With the approval of the Kennel Club, the Midland Dobermann Club, North of England Dobermann Club and the Birmingham & District Dobermann Club are delighted to announce that we now have a joint judges list.  
As I am sure readers will be aware, all breed clubs must produce a judges list as part of their annual returns to the Kennel Club. In order to simplify the process for existing and aspirant judges of Dobermanns, the above three clubs have been collaborating on a coordinated list, together with supporting criteria, which means that the application process is simplified.

Any new venture has a starting point and as a foundation we have invited judges from KC and other lists as of December 2010. Of course we understand that some judges may have moved on from this point and procedures are in place to ‘fast track’ these applications onto the relevant list as the information becomes available to us. So if you have received an invitation to our lists, please return your signed letters to ensure your inclusion.   
New applications are also welcome, with all the necessary information being available from any of the three Clubs' websites. Breed Specialists and Non Breed Specialists are invited to download the relevant forms and when completed, send them to the club secretary of the BDDC, MDC or NEDC for consideration. Should you have decided to retire from judging, consider joining our ‘Roll of Honour/Retired Judges List’ where your contribution to our breed will not be forgotten.   

Our judges lists are available on all three Club websites and will be updated simultaneously. With many new communication technologies available, our judges lists will be promoted and distributed to Championship and Open Show Secretaries who schedule Dobermanns in a variety of formats, helping to ensure that the details available to them when considering appointing future breed judges is both current and accurate.

If you require further information, please contact one of the Club secretaries below who will be happy to assist. The NEDC, BDDC & MDC would like to thank all those Judges who have accepted the invitation to join our lists, giving us a comprehensive choice for our own Club shows.
Secretary and JSC co-ordinator Yvonne Cox, Tel. (01922) 701877
Secretary Linda Fisher, Tel. (01773) 788485 
Secretary Wendy Meikle 0161 483 8240