The Midland Dobermann Club

Open Show February 27th 2010

Rodney Oldham (Judge)

VD (3,2abs) 1st Schneiders Furstklars Evolution, 9yo shown in excellent hard condition, presents a square balanced outline, fairly strong in head with almond shaped dark eyes well placed, strong boned forelimbs down to tight feet, just enough neck, deep well sprung ribs and an excellent topline, good rear angulation, tidy all-round mover.
PD (3,2) 1st Cairns & Mycrofts Supetas Al Pacino at Forestivorys, lively 10m B&T, substantially built with long masculine head to suit, skull is flat with ears set high and eyes are dark and of good shape, enough neck but just a shade throaty still, well laid shoulder, good straight front down to knuckled feet, rib development good for age, excellent topline, definition to quarters, neat vertical hocks, true coming and going and covers the ground well in profile, RBD & BPIS.
JD (2,1) 1st Browns Jojavik Charlie Brown, well grown and fairly square, length to head with minimal stop, clean muzzle with depth through, reasonable bone and feet but would prefer firmer pasterns, arch to neck, deep well sprung ribcage, tad long in loin, firm topline, sound quarters, good hind action.
YD (2) 1st Pollards Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean, clean square outline and well grown, balanced head with good eye and expression, scored in front which is also well boned, best of feet, clean neck and topline, depth and spring to ribs, just enough turn of stifle, steady mover but would like to see a touch more drive.
2nd Mackintosh-Whites Leibwache Mad Hatter, brown who still needs to settle to the job in hand, neat head with well shaped eye, pasterns a touch slack, deep well sprung ribs, moved out quite well in profile once settled.
ND (2,1) 1st Browns Jojavik Charlie Brown.
GD (2,1) 1st Hardings Transure Liston Lite On His Toes, presents a very neat package, has substance with elegance, head is masculine but could be cleaner in cheek, has a good neck and shoulder, good front down to excellent feet, spring and depth to ribs, straight topline gently sloping to defined hindquarters, neat hocks, moved out with style and covers the ground well.
PGD (4,1) 1st Tinsley & Cox Zeloviak Incantation with Sherrebenca, square and elegant in a masculine frame, clean head of length carried on good neck, depth to brisket and ribs sprung, firm topline, definition to quarters, moves out stylishly covering the ground well.
2nd Millwards Nearctic Jack Spicer, well grown and masculine, balanced head with neat eyes well placed giving good expression, reasonable front, well sprung ribs and good topline, definition to quarters, steady mover.
3rd Schneiders Shantock Glissade.
LD (4) 1st Fletchers Supetas That’s Enuf, masculine and fairly square with clean head to suit, medium brown eye, excellent shoulder and front down to tight feet, well ribbed, good topline and firm loin, excellent rear angles and action.
2nd Dones Dobedone Keilder Hawk, brown who arrived late and was consequently a bit unsettled, well grown, masculine and good for type, clean neck and shoulder, deep well sprung ribs, good rear angulation, reaches out quite well.
3rd Andres Arbrodin Knight of Legacy.
OD (4,2) 1st Evans Amazon El Torro, well grown lad and all male, scores in shoulder and balance, masculine head with lovely dark eye and slight stop, strength through muzzle giving good finish to underjaw, enough length to neck, good forechest, well boned right down to knuckled feet, ribbed up and excellent topline, firm loin, well modelled quarters, moves out with real reach and drive, BD & RBIS.
2nd Ingrams Ch Jojavik Mafioso, ultra clean and impressive for type, liked his head with super eyes, straight front down to excellent feet, good topline, definition to quarters, he too can cover the ground with ease.
VB (4,1) 1st Tinsleys Sherrebenca Amaretto, 9.1/2yo, feminine and elegant with substance, very clean head with best of eyes and expressions, straight front down to knuckled feet, reachy neck, well ribbed up and bodied with trim waistline, defined quarters, easy all-round mover, BVIS.
2nd Andras Ch Arbrodin Legacy of Love, 9yo and in tip top condition, clean head with good plains set on super neck into neat shoulders, well ribbed, firm topline, quarters well defined, still moves out very well.
3rd Dones Dobedone Javelin Girl.
MPB(2) 1st Barber & Kemps Ottia Kiki Dee for Atito, 7m, still quite raw but liked her upstanding outline from short back and good leg length, clean feminine head with correct plains, minimal stop and well placed eye, shoulders well laid, ample neck that could be shown off to better advantage, adequate spring of rib for age, firm topline and loin, just enough rear definition, reachy mover, well handled, BPB.
2nd Connerley & James Jaegerson You Rock My World, well grown and balanced brown, head of length and eyes well placed, decent front and feet, ribs well developed for age, never really got into her stride to show off the action I expected from her.
PB (6,4) 1st Merediths Supeta’s Greta Garbo, feminine and well balanced, clean wedgy head with slight stop and strength through muzzle, scored here in eye and hind angulation, strong neck into well laid shoulder, ribs sprung and topline straight, reaches out well.
2nd Smiths Remesca Whay Ever, well balanced and square with reasonable head plains, slightly bold in eye, decent front assembly, well ribbed up with good topline, steady mover.
JB (6,4) 1st Evans & Irvings Amazon Kandy Kisses, feminine and clean cut, very square, long head with minimal stop, lovely eye and expression, decent straight front to tight knuckled feet, length to neck, well ribbed, firm topline, definition to quarters and moves out well once concentrating.
2nd Mycrofts Supetas Top Totty, close up and also feminine with substance and elegance, touch flighty and took time to settle, well ribbed, firm loin, tidy rear, reachy action.
YB(2,1) 1st Tousents Jojavik Blousey Brown, well balanced and feminine with strong bone, balanced head with clean cheeks and decent plains, super straight front down to excellent feet, arched neck, well sprung ribs and firm loin, good topline with gentle slope, definition to quarters, good all-round mover.
NB(5,3) 1st Barber & Kemps Ottia Kiki Dee for Atito.
2nd Merediths Supeta’s Greta Garbo.
GB (3,1) 1st Wedgburys Demorgothcal’s Allure, ultra feminine and well balanced, head clean through with almond shaped dark eyes well placed, decent plains, super neck and front to tight feet, well ribbed and firm in loin, definition to quarters, moves out well displaying reach and drive.
2nd Mycrofts Supetas Top Totty.
PGB (5) 1st Wedgburys Demorgothcal’s Allure.
2nd Waltons Remesca’s Crazy For You at Dabells, good outline with substance, medium brown eye, decent shoulder and front assembly, good body properties and topline, well bent stifle, moves out with purpose.
3rd Cox Zeloviak Inquisition.
LB (3,1) two very different types. 1st Swains Janzins Fire Cracker at Liason, ultra feminine and clean in outline, neat head features well laid out, scores in shoulder, super straight front and good feet, well sprung ribs, firm loin, good reachy mover.
2nd Evans Amazon Sydique, well grown with very good substance, length to her clean head, dark well placed eyes, good front and feet, deep well sprung ribcage, can stand awkwardly at times, definition to quarters, moves out well.
OB(6,3) 1st Balshaws Ch Janzins Jamelia, eyecatcher and turned out to be the star of the day, square and oh so clean all-through, possess classic lines and knows how to show them off, head of length without a hint of exaggeration, best of fronts and feet, super neck, short coupled, excellent fore and aft angulation, accurate fluid mover, BB & BIS.
2nd Mycrofts Supeta’s Witchqueen, another well balanced quality lady who I have done well for in the past, also very clean through, decent angulation, moves out with ease, RBB.
3rd Pollards Otherton Rubies R Red at Whizzbean.
Rodney Oldham (Judge)