Alex Locke – Champ Show 14/11/21 (DCM Charity Stakes class)


Thank you so much for the invitation to judge your DCM Charity stakes class at your Championship show, many thanks again for your lovely hospitality I really enjoyed my day.

Margaret Woodward-Sheridan Memorial Class

1st Robinson’s Korifey Ivan

A clean cut Black/Tan male, with a overall balance to his size, with muscularity and maintaining elegance. Pleasing head of equal proportions, resembling a blunt elongated wedge with a dark eye of correct shape, well filled under eye with flat cheeks and clean muzzle. Strong muscular neck into a nice lay of shoulder with ample forchest, good depth of brisket meeting to elbow, level but sharp topline slightly sloping from whither to well filled croup with a good tail set. Straight parallel fore and hind quarters of good muscle condition, long well-bent stifle accompanied by compact tight feet. Moved well overall and true coming and going with no untidiness.

2nd Fisher’s Jojavik Modesty Blaise

Great quality, smart but elegant Black/Tan Female, showing true breed type. A feminine but strong clean head showing a clear blunt wedge shape, of correct proportions, well filled under her dark,expressive alert eyes with clean checks and muzzle of good depth and length. Clean, long crested neck, with correct shoulders and spring of rib down to tight elbows. Correct front and rear angulations, stood on straight well muscled legs of good round bone with the tightest of cat like feet. I would however like to have seen her a little steadier on the move to asses her truly, she has great potential.

3rd Cockneyoka Dire Straits

Judge Alex Locke