It was such a pleasure to Judge at this show. Such very good sportsmanship. Some top quality dogs. Temperament was excellent, the owners and breeders have to be commended for this. I found just one incorrect bite, all the rest had very good mouths. One concern was front construction and movement. This needs to be corrected on quite a number of dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st King. Nerak American Dream. Good body and topline. Correct bone and feet for age. Would like a tighter eye rim.
2nd Brown. Remesca’s Le’Mosho. Very pleasing head proportions with good clean eye. Seemed to be going back on his feet.

Puppy Dog
1st Bell. Martifers Pot Noodle. Very good on the move. Pleasing head. Good front and rear angles,  bone and feet.
2nd King. Nerak American Dream.
3rd Brough. Remesca’s Rossinni.

Junior Dog
1st Ward. Aritaur Inglorious At Jagelka. On the big side but the soundest mover in this class, when settled. Head a little on the fine side.
2nd Anrews. Kodam Glittering Prize. Good head and body proportions. Needs to sort out front movement.
3rd Wright. Alkahest Vivaldo At  Kamroyal.

Yearling Dog
1st Winfield. Monarkle Ramzo Bamzo. Good body/height  balance. Correct bone, feet and topline. Good head proportions but would like a slightly larger eye. Moved ok when settled.
2nd Andrews. Kodam Glittering Prize.

Novice Dog
1st Bell. Martifers Pot Noodle.
2nd King. Nerak American Dream
3rd Brough. Remesca’s Rossinni.

Graduate Dog – No Entries.

Post Graduate Dog
1st Cox. Zeloviak Endeavour. JW. Super head and eye with good ears. Correck neck and topline. Very good rear angulation. Just needs to sort out front movement.
2nd Winfield. Monarkle Ramzo Bamzo.

Limit Dog
1st  Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show. Matthews. Lebakker Tymur Taraz At Heathwaen ShCM.  Super outline with correct bone and feet. Good angles. Correct balance of head with lovely eye shape and expression. Moved well.
2nd Parsons. Ottia Captain Barbossa. Good well made lad with correct balance and height. Preferred head and eye of winner.
3rd Wall & Bolton. Jarjarjinx True Grit.

Open Dog
1st & Reserve Best Dog. Thorn. Grafmax Louis Armstrong ShCM. Another lad with very good outline and balance. Lovely head, eye and ears . Correct neck and topline. Very good rear angulation. Good on the move, when settled.
2nd Sanderson. Ch. Aritaur Cardinal red At Jodaseen ShCM. Excellent outline with good shoulders and front construction. Good head proportions.
3rd Lainchbury. Ashlain Makriammos JW ShCM.

Veteran Dog – Absent.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st & Best Puppy In Show. Cox. Zeloviak Evolution. Cox. Zeloviak Evolution. Lovely youngster so very sound on the move. Good balance of head with correct eye shape. Good body and angles. Correct bone for age.
2ND King. Nerak Twist Of Fate. Another well balanced youngster with good body and boneMoved and showed well when settled.
3rd Thorn. Taevas Black Velvet At Grafmax.

Puppy Bitch
1st Robinson & Parrott. Remesca’s Reet Petite. Very good rear angulation and feet. Pleasing head, good neck.
2nd King. Nerak Twist Of Fate.
3rd Sharp. Martifers French Connection.

Junior Bitch
1st Pittendrigh Flexor Isabella At Tomar. Quality bitch with excellent outline. Correct head, neck and topline. Very good front construction and shoulders. Very sound on the move. Should have a very good future.
2nd Mycroft. Supeta’s Spells Trouble JW. Another quality , well made bitch. Excellent outline and balance with good body. Just preferred head and expression of first.
3rd Murray & Goodall. Manna’s Cracklin Rose At Luftez.

Yearling Bitch
1st Balshaw. Remesca’s Vida Loca JW. Good outline and head. Excellent bone and feet. Just needs to settle on the move.
2nd Pittendrigh. Amazon This Girl Is On Fire With Tomar. Racier in body than first. Pleasing head but would like smaller ears.
3rd Sharp. Newfords Caught In The Act At Martifers.

Novice Bitch
1st Pittendrigh. Flexor Isabella At Tomar.
2nd King. Nerak Twist Of Fate.
3rd Wright. Itavia Wot a Thriller At Kamroyal (Imp).

Graduate Bitch
1st Murray & Goodall. Mianna’s Crackl;in Rose At Luftez. Well made youngster with good head and expression. Very good rear angulation.
2nd Meredith. Supeta’s Winnie The Witch. Very sound on the move. Just preferred the overall outline and balance of first.
3rd Pollard. Zeloviak Atlantis At Whizzbean.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Wetherall. Kodam Full Stop. Jw ShCM. Pleasing head proportions with good eye. Good outline and profile. Rather wide on front movement.
2nd Anderson. Krieger’s Va Va Voom. Ok on rear movement. Needs to Strengthen on front movement.

Limit Bitch
1st & Reserve Best Bitch. Parsons. Ottia Lady Gaga. Top quality bich with so much going for her. Excellent balance of head and body, correct eyes and ears. Good neck and front construction. Correct rear angulation, all giving good  sound movement. This bitch must do well.
2nd Long. Aritaur Kazaviti. JW ShCM. Rather taller on leg than first. Good head proportions and eye.
3rd Ward. Aritaur Dita Von Teese At Jagelka.

Open Bitch
Rather a poor class for quality.
1st Lainchbury. Ashlain Kazaviti JW ShCM.
2nd Wedgbury. Demorgothcal’s  Allure.

Veteran Bitch
1st Best Bitch & Best In Show. Balshaw. Ch Janzin’s Jamelia. JW ShCM. The very best for quality & conformation. Such a classical head superb body and chest. Excellent shoulders and front construction. Correct rear and stifle. Very sound on the move. A delight to go over and showed so very well.
2nd Cross & Stirling. Ch Nearctic Madam Pomfrey JW ShCM. Another top quality bitch. Just preferred the head and expression of first.
3rd Thorn. Costajoro Nina Simone At Grafmax.

Robin Newhouse (Judge).

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