Many thanks to Linda Fisher and the committee for the opportunity of judging obedience at your Breed Show & Limited Obedience Open show.   I was pleased to be able to judge at this show although I have not been to the club I did know one of your members Mr. Mick Butterworth so I was really pleased to come and have a look and get to know more of the breed that Mick loved so much.   Many thanks to my daughter Kerry who again gave up her day off to steward for me, you did a great job as always.
It was a very hot day, and all the dogs did so well in such heat, so well done to each of you and lovely pets.   Because most of you were showing at the same show we decided the best for all would be to work rounds as the handlers were available, and I think it worked pretty well.

Class  22  Special Pre Pre Beginners 2 entered 2 worked

1st        No 24 Caroline & Millie (Mrs. C Jackson-Adams) Newford One Fine Day
This handler was quite nervous, but put in a really nice round with Millie working so nicely, just alittle sniffing and wide about turns losing marks today have a little more confidence in her and try to relax alittle.   Well done and good luck if you continue in obedience

2nd       No 33 Alison & Cobie (Mrs. A. Orrell) Shalissa Siriusly Nutty
Another really nice round, very little difference in marks to the above team, tight leads being the most costly and the break in the stays cost you, but overall a really good effort. Well done

Class 23 Special Pre Beginners 4 entered 3 worked 1 withdrew before competition

No 37 Ruth & Frieda (Miss R Robinson) Remesca’s Reet Petite
Very little to mark on heel work, nice attention throughout the round, and clear stays gave you the red rosette today well done

2nd       24 Caroline & Millie (Mrs. C Jackson-Adams) Newford One Fine Day
Another really good round just pipped at the post for another red by the above team, again clear stays. Well done

3rd        9 Marion & Fran (Mrs. M Burton) Roszar Black Tarquin
Good round from this team just alittle loss of concentration now and then lost you points but Fran really tried for you today and managed clear stays so well done.

Class 24 Special Beginners 5 entered 4 worked 1 withdrew before competition

1st        48 Julie & Lucia (Mrs. J West) Revolution Von Warringhof IP03
Wow what can I see such attitude and precision, with very very little to mark you on, if you decide to hit the obedience ring at open shows I would love to be there to watch as you were both a real pleasure to watch and judge.   Well done

2nd       24 Caroline & Millie (Mrs. C Jackson-Adams) Newford One Fine Day
Well you really made a day of it didnt you your girl worked her socks off for you today, you should be very proud of her and yourself.   Well done


3rd         9 Marion & Fran (Mrs. M Burton) Roszar Black Tarquin
Another really good effort from Fran, she really does try for you and I could see how devoted you
are to her you make a lovely team.   Well done

4th        37 Ruth & Freida (R.Robinson) Remesca”s Reet Petite
Really good effort from you in this round unfortunately the retrieve was costly for you today, but well done

Class 25 Special Novice 2 entered 1 withdrawn before competition

1st        48 Julie & Lucia (Mrs. J West) Revolution Von Warringhof IP03
Another lovely performance from this team, do you know I could have watched you both all day, you definitely know what you are doing with your training so I would even bother to try and advice you really dont need it.   Well Done

Class 26 Special Test A 1 entered

1st        48 Julie & Lucia (Mrs. J West) Revolution Von Warringhof IP03
Umm heel work stunning, obviously the scent and judges article was something that your girl does totally different in your chosen field, however she did try and do what you wanted she just wasnt sure what it was. Bless her Well done

My Special obedience award went to No 9 Marion & Fran, I loved your devotion to your sweet girl and how hard she tried for you was lovely to see.   Well done please do keep up her training she has so much to give and with a more positive attitude I'm sure you will succeed.

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