The Midland Dobermann Club Open Show

Sunday 27th February 2011

Best Dog and BIS  Ch Amazon El Torro
Reserve Best Dog and RBIS  Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean
Best Puppy Dog  Darkiss Trojan Heart
Best Bitch   Amazon Stormy Romance
Reserve Best Bitch   Remesca What Eva
Best Puppy Bitch and BP  Ourouse Miss Moneypenni

My thanks to the committee for their hospitality and making my day very special, and also to Lita for all her hard work stewarding.
Veteran Dog.(1)
1.  Cox’s Jadenburg Apollo from Zeloviak.   11 year old black male with square compact body in good muscular condition for his age.  Deep rust markings and very dark almond shaped eye.  Well angulated forequarters and depth of chest, firm topline and well filled croup.
MPD (0)
Puppy Dog  (2)
1.  Atkinson’s  Darkiss Trojan Heart.  10 month old  bl/r substantial puppy with well rounded bone.  Parallel head planes with good depth of muzzle.   Long clean neckline flowing into a strong topline and tailset.  Tight elbows to body and good depth of brisket.  BPD
2.  Hallow’s  Izralight Dizzie Rascale.  Standard sized black puppy with very deep rust markings.  Dark eye, parallel planes , good reach of neck but slightly longer cast than 1.
Junior Dog  (3,1a)
1.  Lainchbury’s  Ashlain Makriammos.  Bl/r compact medium sized male.  Short coupled with well laid shoulders and ample forechest.  Firm topline showing when he moved around the ring.
2.  France’s  Jaysbury Abayor.   Brown/ rust substantial youngster over standard size. Well angled front and rear, needs to settle on the move.
Yearling Dog (1)
1.  Anderson’s  Krieger Ring Master.  Elegant black dog with rich rust markings and dark eye.  Lovely wedge shaped head flowing into a long reach of neck and strong short back.  Great front and rear angulation giving him drive when moved.
Novice Dog (2,1a)
1.  Hallow’s  Izralight Dizzie Rascale.
Graduate Dog  (4,1a)
1.  Lainchbury’s  Ashlain Makriammos.
2.  Brown’s  Freelance Collateral.  15 month old black well developed male with a clean outline, would prefer darker markings.  Good front angulation, tight elbows and depth of brisket.  3.  Porteous’s  Ottia Mungo Jerry.
PGD  (1,1a)
Limit Dog  (8,1a)
1.  Pollard’s  Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean.  Square, compact bl/r male in fantastic muscular condition.  Darkest of eye and complete dentition.  Long neck, short sloping topline, pleny of forechest and well angulated front and back.  Powered around the ring.  RBD & RBIS.
2.  Supeta’s  Al Pacino at Forestivorys.  Very similar in outline to 1.  Although slightly smaller.  Dark rust marking , short coupled with well laid shoulders and well developed hindquarters. 3.Farrell’s  Jakarta’s Jabberwocky.
Open Dog  (2)
1.  Evan’s Ch. Amazon El Torro.  Elegant medium sized dog  presenting a stunning outline.  Alert expression, parallel headplanes, clean neckline flowing into short strong back.  Great depth of forechest , well angulated.  When moved appeared balanced throughout. BIS.
2.  Crème’s  Ch. Izralight New Year Dream.  Another lovely standard sized black dog with rich markings.  Short coupled, wedge shaped head, darkest of eye, good length of neck reaching into firm topline and tailset.
Veteran Bitch  (4,3a) 
1.  Mycroft’s  Supeta’s Witchy Woman.  10 year old bl/r bitch with so much energy.
Compact body, great reach of neck and firm sloping topline.  Straight legs close to brisket and tight catlike feet, moved really well. BV.
Minor Puppy Bitch  (4,1w)
1.  Adams  Ourouse Miss Moneypenni.  Striking 8 mth bl/r bitch with a very clean outline, feminine with strong bone.  Lovely head with good depth of muzzle, dark eye, long lean neck and firm slightly sloping topline and tailset.  Excellent front angulation, moved well. BPIS
2.  Timmins  Jodaseen Dangerous Beauty.  6mth old pup with dark rich markings, adequate front and rear angulation but longer in loin than 1. 
3.  Tomlin’s  Newyddlevad Silver Lady.
Puppy Bitch  (6,1a)
1.  Knight’s  Nearctic Sister of the Water.  Another beautiful puppy, br/r square cobby bitch.  Ample forechest, well laid shoulders, sufficient turn of stifle.  Moved with drive.   2.  Caffel & Kavanagh’s  Chocktaws Chip to Doberway.  Smart black bitch with good length of muzzle, dark eye and clean long neckline, slightly long in loin. Handled to perfection.  3.  Hallow’s  Izralight Queen Latifah.
Junior Bitch  (1)
1.  Lainchbury’s  Ashlain Kazaviti.  Medium sized, compact bl/r bitch with good round bone.  Well filled forechest and great angulation front and back.  Moved with drive. 
Yearling Bitch  (3)
1.  Smith’s  Remesca What Eva.  Smart stylish bl/r bitch with a clean dry outline.  Feminine head, good length of muzzle, long neck flowing into a strong topline and tailset.  Well angulated, with lovely free movement when gaited. RBB
2.  Meredith’s  Supeta’s Greta Garbo.  Bl/r standard bitch, dark eye and rich markings.  Firm backline and tailset, would have liked better front angulation.
3.Johnson’s Chelseas Chancer.
Novice Bitch  (4,1a)
1.  Burton’s  Darkiss Sultry Spirit.  10mth bl/r youngster quite large for her age.  Lovely head with long muzzle , dark eye , good reach of neck and strong sloping topline. 
2.  Hallows  Izralight Queen Latifah.
3.Tomlin’s  Newyddlevad SilverLady.
Graduate Bitch  (3)
1.  Pittendrigh’s  Amazon Ice cold in Alice for Tomar.  22 mth old black substantial bitch.  Short coupled, ample forechest and great front angulation, held her firm topline on the move.
2.  Meredith’s Greta Garbo.    
3.  Johnson’s Chelseas Chancer.
Post Graduate Bitch  (5)
1.  Mycroft’s  Supeta’s Top Totty.   Medium sized, square bl/r bitch with rich markings.  Excellent front and rear angulation which showed when moved.
2.  Sanderson’s  Jodaseen Honey Ryder.  Larger bitch altogether with paralell head planes and dark eye.  Slightly longer in loin than 1.
3.  Walker’s  Trojanteam Icon von Sizlin.
Limit Bitch  (6)
1.  Evans, Thompson, Stirling & Cross.  Amazon Stormy Romance. Elegant 18 mth bl/r  bitch with a beautiful outline.  Feminine head, dark eye with lovely reach of neck flowing into a short firm topline.  Well filled forechest and great front and rear angulation showing  free movement with plenty of drive. BB
2.  Cox’s  Zeloviak Inquisition.  Another lovely bitch although slightly longer cast than 1.  Excellent front assembly, good turn of stifle, moved well.
3.  Pollard’s  Otherton Maybe hot at Whizzbean.
Open Bitch  (5,1a)
1.  Burnett, Hall & Mycroft.  Supeta’s Feels like Heaven at Zuffenhausen. 2 year old bl/r stylish bitch, short coupled with a solid sloping topline.  Great front and rear angles, ample forechest and depth of brisket.
2.  Evans  Amazon Sydique.  Standard bl/r bitch with very dark markings.  Dark eye. Short , square body, good angulation.
3.  Balshaw’s  Ch. Janzins Jamelia.            
Mrs C Parker