The Midland Dobermann Club
 Breed Specific Seminar
 held on behalf of the Dobermann Breed Council
 Sunday 22nd AUGUST 2010
at The Canine Academy, Tollerton Lane, Nottingham NG12 4GB



Lectures on the breed standard, judging the dog and critique writing
Speakers: Ms Rosie Lane, Mr and Mrs Clive and Nancy Evans

My thanks to all the committee for all their hard work on the day which made the Seminar a resounding success.
 22 students attended lectures given by Nancy and Clive Evans on the Breed Standard and Judging the Dobermann and Rosie Lane who gave a very informative talk on critique writing.
All the lecturers had worked hard on the content of their talks and received many compliments from the students.
Each student had the chance to go over Dobermanns in groups lead by team leaders Alan Brown, Marion Sargent, Rosie Lane and Nancy Evans. The stars of the day were ofcourse the dogs who behaved so very well in the hot weather.
My grateful thanks to you all.       
Just a quick note to say thank you for all the hard the work the Midland Dobermann Club Committee put into making yesterday a huge success. It was very interesting and a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Clive, Nancy and Rosie all did an excellent job, and I think learnt more yesterday, than I have for the last 20 years sat around the show ring!
Once again thanks to all that were involved.
I would like to thank you and your hard working committee for putting on the Breed Specific Seminar yesterday, it was a lovely venue, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the lunch was lovely.
 Clive and Nancy's presentation was both professional and informative,and they made people feel very comfortable about asking questions they were unsure about. Tim and I were in different groups later in the day so it was very interesting to see the difference in tutors.
The dogs obviously were all outstanding in their patience of being scrutinised(thank you to the handlers who were brave enough to bring them)
We both got a lot out of the day and I am sure a lot of others did also, will hopefully see you soon and speak about it some more.
Very Best Wishes
T and L
Having never been to a breed seminar before, I would just like to say how very, very impressed I was with how
it was conducted.  Extremely informative, professionally presented throughout, all in a friendly manner and I thoroughly
enjoyed it. 
Please pass on my thanks to your committee for putting on such a great day and for the invitation to bring along Brie.
Had I have been one of the students, I would have been very pleased with its content.  The lunch was super, (given that
I saw Mandy having to prop up the oven door with a bit of wood to keep it closed!!) so I think you should all take a bow, wow,
wow for hosting such a successful event.
Course Co-ordinator Carol Smith