The Midland Dobermann Club Open Show

    11th June 2006

Judge: Roger James. (Halsbands)

Not having visited a show in quite a while I was pleased to be able to find several dogs and bitches that were of good size, conformation and temperament, although I believe there was one objection to my very simple
temperament test. Front limbs are still a weakness, front angulation poor in most, and movement is still appalling in many dogs. 
Veteran Dog: 2.
Mytanamy’s Air Force One. Good condition for his age, with a strong topline, good feet and pasterns. True parallel hocks, good depth. Would have
liked more angulation but his rear and fore were balanced, resulting in good
movement. Best Veteran

2nd Mandareus Millenium Bronze. Substantial brown of good colour, longer cast that 1, but again good depth of brisket and firm level topline. Lacked in angulation, which resulted in him pinning and crabbing on the move.
Minor Puppy Dog:3
1st Driftland’s Friday Child. Chunky puppy with good
deep chest and enough bone. Head planes were good, with equal length of muzzle to skull. Strong topline which he held on the move, although the heat didn’t help his tailset as he was flagging a little. Well angulated and balanced  throughout.
Puppy Dog:
1.Remesca Maestro. Very square dog who moved with ease and elegance. Head planes good, but rather short in muzzle. Slightly round eyes, but a firm expression. Best Dog Puppy.
Junior Dog:5
1st Otherton’s Rainbow Warrior. Standard sized brown of a nice deep colour, who was well angulated fore and aft, giving him good movement with excellent hock rotation. Substantial bone and body, but slightly flat feet which could improve with correct improve with correct exercise.

2nd Supeta’s Wicked Wizard At Sonakint. Smart, elegant black with super topline and tailset. Lovely head and expression. Had some fire which was nice To see, but lost out to the first on movement and straighter front angulation.
Yearling Dog:6
1st Lodgehouse Brave Spirit At Chessuri, JW. This dog had superb limbs, the straight columns of his front legs were complimented by his hind legs also being parallel with strong hocks. Front angulation was better than his rear, but he did move well. Firm topline held on the move. Nice strong head with hard expression.

2nd Otherton’s Rainbow Warrior.
Novice Dog:2
1st Remesca Maestro.
Graduate Dog: 6
1st Martifer’s The Joker JW. Happy, confident young dog who moved with drive on strong true limbs. Balanced angulation, with tight elbows and good depth and not over wide in front. Great topline and tailset.My Reserve Best Dog.

2nd Supeta’s That’s Enuf. Taller than the first due to lack of front angulation, elbows therefore not as tight. Lacked the drive of first, but smart clean outline on the stack. Head planes good, but slightly Roman nose spoilt his profile.
Post Graduate Dog: 1
1st Ferrero Chocolate Soldier. Powerful brown with strong limbs, and lovely front assembly. Nice head set on a clean long neck. Rather long cast which didn’t help his movement, when he throws his near hind leg and crabs.
Limit Dog:3.
1st Helmlake Dancing Wolf. This dog is a standard-sized dog which is not over done in any way. Well balanced limbs, strong topline held on the move, deep and well-sprung without too much width. Moved with drive and purpose. Great head and expression. Long neck set into good well laid back shoulders.

2nd Almeira’s Shadrak At Tomar JW. Seemed to have a good hard temperament. Longer that the first, and lacked his angulation. Slightly cow-hocked, so lacked the strength and drive behind. But pretty sound dog, pleasing outline and head.
Open Dog:6.
1st Amazon Under Fire At Liason. Short, standard-sized dog with good bone and topline. Strong head without coarseness, flat skull and powerful muzzle. Excellent angulation in front and behind. Well-coupled giving him good drive and overall power. My Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show.

