The Midland Dobermann Club Open Show 12/06/ 2011

Firstly I would like to thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at their recent Open Show albeit at short notice, and to thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions so graciously. I was delighted with the quality of the dogs present which was generally very high, especially the puppy classes which were impressive to say the least and can only bode well for the future of the breed. Heads were generally good without some of the coarseness that I have seen of late, eyes were dark, feet and pasterns were generally good and movement in most was quite sound. All in all a lovely entry and a pleasure to go over, Thank you.

Veteran 3 (3 abs)
Minor Puppy 4(1 abs)
1.Parsons Ottia Captain Barbossa
Just 6 months bl/t really liked this puppy, standard sized and square in outline.Plenty of depth and substance for one so young with good reach of neck and short coupled. Angulation
was good fore and aft, straight topline, pleasing head dark eye. Moved out well and was competently handled, one I feel should have a promising future. My choice for Best Puppy Dog, well done
2.Sandersons Aritaur Cardinal red at Jodaseen
6months br/t another promising youngster, taller than 1 with many of the same attributes. Substantial with good angulation  and pleasing head, just not quite as balanced as 1 and slightly longer in loin, just needs to mature a little  However at such a tender age time is on his side. A very nice exhibit, Good luck
3.Underwoods Liason Labrynth.
Puppy  1
1.Evans,Thompson and Wall Amazon Armani.
8month bl/t Well up to size but still in proportion, a fairly substantial youngster with enough depth and angulation. Strong head with dark eye, a little erratic on the move and very much a baby. One I feel has all the makings and just needs time to develop.
Junior 3(1abs)
1.Hallows Izralight Dizzee Rascale
Bl/t Standard sized compact with straight topline Good head, dark eye and good length of neck. Angulation was adequate fore and aft although I would like to have seen a little more depth and forechest.
2.Hedl Ruzuna Precious Pallas
Br/t Just 12 months, well up to size with plenty of substance, nice head well filled muzzle with good eye colour. This is  another youngster who needs time to mature and “come together” .
Yearling 1
1.Lainchbury Ashlain Makriamos
Well put together youngster just standard size substantial with strong head well filled with dark eye, ample reach of neck. Good front angulation with plenty of depth and forechest, would have liked a touch more length of leg to give a more balanced outline, that said a sound exhibit well handled.
Novice 4(1abs)
1.Ottia Captain Barbossa
2.Amazon Armani
3. Izralight Dizzee Rascale
Graduate 0
Post Graduate 1
1 Browns Freelance Collateral
Bl/t up to size, quite smart in outline and nicely balanced. Pleasing head and eye, lovely forehand with good angulation and enough depth. Would perhaps benefit from a touch more stifle. I see from the catalogue he is only 20 months old and as such has some maturing to do. All the best for the future.
Limit  5(1abs)
A quality class of exhibits and a pleasure to judge .
1. Jones Amazon Russian Ice
2yrs bl/t  Cracking youngster this one,standard size and very smart in outline strong head but not coarse, dark eye well filled muzzle,deep and with just enough length,. Good reach of neck into lovely forehand with plenty of depth and forechest. Good strong legs and feet short coupled with sound rear quarters and angulation, ample turn of stifle. His soundness was reflected in an easy gait around the ring. Excellently handled and presented with more good things to come I suspect. My choice for Best Dog and ultimately BIS. My congratulations to his Breeder and owner/handler.
2.Tinsley/Cox Zeloviak Incantation with Sherrebenca
Bl/t 4yrs Another sound  dog that fits the standard well lovely outline with all the attributes you would expect to see in a quality exhibit. Standard size, nicely angulated with lovely forehand, pleasing head and eye. Rear angulation was good which reflected in his movement. Nicely handled to advantage and my choice for Reserve Best Dog well done .
3.Pollards  Amazon El Dorado at Whizzbean
4.Barber Ottia Yu-Gi-Oh
1.Burnett/Hall Supetas Taylers Dezign at Zuffenhausen
Bl/t Taller exhibit of good basic construction,good front angulation with plenty of depth and ample substance, strong head with good headplanes and dark eye. Moved and showed well
2.Ruzuna Precious Pallas
Veteran 2(1abs)
1.Mycroft CH Supetas Witchy Woman
10yrs,bl/t  Standard bitch whose soundness belies her age, lovely feminine head well filled and dark eye.well angulated sound topline and rear quarters. Moved out freely and showed well.
Minor Puppy 7
Excellent class. And again a pleasure to judge.
