The Midland Dobermann Club Ruby Anniversary  

     Championship Show 18TH November 2007.

Dobermann Bitches

The honour of Judging at the Midland Dobermann Clubs Ruby Anniversary Championship show was firstly for me, very much appreciated, then to receive a fantastic entry of 165 bitches making 195 entries, makes me very humble. So I send this sincere message of thanks to the Committee, the Exhibitors and also to my able stewards Mr and Mrs Woodward. Thank You.
The Bitches you presented me with today all had good temperaments and were well presented, but you have left me Very Concerned with regard to a lot of Overweight Females, if you were unplaced or down the line this was the main reason and a major concern. Take a good hard look at your show bitch now. Is she Elegant and Capable of Great Speed? Elegant is in the first line of the Breed Standard. I am aware the weather has been atrocious this year, so lack of exercise springs to mind, just cut the food intake down then. Overweight is not a Construction fault, so it can be easily corrected, don’t shorten their lives with obesity and strain on their hearts, please.
Minor Puppy Bitch, 20 Entries,
1ST Williams, Livikee Moulin Rouge, 7 month’s old brown and rust, nice size and feminine through out, head of medium length, scissor bite, ample bone with forelegs viewed straight on compact feet, everything in good stage of development, should have a bright future, well presented and moved out steady. Best Puppy Bitch.
2ND Sinnott’s, Trojanteam ‘R’ Billie, 7 month’s old black and rust, very similar attributes as first place, just slightly longer in loin today, developing head, dark almond shaped eye, scissor bite, parallel forequarters viewed, feet to tighten, elbows close to brisket, nice underline, adequate angulation giving to free movement, confidently  shown.
3RD Price’s, Thistledobies Little Xtra.
Puppy Bitch, 25 Entries
1ST Ingram’s, Jojavik Gangsters Moll, 11 month’s old brown and rust, well up to size with long head, scissor bite, brown eye with shape detracted by slight haw, strong bone with straight front legs viewed, nice body shape in profile, stifle well bent, positive mover, well presented.
2ND Swain’s, Janzins Fire Cracker At Liason, 11 month’s old black and rust, head of good proportions medium length, ears set high, correct eye shape and colour, scissor bite, ample forechest with parallel front stance, medium bone, ribs well sprung, nice in profile just let down with skirt between flank and rear thigh, stifle well bent, free mover.
3RD Jebson’s, Dejayotwo Lady In Waiting.
Junior Bitch,  22 Entries
1ST Balshaw’s, Janzin Jamelia JW, 14 month’s old black and rust, feminine yet muscular and elegant, carrying right amount of weight, good head proportions with parallel planes and strong under jaw, dark almond shaped eye with that added sparkle, scissor bite, neck of fair length into strong, straight top line, tail well set, harmonious lines, ample forechest with elbows close to brisket, ribs well sprung, balanced angulation, well presented, positive mover. Reserve CC.
2ND Rose’s, Aritaur Rhapsody, 14 month’s old brown and rust, stronger in head than 1ST with good underjaw, scissor bite, prominent forechest with front legs straight and parallel viewed, elbows close to brisket, neck could be cleaner into withers, nice topline and tuck up, stifle well bent, positive mover.
3RD Stewart’s, Ebrill Smartie Pants.
Yearling Bitch,  15 Entries
1ST Lloyd’s, Leibwache Scarlett Harlot, 18 month’s old black and rust, handler, new to all this, but be reassured you have a top class exhibit so in time you should become more confident. Long feminine head, dark eye, scissor bite, lovely profile with neck flowing into top line also depth of rib and nice underline, honest bitch that should have a bright future.
2ND Dear’s, Hikays Another Rumour, 21 month’s old black and rust, nice for breed type, just would have preferred darker markings and stronger pasterns, cannot fault her in profile, proud carriage of head, neck flows into withers, straight back, good tail set, nice depth to elbow, well handled, free and even mover.
3RD Bostock’s, Mavson Plum Lazy.
Novice Bitch,  20 Entries
1ST Price’s, Thistledobie Little Xtra, 8 month old black and rust, beaten to third in a previous class but not in disgrace, lovely head and body shape in profile, developing nicely, presented to advantage, one to watch for in the future. Screamed out look at me in this class, and I did.
2ND Cranston’s, Mountcraig Aint Bothered, 18 month’s old brown and rust, head feminine with alert expression, scissor bite, good ear carriage, clean neck, firm topline with good coupling, well filled croup and nice tail set, ribs well sprung, straight forequarter’s viewed on compact feet, well presented and handled to advantage, steady mover.
3RD Sommerville’s, Krieger Naughty But Nice.
Undergraduate Bitch,  9 Entries
1ST Darke’s, Ourouse Forget Me Not , 16 month’s old black and rust, beaten in previous class, head of medium length, ears small set high nearly erect, just tipping, brown eye, ample bone with pastern’s to strengthen, compact feet, neck of fair length into firm topline, ribs well sprung, made handler work hard all the time, started to settle eventually.
