D Anderson critique - Champ Show 10/11/13 (dogs)


Thank you to the Midland Dobermann Club for inviting me to judge and to my stewards for doing an excellent job. I had a lovely day with a quality entry. It was a pleasure to judge alongside my co-judge Mr Richard Thorpe (Intercity) having not met up for some time and to the referee Mrs Maggie Spindley in relation to the Best in Show.
My entry was of an average number for recent times. With numbers falling across the board, I have to wonder if now might be a good time to introduce the critique judging system into the UK.
Having shown at the International Dobermann Club in September this year with an entry of around 600 Dobermann over 2 days, my bitch from a class of 20 was graded ‘Excellent’(there are 5 possible grading’s from Excellent down to Unsatisfactory), we were unplaced, with just the top 4 being selected to take part in the final. Each critique takes approximately 5 minutes per dog and every exhibitor comes away with a copy of this critique (around 26 points, each point with between 4 and 6 variations) showing their dogs good and bad points plus general comments from the judge. This system, I feel, would be especially useful to newcomers into the breed, who under our current system often pay their £25 entry, plus time and travel and in many cases come away none the wiser.
It was also in stark contrast of the style of judging in this country where more and more often, dogs are ‘held together’ and continuously baited with food being stuffed in their faces, it very hard for the judge to get a true impression of the dog when shown in this manner, and a far cry from years gone by where the vast majority of dogs were shown in the UK free stood. With worldwide bloodlines readily available, ‘types’ of Dobermann are merging, and most UK bloodlines now have a strong European influence, either through breeding or imports. The majority of these dogs will have come from good ‘show/working’ bloodlines so training them should not be difficult and indeed is our responsibility to help ensure they are sound in character as well as conformation and health. You cannot, and should not, ignore generations of quality training, it should be embraced and continued, these titles may not be recognised by the KC but they are valid and should be understood, upheld and respected nonetheless, in order to promote and protect our chosen breed.

MPD (10,1)

1st – 51 – Ingrams’, Jojavik Midnight Express. 7 month black male. Super, well balanced, with good head, eye, planes, expression and excellent forechest. Good depth, tight feet. Level top line, good rear angulation. Presented, handled and moved well. BPD & BPIS.
2nd – 40 – Harkness’, Jeujaans Sperrero. Nice, well balanced black and rust male. Good head and expression, nice markings. Good forechest, depth and width of thigh.
3rd – 56 – Kelly & Parles’, Vonedstram Veritas.

PD (6,1)

1st – 24 – Downies’, Knecht Marek. Nice, stylish, well put together black male. Has substance, with elegance. Good head, eye and expression. Nice feet, good top line and angulation. Moved and handled well.
2nd – 112 – Todds’, Supetas Trouble Maker for Toffarbach. Another nice black male. Nice head and planes, good eye and length of muzzle, nice expression. Good markings, tight feet. Good top line, width of thigh and turn of stifle. Moved and handled well.
3rd – 117 – Wagers’, Kodam Unfinished Symphony.

JD (2,0)

Two substantial males of quality
1st – 129 – Wheatmans’, Kriegers Yambo. Nice overall balanced dog. Good head planes, length of muzzle. Good neck, top line, forechest, depth, width of thigh and rear angulation. Strong hocks.
2nd – 86 – Riches’, Newfords Fahrenheit. Nice head, eye and expression. Nice markings, neck and top line. Good depth, another nice dog.

YD (2,0)

Two excellent brown males of substance and quality.
1st – 65 – Morgans’, Ebrill Hell Hath No Fury. Good head and expression. Good forechest, depth, neck, top line, turn of stifle and rear angulation.
2nd – 104 – Swains’, Liaison Rock Star. Quality throughout. Nice head, eye and expression. Nice neck and top line. Nice depth, forechest, rear angulation and hocks.

ND (4, 2)

1st – 4 – Bells’, Martifers Pot Noodle. Seen in MPD. Nice, well balanced, black and rust. Good head, eye, expression and hind quarters.
2nd – 105 – Swinnertons’, Jojavik Donnie Brasco at Dykas. Brown boy with substance. Nice head, forechest and top line. Nice width of thigh and rear angulation.

UGD (2,0)

1st – 46 – Hopkinsons’, Otago Athos. Excellent, nicely balanced black male. Nice head and expression, nice markings. Nice neck, top line, hind quarters and strong hocks. Needs to settle on the move.
2nd – 4 – Bells’, Martifers Pot Noodle.

GD (1,0)

1st – 17 – Campbells’, Malibray Best For Last at Jillalijon. Nice powerful, substantial male of quality. Good head and expression, nice depth. Nice neck and top line, good angulation. Altogether, a very nice dog.

PGD (4,0)

A class of four, full of quality.
1st – 84 – Richardsons’, Jasprico Jazz Master Flash. Black and well balanced. Good head and expression. Good neck, forechest, depth, top line. Good hind quarters and hocks. Handled well.
2nd – 23 – Davidsons’, Newfords Innuendo. Brown male. Good head ,expression, head planes, eye shape and eye colour. Good forechest, depth and hind quarters. Handled well.
3rd – 13 – Cairns’, Dronski’s Amadeus.

LD (12,0)

1st – 66 – Morgans’, Malibray Finlaggan for Telenndu. Fantastic, substantial male, full of quality. Super head and planes. Good expression, dark, almond eye. Good forechest, depth and top line and rear angulation. Super dog.
2nd – 113 – Supetas’, Feelin Hot Hot Hot at Toffarbach. A quality male from a class full of quality. Nice head, planes, eye, expression. Nice forechest, width of thigh and rear angulation. Moved and handled well.
3rd – 61 – Marsdens’, Newfords Eleventh Hour.

OD (11,1)

Fantastic class, full of quality.
1st – 101 – Smith, Bennet and Mycrofts’, Ch & Lux Ch Supetas Ozzy Osbourne. Stunning male, full of excellent qualities. Good head, length of muzzle, neck, top line, forechest, depth, rear angulation and width of thigh. Handled well. CC winner, RBIS & BOS.
2nd – 29 – Feeneys’, Ch Italo Elite House (imp). Super dog, full of quality. Nice head and expression. Good top line, tail set and hind quarters. Good forechest, nice red rust. A showman. RCC.

VD (2,1)

1st – 73 – Mycroft & Atkinsons’, Ch Supetas Wicked Wizard at Sonakint JW. Super 9 year old male in fantastic condition. Never looks any older, full of spirit. Good head and expression, top line, tailset and angulation. Well balanced throughout. Moved and handled well.