1st  Jojavik Penelope Pitstop
What a superb minor puppy from nose to tail she is quality with a classic head deep muzzle with good planes correct bite and dark well shared eyes , her front angles are spot on from any angle , with round bone cat like feet she stands four square and is one with her competent  handler well sprung ribs and level topline which she keeps on the move rear angles are correct giving a good rotary action BPIS  well done.
Otago Angels Dreams for Zeegeez
  This young bitch has feminine head with dark almond shared eyes long neck into a superb fore hand balanced angulation at the rear giving graceful movement handle well
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1st Daktay Cardinal Sins at Jodaseen
This bitch has a good silhouette with good dentition dark eyes balanced front an rear with a topline held on the move dog and handler were at ease with each other handled well
     YB  Zeloviak Evolution
       A very smart balanced  bitch with a good mouth well set eyes she has a nice head planes, and well set ears , a crested neck flowing into good shoulders a firm topline, which she kept when moving well sprung ribs and depth of brisket giving that all important heart and lung space good round bone and tight feet completes the picture . Handled very well.
     Another very nice bitch , with good head planes , depth of muzzle and scissor bite well placed ears , dark eyes completes the head . Front and rear angles ok good depth and rib cage level topline well developed first and second thighs giving a good rotary drive handled ok
 1st Jojavik Penelope Pitstop

2nd Miknuloras Crysla
Coming second to P Pitstop is no disgrace with a good head with correct bite dark eyes she has a regal look about her her forehand is good with tight elbows adequate depth and nice turn of stifle she moves with drive.
1st Flexor Isabella at Tomar
 Feminine bitch with a super outline . A pleasing head with alert expression nicely arched neck flowing into a good topline angluation front an rear ok moved well.
 1st Nerak Twist of Fate JW
  Excellent head with a good bite level planes and dark eyes reachy neck into a forehand with correct angles depth to elbows an a level topline held on the move well muscled rear to give her a good rotary drive handled well.
 2nd  Remescas Reet  Petite
 Dark almond shared eyes set in a good head well defined fore chest depth to elbows straight topline with a good angled rear moved ok.

 1st Remesca Rive Gauche
Balanced throughout head and forehand ok long lean neck flows into a good topline depth to elbows tight feet and a rear with a good 1st an 2nd thigh moved with purpose.
2nd  Supetas Winnie the Witch
  Standard size bitch with a feminine head dark eyes with a nice expression well laid back shoulders and good forechest elegent body with good width to 2nd thigh she moved well.
  1st Jojavik Constanzia JW. SHCM
 A square well built bitch of standard size good head with neat ears dark eyes and correct dentition elegent neck with good carriage flowing into a great fore chest depth to elbows and well sprung ribs firm back with hind angles propells her round the ring with ease BEST BITCH AND BEST IN SHOW
2nd CH Jojavik Poison Ivy JW SH CM
Another stunning bitch very much like the winner standard size with elegent outline pleasing head and neck angles fore an aft good depth ok stood square on tight feet moved ok.
  1st  CH  Janzins Jamelia JW.SH.CM
At eleven years old she looks stunning pleasing head with a good bite dark well shaped eyes compact and well defined body angles fore and aft are good moved well and handled to perfection 
2nd  Demorgothcals Allure
With dark eyes and good dentition she has a pleasing look about her well crested neck into a good front construction round bone and tight feet a sound body with good angles at her rear moved ok.
                                  D. M. JACKSON

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