I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge and the exhibitors for their appreciation at my decisions. Colours for me is secondary, I was looking for good conformation and muscle tone which gives the drive required from this wonderful breed

1st  Nearatic Thorn
    A well balanced young dog with good angles front and rear . Forechest well developed for a minor puppy correct dentition, dark well shaped eyes , level head planes ,a well muscled neck and level top line a good spring of rib with a pleasing under line moved well
 PUPPY DOG  no entries
  1st  Kodam Propa Gander
  A young dog showing great promise  with a good head with correct dentition  front angles good with a forechest , depth of brisket an spring of rib are ok level top line kept on the move standing four square on solid legs with tight feet move ok
 2nd Korifey Jet at Zajonti
   Another good youngster with a great head with good planes an depth of muzzle a lovely forechest and spring of rib enough bone and cat like feet moved ok
  1st Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton
 Another quality dog from this well known kennel this yearling has a good square outline with excellent muscle tone . A good head with the darkest of eyes good neck which leads into a level topline which he kept on the move depth to elbow and a clean underline , well turned stifle with a well developed 1st an 2nd thigh gives that all important drive well handled

Kodam Propa Gander
  1st Grafma Rudolf Nureyev
 Not much I can say about this dog as I could not go over him as he played his handler up and his movement left a lot to be desired sorry
1st  Kodam Propa Gander
 2nd Korifey Jet at Zajonti
 1st  Remesca Rosinni JW
  Good head an expression with a deep muzzle forechest and depth ok excellent round bone and tight feet with parallel legs topline and tailset good with a well turn of stifle move ok
  2nd Zeloviak Endeavor
A well balanced  and mature dog a head with everything good teeth eyes and plane well arched neck which leads into a nice forechest , depth and underline good with a well muscled rear move ok
1st  CH.IR.CH. Jovavik Midnight Express JW. SH.CM
What a  stunner he has everything I like to see in a male a classic head with correct dentition dark eyes that says[ I’m here ] standing four square on tight feet forechest depth and spring of ribare excellent level topline kept on the move drive came from a rear with a well developed  1st an 2nd thigh, handled to perfection well done RBIS
 2nd Ottia Captain Barbossa
 No disgrace to come 2nd to the winner another dog with everything in moderation a well balanced male with a strong head dark eyes and correct bite ample fore chest and depth topline an tailset fine moved ok.
Ch Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean JW.SH.CM.
Showing a keen alert expression from his masculine head with a well squared dark eye and correct dentition adequate fore chest and good forehand with good delpth an nice underline topline an tailset ok a rear with well developed 1st an 2nd thigh giving all that important drive handled ok
Driftlands Fridays Child
 Another dog in good condition for his age good round bone with impresive head with correct bite ,dark eyes a strong neck leading into a powerful well angulated front ,well spring of rib cage and level topline with a nice tailset rear angles were correct with good muscle tone moved well.


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