit and healthy, well conditioned and handled.

2nd Schneiders Driftlands Surf Babe 22 mths bl/r
Tall and elegant, good bone and substance, clean neckline, velvet eyes full of expression, well bodied and muscled, strong quarters went well.

3rd Shaws Kitado Born of a Knight.

Novice (4)
Evans and Thompsons Amazon She Will Be Loved

2nd Elliots Helmlake by Design for Tuwin

3rd Browns Freelance Whoopi

Undergraduate (7)
Evans and Butlers Amazon You Give Me Fever JW
14mths bl/r, feminine smart young lady, very laid back temperament, almond shaped dark eyes, firm body, sensible show girl, easy mover at one with her handler.

2nd Carters Branchouse Oops-A-Daisy 2yrs bl/r
Typical head and expression, fit and agile, elastic gait enjoyed herself on the move, shapely body, nails need attention.

3rd Barnes Jowendy’s Gifted and Black at Tallowah.

Graduate (7)1
Lanes Chaanrose Get-Ho-Fabulous 17 mths bl/r Made the most of herself, expertly shown and handled, showy and alert, pleasing head, shapely body, held her topline firmly on the move, well muscled, clean silhouette.

2nd Crawfords Jorazan Royal Silk JW, 22 mths bl/r I preferred head and expression of 1st, good reach of neck, well proportioned and good topline. Moved OK behind but I should like to see a little more reach in front action.

3rd Evans and Byrnes Amazon Innocent Eyes. 

Post Graduate (14) 3
Jones Izralight Skies the Limit 2yrs bl/r Well proportioned completely natural showgirl, lovely neckline and silhouette, quality head, muscular and elegant, moved with drive and animation. 

2nd Wheatmans Mirdale Ma Vida Loka 2 yrs bl/r Who went well, good outline excellent bone and substance, firm and fit body, well handled.

3rd Carberrys Swyndwr Sugababe. 

Limit (22) 3

Very good class indeed. 
Harris Dobermoray Lady Madonna of Falconite, 3 yrs bl/r very good size and type, clean well balanced outline, such an easy effortless mover, she looked as if she could gait forever, feminine head and expression, strong quarters, good coat and form. Had to go some to beat 2nd.

2nd Bennetts Supetas Enuf Alredi JW 19 mths Stylish bl/t, deep ribs, proud carriage, compact feet, intelligent and alert looking. Clean and well presented, sound mover.

3rd Jebsons Sallate Smuggs Lady for Dejayotwo.

Open (22)1
Superb class full of quality. I had to be ruthless in order to make a shortlist from each half. I split the class into two to make the best use of the ring space available. Excluding one or two good bitches who were a bit heavy in condition and a few who lacked drive and purpose when moving. It gave me a real buzz judging a class of this calibre.

1st CC and BIS Fleming and Hendersons Ch and Ir Ch Aritaur Hipnotique, only 20 months. What a stunner! Top quality bl/t shown and handled to absolute perfection. Arrogant showgirl, who presented a fabulous silhouette and proud carriage on the move, which was free and effortless. Never stopped showing off using her neck to advantage. Feminine head, dark eyes, just right for body and muscle tone. Best of shoulders and toplines, good front, tight feet. Won the best class of the day and continued to impress in the line up for the CC, absolutely spot on for form and condition and could not be denied the big green card. 

2nd Walkers Ch Supeta Lyin Eyes for Sizlin JW. 5 yrs bl/r in good form, switched on showgirl who tried so hard, attractive head, keen bright expression, good body and depth, firm topline, well balanced, moved with drive. Her dam at 7 yrs was VHC in VB looking fit and well, so obviously a lasting line. 

3rd Completeing a superb trio.

Edyveanes Katea-mead Pinacolada JW 

Yet another lovely class
Dunns Kramnarak Straight Ace 10 yrs bl/t in marvellous condition, quality head, bright eyed with a good set of clean teeth, very good outline, sound active mover, fit healthy body, well tuned quarters, extrovert temperament and loving her moment of glory. Great credit to her owner for keeping her in such good form.

2nd Bennetts Denjani Miss Casright 7 yrs bl/r lovely head and eyes, perfect topline, good reach of neck, vivacious showgirl, purposeful mover, well handled as was 3rd, 

3rd Lanes Ch. Chaanrose Talking Point.

Liz Cartledge 2005

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