1.Underwoods Liason Latanya.
Br/t 7 months. Top draw exhibit this one and very hard to fault. Beautifully constructed, balanced with a lovely outline, Feminine head lovely front with plenty of depth and forechest rear angulation was good feminine head with dark eye and pleasing expression, firm topline. Moved and showed well and given some serious consideration in the line up. An excellent prospect for the future and I for one would be interested to see how she matures, good luck.
2.Parsons Ottia Lady Gaga
Close decision between 2+3 Bl/t 6months. Another lovely exhibit of standard size, displaying all the qualities of her litter brother,well balanced and elegant with enough substance and depth. Lovely head and expression, moved and showed well.
3. Mycrofts Supetas Bewitched
4.Jones and Tilley Amazon Russian Romance.
5. Merediths Supetas Winnie the Witch.
Puppy 1
1.James Jaegerson The Heat Is On
9months bl/t, A beautiful, elegant young bitch up to size and striking in outline, lovely feminine head with enough strength, good head planes and dark eye. Elegant neck of good length into well placed shoulder, plenty of depth and forechest, good topline and rear quarters ample turn of stifle which showed in her movement. Another  well balanced exhibit Handled sympathetically and to advantage. A close decision  for Best Bitch but ultimately came out on top, My choice for Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show  and Best Puppy in show. Congratulations.
Junior 2
1.Hallows Izralight Queen Latifah
Bl/t Standard sized and not overdone in any way strong head dark eyr enough length of neck and good topline. Rear angulation was good but just lacked a little depth and forechest.Moved out well.
2.Adams Ourouse Miss Moneypenni
Bl/tTaller and longer in loin than 1 Elegant neck, good depth and rear angulation.
Yearling 2
1.Lainchburys Ashlain Kazaviti
Bl/t, Well constructed bitch of standard size ample substance, with well developed forehand . good head and dark eye enough length of neck into firm topline, well angulated rear quarters. Moved and showed well.
2.Burtons Darkiss sultry spirit
A taller rangier bitch not as much depth or substance as 1, strong topline and pleasing head with dark eye.
Novice 2
1.Ottia Lady Gaga
2.Izralight Queen Latifa
1.Merediths Supetas Greta Garbo
Bl/t Just standard sized smart in outline and on the whole I found her to be a very sound little bitch with good angulation front and rear lovely head and expression, good length of neck. Moved out very well,. I feel that her handler needs to settle her down, to show her to advantage. A nice exhibit and I wish her well.
2.Pittendrigs Amazon Ice Cold In Alice
Bl/t Taller than 1 and not quite the substance,still quite elegant with a pleasing head and expression.
Post Graduate 3
1.Walkers Trojanteam Icon Von Sizlin
Br/t Nicely proportioned bitch with a clean outline lovely head and expression enough length of neck into strong, straight topline. Good depth and forechest, adequate turn of stifle, well balanced, moved and showed well.
2.Sandersons Jodaseen  Honey Rider
Bl/t Taller than 1 and not so strong in topline,balanced and quite elegant with good depth, pleasing head and dark eye.
3. Wedgburys Demorgothcals Allure
Limit 6(1abs)
1.Mycrofts Supetas Top Totty
Bl/t  Another quality exhibit, Liked this bitch, soundly constructed well balanced clean outline. Plenty of depth and forechest ,good head with dark eye and alert expression good length of neck into firm topline. Substantial yet still elegant. Movement was very good expertly handled.
2.Coxs Zeloviak Inquisition
Bl/t Very nice bitch with similar attributes to 1  standard size just a little longer in loin, feminine head ,dark eye smart outline and well angulated.Again, moved and showed well.
3.Evans and Thompson Amazon stormy Romance
4.Swains Janzins Fire Cracker at Liason
5.Pollards OthertonMaybe Hot at Whizzbean
1.Balshaws CH Janzins Jamelia
Bl/t Have judged this bitch before and my opinion of her has not changed a pretty, elegant bitch worthy of the title champion, who moved and showed with style. That said on the day the youger bitch had the edge for me . Pleased to award her the class and later Reserve Best Bitch.Well done
2.Evans and Irving Amazon Kandy Kisses
Bl/t Taller bitch powerfully put together. Smart in outline , short coupled with good depth and ample forechest ,nicely angulated, strong head with a dark eye.Competently handled and moved well.
3.Burnett and Mycroft Supetas Feels Like Heaven at Zuffenhausen.
4.Cross and Stirling Nearctic Madam Pomfrey
Judge           Helen Brown