A great honour for an outsider to be given the chance to judge for this prestigious club. Dobermann are a breed of love and feel totally comfortable judging them. I first judged the breed March 1986 and have judge 90 classes with hands on 217 dogs.
Apart from the mouth you get what you see! Everything shows up on the move the overall quality today was very good, a few quite outstanding it was good to get the chance to judge five champions and other CC winners at an open show event.

In this entry movement was a problem for me, several weak pastern’s and some toe– in a few a little short in upper arm restricting the front movement and several lacking drive in their hindquarters. When I found good movement it was rewarded I also found one or two a little strong in back skull. 

Thank you for your entries I really enjoyed judging this breed club show. It was a pleasure to hear the applause for all the winners and I was delighted with my unbeaten line-up in both sexes. 
BIS Achenburg Katina
Res BIS CH Landslip High Soceity at Jorazan JW
BOS Purroma Dark Impression
Best Puppy Izralight My Fair Lady
Best Veteran Amazon Love Potion at Arbrodin

Veteran Dogs ( 4 ) 
Spindley Mytanamys Air Force one difficult class the 3rd dog instantly caught my eye but on the day wanst totally sound the winner scored on the move. Liked his shape and balance, masculine, compact pleasing head, eye ex bite long neck, liked his shoulder angles. Tight elbows deep well sprung body strong topline well developed muscular quarters east action totally sound pleases coming and going

2nd Parsons CH Izralight Take a Chance on me at Ottia most worthy champion in ex condition on the day not moving too well in front

3rd Cammoile CH Neartic High Treason of Shargraan. Pity this dog was not sound or he would have won this class (has to be on the day)

Minor Puppy Dog ( res best puppy)
Gleaves, Izralight quick off the mark. 
Brown 6 months and a lovely prospect looks quality and at present very well balanced masculine very shapely liked his head e bite, strong neck pleasing shoulders, and clean front square with short back, straight topline with that slight slope front withers to croup pleasing quarters well angulated, such strong east action, true in front and behind

Junior Dog (5)
Sharpes Martifers the Joker, lovely youngster, looked quality and very well balanced his outline appealed to me very much. His head shape and the flow from neck to withers helped him top this class. Lovely angulation back and front easy sound action, I would expect him to do much winning.

2nd Fletchers Supeta’s that’s Enuf and again a quality youngster liked his outline and overall balance just thought he wasn’t as good over the withers and front movement could be better even so I did like him

3rd McGee Kitadoo Amber Knight

Yearling (2)
1st (Best Dog)
Richardson Purroma Dark Impressions 
Cracking youngsters fills the eye with his quality breed type and masculinity elegant yet still has the bone and substance. Strong head in balance to size ex bite loved his neck and the way it filled into excellent shoulders and front no lumps or bumps over the withers with this boy. Strong quarters well angulated with strength on the hock joint. Good reach in front and drives from behind never once losing his strong firm topline. I was impressed and would be surprised not to see him go on to higher awards. Shown to advantage a real quality dog this of the type I like

2nd Parsons Ottia Gaelic Storm
Brown liked his head, ex bite a quality dog with much to admire, not quite the front movement I look for and he does toe –in slightly too much.

Novice (2)
Kenmilofore Thai Wonder
4th in Junior Brown quality male liked his neck length dept of chest front needs to tighten and not putting all into his movement on the day well handled

Graduate (5)
t Barlow & Ekin Ferrero Chocolate Soldier (JW) had to win this class for breed type and head qualities looks lovely stood wasn’t too happy with his movement hope it was just one of those days

2nd Kenmilfore Thai Wonder

3rd Supetas Just Kidding

Post Graduate
1st (Res Best Dog)
Baker Newtrons Iceland at Rikov (JW)
Liked this male very much a look of quality about him balanced eye catching stood masculine deep chest very attractive head type ex bite good eye pleasing neck good shoulder angles strong topline sound honest mover but could perhaps shows a bit more drive and extension going and coming The type I like very much

Limit (3)
Horgan & Kershaw Aritaur Histabraq quality male liked his head balance ex angulation back and front very good shoulders sound easy action slightly high on the leg for me and sometimes loses his topline having said that there is much to like with this boy

2nd Thorpes Graaf Nitro Van Neerlands Stam (IMP) 
totally different in breed type much to admire not moving too well on the day and I’d like better flow from neck to withers

Open Dog (8)
Krafft Soduksky Steady Eddie

Quality male who took this class on the move masculine liked his outline and overall balance pleasing head type ex bite strong neck good topline so well angulation back and front lovely depth of chest elbows held close to his brisket didn’t perform in the challenge as well as he did in his class tended to lost his topline some what.