2ND Mc Mullen’s, Jakarta Cortigiana Onesta, 9 month old black and rust, started settling after previous class’s, developing nicely and has time on her side, shows her self off well. Coming together nicely, Free mover.
3RD Downie’s, Knecht Decca.
Graduate Bitch,  12 Entries
1ST Evans & Irving’s, Amazon Sweet Home Alabama, 15 month’s old black and rust, feminine head with parallel planes and equal proportions, bite scissor, dark brown almond eye with alert expression, ears set high, muscular neck into straight slightly sloping topline, nice silhouette in profile, ample forechest with parallel front leg viewed with good feet and pasterns, nice tuck up compliments the picture. Shown to advantage, moves out free and true with good action
2ND Crème’s, Izralight New Years Wishes JW, 22month’s old black and rust, stronger headed than winner with good depth of muzzle, clean cut, scissor bite, eye of good shape unfortunately light brown in colour, I  prefer darker, clean neck flows into good topline and tail set, ribs well sprung, ample bone with pasterns to strengthen to give a straight and parallel stance, nice underline to muscular hindquarters with well bent stifle, expertly presented, strong rear action on the move.
3RD Sommerville’s, Krieger Love Affair.
Post Graduate Bitch,  17 Entries
1ST Maclellan’s, Codeve Bewitched, 2 ½ year old black and rust, well balanced through out with feminine wedge shape head, good depth of muzzle, well filled under eyes which were dark brown and well set, scissor bite, neck of good length flows through withers to tail set, developed forechest giving forelegs straight from all angles with strong pasterns and compact feet, balanced angulation to give free, positive  movement, well handled and presented.
2ND Evans, Amazon Devil Wears Prada, 14 month old black and rust so lots of time on her side, feminine wedge shaped head, scissor bite, correct dark eye with alert expression, clean neck into firm back, developed forechest with front legs viewed parallel, compact feet, defined markings, nice underline complements the picture in profile, just would be complete with a bit more bend of stifle, positive mover, free and even.
3RD Maitland’s, Amazon Innocent Love.
Limit Bitch,  24 Entries
1ST McDaniel’s, Slinjos Cast A Spell, 2 year old black and rust, really smart in profile but you nearly lost this class by pulling her over her pasterns, feminine head of good length, dark eye almond shaped, parallel front legs viewed, good feet, ample forechest, nice body shape, well angulated quarters, moved with reach and drive 90% of the time but she is developing a bad habit which needs correcting know. Come and see me.
2ND Brown’s, Freelance Whoopi, 3 year old black and rust, stronger headed than 1ST nice shape, scissor bite, dark eye well set, large ears set high, strong bone with straight forelegs viewed on compact feet, elbows tight to brisket, muscular neck into straight back carries to much weight in this department today, balanced angulation, well presented and moved out well.
3RD Ingram’s, Jojavik Wurlitzer.
Open Bitch,  22 Entries
1ST Barber’s, Freelance Temptation For Alcumlow, 3 year old black and rust, fore filled my expectation from two years ago, gorgeous head strong yet feminine, blunt wedge and good planes, dark eye, ears of medium size set high, scissor bite, neck of fair length clean and muscular flows into withers and topline harmoniously, short coupled, carries right amount of weight, ribs well sprung, forelegs viewed straight, strong pasterns on compact feet, elbows held close to brisket, stifle well bent, nice silhouette in profile, balanced, free and even on the move. My pleasure to award the Challenge Certificate.
2ND Friend- Rees, Manzart Jalousie At Amical, 5 year old black and rust, another that I have awarded best puppy to in the past, still retaining all her virtues, my pleasure to have gone over her again, she certainly would not have looked out of place in my final line up. The only thing missing today was another Challenge Certificate to award her. I can now only wish you well and good luck in the future.
3RD Lane’s, Chaanrose Get-Oh-Fabulous.
Veteran Bitch,  9 Entries
1ST Walker’s, CH Supeta’s Lyin Eyes For Sizlin JW, 7 year’s young black and rust, still looks and is as active as a three year old, feminine head of nice shape, correct eye, ears set high a touch large, scissor bite, clean neck into straight back, short loin, tail well set, forelegs straight, elbows tight, nice tuck up, paced on occasions handle got the best out of her in the end. Best Veteran, then Best Veteran in Show.
2ND Parsons, Amazon Luv’s A Risky Business At Ottia, 7 ½ years young  black and rust, head of good length and shape, scissor bite, neck just needs to flow more into withers, topline straight also nice underline, ample bone through out, pastern to strengthen, moderate stifle, moved out well.
3RD Gethin’s, Abovo Past Midnight.