The Midland Dobermann Club Limited Obedience
12th February 2012

As expected from previous experiences, this was a friendly and well organised show.  It was an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones.

An average entry in today’s climate but all the handlers and dogs clearly enjoyed their day.

I feel that as a working breed, these attributes are being lost in the desire to achieve in the show ring.  There is much potential to be gleaned as a dual purpose dog.  My thanks to all those who had entered.

Special Pre-Pre Beginners

1st Evans Izralight Queen of Hearts – just a baby and needs to harness the potential she shows.  Would be interested to judge again in a year or two

Special Pre Beginners

1st Wedgbury’s Demorgothcal’s Allure – handler and dog working well together.  Performance slightly marred by a sit problem.  Nothing that a little tweaking would not cure.  A perfect recall.

2nd Matthews’ Lebakker Tymur Tazaa at Heathwaen – very raw pairing that will need to work hard.  A very dominant young male but has the potential to move forward once he understands what is required of him.

Special Beginners

1st Walker’s Trojanteam Icon von Sizlin – well deserved win.  Good pace and the time obviously put in with this team reaped its reward.  Perfect retrieve.

2nd Matthews’ Lebakker Tymur Tazaa at Heathwaen – similar comments as for the previous class.  Persevere, he is only young and has the potential to succeed.

Special Novice

1st Walker’s Trojanteam Icon von Sizlin – another well deserved win.  An experienced handler, who certainly knows how to get the best out of her dog.  Worked well, with a few small errors.  I somehow felt at times that this Dobermann could possibly have done the round on her own as she always seemed to correct herself when making an error.

This team also took home the Best Overall Working Dobermann rosette.

As always when I judge these breed specific limited obedience shows, I am mindful of the breed and its characteristics.  They need more time to execute their turns and sits, and allowances should be made for this.  The same applies to other breeds I have judged in this capacity, such as Rottweilers and Bouviers.   It is not just a border collie world in obedience.

Brian Harris