2nd Hardwick & Lloyd Janeryls Against all odds (JW SH CM)
quality compact dog lighter built that winner well balanced lovely topline and good angulation back and from not moving as well as winner didn’t seem settled

3rd Cox Jadenburg Apollo from Zeloviak (JW)

Veteran Bitch (4) 
(Best Veteran) Andre Amazon Love Potion at Arbrodin
Brown lady in super from really look of quality and breed type elegant still with the substance I like femine lovely carriage ex neck good shoulder angles strong topline ex hindquarters well bent stifles on the move comes into a class of her own east sound perfectly true action and lovely to watch in profile keeps her topline. I understand has 2 CC’s surely would have made a worthy champion I thought her quite lovely

2nd Baker IR CH Assisi Absolutely Fabulous at Rikov
Much to like with this girl now a little heavy over the front and not the movement of the winner even so I felt a quality bitch

3rd Cox, Jadenburg Back In Black at Zeloviak

Minor Puppy (2) 
1st Best Puppy In Show)
Smith & Crème Izralight My Fair Lady
Brown 6 month a real prospect for the future lovely quality and breed type at present extremely well balanced has that look of class and being some thing special ex topline super neck absolutely true back and front on the move her profile movement is truly eye catching felt she was slightly better with the flow from neckl to withers than her brother that won best male pup what a lovely pair looked really good stood together the breeder must be very proud and quite rightly so I’ll watch their progress

2nd Freelance Whoopi 8 month and naturally that bit further on with her body maturity, again a quality baby with much to admire not as classy on the move as winner, even so perfectly sound

Puppy Bitch (5)
Swain Supeta Looking Good for Liason 
Lovely baby of excellent breed tyupe overall shape and balance liked her head type ex bite lovely shoulders and topline and took this class on the move sure to comtinue to impress unlucky to meet the baby whos attitude I couldn’t get by

2nd Richardson, Bryne & Evans Amazon Don’t call me Baby
Again a youngster of lovely quality breed type and overall balance ex angulation back and front not quite as clean over the withers as winner and not moving as well on the day event so I rate her highly
3rd Lainchbury Trystorme in Assciation with Ashlaine

Junior Bitch (4)
Krafft Supetas Georgie Girl 
Overall outline and breed type appealed greatly excels in neck shoulders and depth of brisket looks quality and perfectly sound on the move true coming and going.

2nd Crawford Jorazan Royal Silk
Out of 2 Champions in fact her dam was Res BIS a quality girl with much to like I just preferred the hed type of winner

3rd Hadfield Ottia Wishing on a Star

Yearling Bitch (4)
Shaw Kitado Born of a Knight
Same CH Sire as Royal Silk east winner of this class strong girl excellent outline liked her head type lovely angulation back and front easy true action. I would expect this girl to win well one I truly liked

Woods Ottia Emerald Princess
Liked her head wide in front and not too happy with her shoulders a little to up right and this reflected in her front movement

Novice (4)
Izralight My Fair Lady

2nd Supetas Looking Good for Liason

3rd Ottia Wishing on a Star

Gradute (2)
Dzuba Jowendys Look my Way for Zajonti And I did, lovely breed type and quality liked her size and substance still retaining her femininity deep chest ext angulation back and front strong topline liked her head balance ex bite just needs to settle when she did I could see she went freely and was totally sound like her very much

2nd Jorazan Royal Silk

Limit (5)
Done Dobedone Javelin Gal (JW) Real quality girl this has a look of class loved her breed type, shape and overall balance strong topline good feet on this girl muscular yet elegant head balanced to size long and clean cut tight lips good eye shape and colour ex bite strong neck strong pastern tight elbows square well developed forechest deep well sprung ribs well bent stifle strong hock joint easy sound movement liked this bitch a lot

2nd Bostock Supetas Top Tip for Mavson
Again a real quality girl different in type to winner but still much to admire sure to swap around
3rd Jebson Sallate Smuggs Lady for Dejayotwo

Open Bitch (9)
1st (BIS)
Woodward-Sheridan Achenburg Katina 
Homebred lady of stunning quality and breed type absoulteyl loved her she totlally filled my eye on the day I’m told she hasn’t been shown for a while The fact she topped a super line up of bitch’s says it all. Very much my idea of a quality dobe bitch hope she’s campained.

2nd (Res BIS)
Crawfords CH Landslip High Society at Jorazan (JW)
Her title says it all pure quality and class looked a champion from nose to tail

3rd Tinsley Sherrebenca Amaretto (JW)

Lovely class liked all four very much definitely the class of the day 

Judge Mr Barry Croft


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