2nd Lodgehouse Mr Bojangles. Slightly taller than the winner, but a smart dog with a great topline and tailset. Lost out in the head department, not quite the classical look of the first.
Veteran Bitch:3.
1st Sallate Dixie. Smart, showy bitch with short sharp topline. Very animated with lovely expression. Long reachy neck, flowing into good shoulders. Strong tight feet, and upright pasterns. Moved with drive and

2nd Ir Ch Amazon Love Potion At Arbrodin. Slightly longer cast brown girl, with not quite the topline and tailset as first. Well angulated with strong hocks, but slightly out at elbow.
Minor Puppy Bitch:5.
1st Jandaya Let’s Dance. Well-grown puppy with pleasing head. Good depth, and firm topline which she held on the move. Looked fit and strong. Lovely limbs and paws.

2nd Vanhallen Black Velvet With Darkissanhallen. Rangier bitch who didn’t move with the power of the first, but she has one of the best head’s I’ve seen for a long time, long classic profile with noble expression, with underlying strength.
Puppy Bitch:8.
1st Jakarta Spin Spin Sugar. Compact bitch in very good hard condition, with obvious musculature. Balanced, with good angles fore and aft. Great depth in body. Excellent topline and tailset. Superb head planes finished off a lovely picture. Easily my Best Puppy.

2nd Jojavik |Boogie Boots. Nice brown of substance. Very sound in limbs and action, just a little short in front legs at the moment, but this could alter in time. Good topline although she looks slightly long cast. Excellent head with strength but retaining femininity.
Junior Bitch:6.
1st Aritaur Kalina. Stunning, compact bitch with nothing exaggerated, which usually means that the Dobermann is sound and correctly made. Superb head set on an elegant neck which flowed into close sloping shoulders. Great topline and tailset. Good depth without too much width. Legs and feet were strong and sound and her movement was the best of the day. Thick dense coat with rich tan correctly placed. Best In Show, beating dogs and bitches of quality.

2nd Evanna’s Sambucus. Another very good bitch, who lost out on lack of angulation in front, this resulted in her throwing her elbows out on the move. Slightly nervous on the day, but junior bitches often go through a silly stage.
Overall a smart showy bitch of quality.
Yearling Bitch:1.
1st Helmlake By Design For Tuwin JW. Smart bitch with lithe, easy movement. Nice dry head set onto good long neck. Strong true hocks and tight elbows and front assembly. Deep and athletic looking youngster.
Novice Bitch:2
. 1st Jakarta Spin Spin Sugar.
2nd Vanhallen Black Velvet With Darkiss.
Graduate Bitch:5
. 1st Codeve Bewitched. Elegant bitch with nice topline and very good front. Pleasing head and neck. Clean limbs and a smooth mover.

2nd Supeta’s Lookin Good For Liason. Smart bitch, but lacking a little in substance and power compared to winner.
Post Graduate Bitch:7.
1st Jojavik Wurlitzer JW. What a power-house of a bitch, one to look after you on a dark night! This brown had a great topline and enormous depth. Substantial bone and strong feet, and good drive from behind from her powerful quarters. A head with strength, but still feminine.

2nd Kitado Born Of A Knight. Incredibly similar bitch to the winner, making it a difficult decision to make. Although she had a better, tighter front she didn’t quite have the drive and reach of the first. Could easily be the other way round on another day.
Limit Bitch:2.
1st Dobedone Javelin Gal. Good head planes, neck and topline.
Lovely rear angulation not quite matched by her front, which needed a better
placement of her upper arm.
Open Bitch:9.
1st Landsbrook Zany Zeta. Compact black bitch who was the only Dobermann on the day to show me her mettle, although the handler looked worried! Let’s hope her puppies inherit her temperament. Well muscled and in good condition. Super head and neck. Excellent topline, and a very square unexaggerated bitch. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Jokamily Schimeel At Amious JW. ShCm. A very different bitch, very large but well made for her size. Good fore-arm placement and well developed chest. Topline a little ripply due to her being slightly over-weight. Excellent rear angulation and straight movement.
Judge: Roger James. (Halsbands)