13th JUNE 2010
Judge Mrs. H. Townshend

VD (1)
1 Swains, Ch Amazon Under Fire at Liason, B & R 8 years, B & R, pleasing head, dark eye, arched neck flowing into gently sloping top line good tailset, good spring of rib and depth, square set,not exaggerated in any way, moved out well. BVIS

MPD (1,2a)
1 Browns, Freelance Collateral, 9 month, B &R balanced head, well set ears, dark eye, arched neck flowing into good front, good depth to elbows, compact , tight feet, moved well promising youngster. BPD

PD (1, 1a)

JD (1,1a)

YD (1) 
  1   Mayers,  Amazon The Kandyman, 19 month, dark eye, good head and expression, rich rust markings, nice shoulder placement, good depth of brisket , well angulated,  gently sloping topline,  nicely balanced dog moved out well.

ND (1,1a)

GD (4,4) 
 1,  Pollards, Amazon Eldorado at Whizzbean JW ShCM, 2yr B&R lovely square outline balanced and compact, good head, dark eye, pleasing expression, good depth and rib spring,  nice bone, tight feet, good topline which he held on the move. 

2  Mayers, Amazon The Kandyman, 

3   Stokes, Junior Conteh Transforms.

PGD  (4,2a)
  1  Tinsley & Cox,  Zeloviak Incantation with Sherrebenca JW,  B&R  3yr,  good head, dark eye, square, good spring of rib and depth to elbow, short pasterns, tight feet, rich rust markings, gently sloping topline, moved well.  

2  Harding, Transure Liston Lite on His Toes, 4 yr, B&R,  good head, well sprung ribs with depth to elbow,  good topline, tight feet, moved well.

LD (4,1a) 
 1  Barbers, Ottia Yu-Gi-Oh JW, 3yr B&R, very smart,  good head, dark eye, pleasing expression, sloping topline, good front assembly with good spring of rib and depth  to elbow, tight feet, compact, moved well with drive, sure he will have a bright future, pushed hard  for topspot,  RESERVE BEST DOG  
2   Mathews Krieger Major Duomu at Heathwaen JW, 3yr Br & R  good head, and expression, topline and tailset, moved well just prefered the substance of 1.  

3   Mr & Mrs Fletchers Supeta's That's Enuf. 

OD (5,1a) 
 1  Creme, Izralight New Year Dream JW, 41/2  yrs B & R, strong head, well set ears, dark eye, lovely front assembly, well sprung ribs, good depth,  nice bone, short pasterns, tight feet, good topline and tailset, square, moved out well with drive. BEST DOG   

2   Milwards, Nearctic Jack Spicer  good head  and underjaw, dark eyes, nice forechest, good depth to elbow, well balanced, good  topline and tailset, moveed  out well. 

3   Pittendrigh, Almeira Shadrak at Tomar JW ShCM.

VB  (5, 2a) 
1  Tinsley, Sherrebenca Amaretto JW, 9 3/4 years, B&R,  feminine, good head , dark eyes, pleasing expression, good reach of neck, lovely front with good depth to elbow, tight feet,  slightly sloping top line, good tailset, compact, elegant with substance, moved well round the ring.

  2   Mathews, Aritaur Electra at Heathwaen, 9 yrs Br &R,  very feminine, good  head, spring of rib, depth to elbow, topline and tailset, tight feet moved soundly.

3   Parsons, Ottia Charlock,

MPB (2, 1a) 
1  Evans & Thompson, Amazon Stormy Romance, 8 mth B&R  dark eye, feminine expression, good reach of neck, topline and tailset, nice turn of stifle, good shoulder placement, moved well  topline held on the move. 

PB(3, 1a) 1  Hulbert, Trojanteam France, 10 mths B&R smart, compact, lovely front, well sprung ribs and depth to elbow, tightest feet,  beautiful head & expression, dark eyes, arched neck into good topline and tail set.  Elegant young lady moved very well. BPIS 

2   Barber & Kemp, Ottia Kiki Dee for Atito, 11 mth, femine head, dark eye, well laid shoulder, good spring of rib, good topline held on the move.

JB (3, 1a)
1 Smiths, Remesca What Eva, 14 mths, B&R, elegant, compact,  good head and expression, dark eye, good reach of neck, and front assembly, spring of rib, and depth to elbow, lovely turn of stifle, well angulated, tight feet, really flowing outline, lovely  bitch elegant but with substance. moved very well with purpose.Unsettled in the challengeby  a change of handler, but after seeing her move again her "free stand" showed me all I needed to see. RESERVE BEST BITCH, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW congratulations I'm sure the best is yet to come,

2. Meredith, Supeta's Greta Garbo, 14 mths, B&R good head shape, dark eye, good bone, good shoulder placement, depth to elbow,welll angulated, good topline held on the move.

YB (2,2a)

NB (4,1a)
1 Smiths, Remesca What Eva.

2 Evans & Thompson,Amazon Stormy Romance

3 Meredith, Supeta Greta Garbo.

GB (1)
1 Pittendrigh, Amazon Ice Cold in Alice for Tomar, 13 mths, B&R good head shap, dark eyes, rich rust markings, short pasterns, tight feet, good spring of rib and depth to elbow, sloping topline, moved well.

PGB (7,7)
1 Waltons, Remesca's Crazy for You at Debells, 2 yrs, B&R elegant, compact, good head, dark eye, lovely front, good rib spring, good depth to elbow, tight feet, excellent topline and tailset,, beautifully balanced outline, moved well.

2 Wedgbury 's, Demorgothcal's Allure, 2 years, B&R feminine, good head, dark eyes, good front, tight feet, well balanced throughout, moved well.

3 Cox's Zeloviak Inquisition JW.

LB (5,5)
1 Swains, Janzins Fire Cracker at Liason, 31/2 yrs B&R, feminine, standard size, compact square outline, good topline and tailset, well angulated, lovely front assembly, well sprung ribs, good depth, tight feet, good head, dark eye, pleasing expression. Moved very well, elegance with substance.

2 Creme's Izralight Rock with You, 3yrs, B&R clean head, dark eyes, well placed shoulders into good topline and tailset., good mover.

3 Evans & Irving, Amazon Kandy Kisses JW.

OB  (6,6)
1 Balshaws, Ch Janzins Jamelia JW ShCM, caught my eye immediately, absolutely stunning B&R 4 yrs, classic outline, square, lovely head and expression, super front, good depth and spring of rib, short coupled, with good angulation, lovely turn of stifle, good reach of neck into correct topline and tailset., moved powerfully around the ring with drive, she has it all, elegance with substance the star of the show BB & BIS.

2. Evans, Amazon Sydique JW, 2 yrs B&R clean head, dark eyes, good substance, well placed shoulder, good rib spring, tight feet, good topline and tailset not the maturity of 1,moved purposefully around the ring.

3.. Ingram, Ch Jojavik Wurlitzer JW.
Helen Townshend-Ward (Mrs)  (Judge)