Ed Forsey critique – Open Show 12/06/22

Really excited to be offered this appointment and was very pleasantly surprised at the general quality of both the dogs and bitches, with some excellent examples on display here today

MPD (1), 1. Seward's Teuschons The Fierce Knight with Elleonia -

Nice black youngster who portrayed a well balanced square outline. Head of pleasing proportions and good parallel planes, well set small ears.  Well laid shoulders and matching rear angulation, slightly sloping topline and short strong loin. True on the move in all directions at a steady gait.

PD (1), 1. Evans', Lategain Heart Of Fire –

Another nice Black youngster with a clean overall outline and good muscle tone throughout. Strong muzzle of proportionate length to skull, good planes separated by slight stop and with sufficient filling under the eyes, good length and flow to neck, well laid shoulder and nice forechest,  strong pasterns with slight slope and tight feet.  Sound body, strong loin and nice rear angulation.  Slight tendency to pace but once settle true and powerful in all directions.  BPD, BPIB

JD (2), 1. Plowman's, Supeta's Pocketful of Glory –

Hard to believe this impressive Black boy was only 14 months old,  Well toned and good substance throughout.  Strong masculine head with good length and depth of muzzle, clean almond shaped eyes, slight stop and broad flat skull, strong neck of good reach and well set on shoulders, good depth of chest, strong vertical legs and well up on his toes, slightly sloping topline and good underline, well angulated rear with continuous set to tail.  Impressive on the move having both power and elegance. RBD, RBIS

2. Wright's, Kitado Ever So Funky –

Brown boy who was just into junior,  Nice planes to head with slight stop, good length to neck, matching length of shoulder and upper with more open angulation than some which limited his reach on the move.  Good bone to forelegs and sloping topline, slightly low set tail for me, strong rear with good angulation.

YD (1,1a)

ND (No entries)

GD (2,1a), 1. Bryan's Johmar Harlequin -

16 month old black boy with an overall square outline, balanced masculine head of good proportions, clean planes, slight stop and nice blunt wedge, dark almond shaped eyes.  Moderate front angulation, good depth to chest, nice topline and underline, slightly long in loin, well set tail, moderate rear angulation, moved true but just needs to tighten up slightly.

PGD (No entries)

LD (7,3a), 1. Woodhouse's Jojavik Master Cutler –

Well off for size 2 year old black male, strong masculine well balanced head but not overdone, clean flat cheeks and alert expression with dark almond shaped eyes, strong neck with clean flowing outline set well shoulders.  Well angulated front construction, good depth and breadth to chest, nice bone and short slightly angulated pasterns.  Short strong loin and well angulated rear which showed with this boy displaying a true and powerful display on the move

2. Grace's Nerak Wot A Dream –

Brown male, 5 years old, who was a steady solid sound example of the breed.  Pleasing head of balanced proportions, good length to neck, well angulated front angulation and sufficient forechest, slight bend to pasterns and tight compact feet, good underline and short strong loin.  Nice set of tail and good rear angulation.   Moved true and steady in all directions.

3. Wedgbury's Manzart War Emblem

OD (1) 1, Robinsons, Korifey Ivan –

Powerful black, 3 year old male who catches your eye, strong masculine head with parallel planes and balanced proportions, neat small well set ears.  Strong neck, powerful well laid shoulders and matching return of upper arm.  Well sprung chest reaching to elbows, strong bone slightly angulated pasterns and tight feet. Slightly sloping topline, well angulated rear with good muscle tone throughout, a joy to watch on the move holding a steady topline, elbows tight and a faultless footfall while covering the ground with ease.  BD, BIS

VD (1,1a)

MPB (2,1a), 1. Mackintosh-White's Teuschons Shadow Spell –

Pretty black female who had a nice square outline, Balanced head with good parallel planes, nice expression and attentive on the stand. Good lay of shoulder and upper arm, well sprung ribs and depth of chest to elbows, slight slope to topline and continuation of tail, good rear angulation with vertical hocks.  Looked to move true but was rather excitable and played her handler up on the move

PB (1), 1. Robinson's Vivat De Vinko Vendetta for Korifey (Imp) –

Black youngster who although quite tall still exhibits a square outline.  Clean head, nice proportions of muzzle to skull, with slight stop and feminine expression, long neck, good front angulation, and sloping topline.  Depth of chest slightly less than half the height at withers, moderate rear angulation.  Well schooled and moved true in all aspects at a steady gait. BPB

JB (3), 1. Luther's Supeta's Echoes Of Love for Langlore –

lovely 14 month old solidly constructed brown bitch who’s body maturity surpassed her age.  Nice proportions through head neck and body.  Parallel planes to head with slight stop and good depth of muzzle with tight lips.  Good front angulation depth of chest to elbows which she held in tight, good spring of rib, well angulated and toned rear, well let down hocks.  Moved true but was a little lethargic and didn’t show off the power that her body suggested she was hiding.

2. Thompson Shaw and Evans' Kitado Ever So Special –

Pretty black bitch who stood proudly, Nice head of balanced proportions,  strong long neck well set on muscular well laid shoulder.  Good return of upper arm and sufficient forechest, slight bend to stifle and well arched tight feet, slightly longer in body than height at withers and level topline, nice set to tail and good rear angulation, another who decided to play her handler up on the move today.

3. Wedgbury's Manzart Xtra Special –

YB (2), 1. Supeta’s Echoes of Love for Langlore. 1 in JB.

2. Merrett's Grafmax Titania -

Really loved the head and expression on this almost 2 year old black coloured bitch, the most alluring dark almond shaped eyes.  Strong neck, well laid shoulders, slightly open angle to upper arm, a little straight in pasterns with good tight feet.  Nice depth of chest and spring of rib, slight slope to topline and sufficient underline , moderate turn of stifle and moved well at a steady gait.

NB (1), 1. Wedgbury's Manzart Xtra Special –

Just over the year of age this black bitch was another with a clean and correct overall outline and moved lightly on her feet but with purpose, only lost out on maturity in the previous class.  Feminine head, good neck and lay of shoulder , sufficient body for her age, sloping topline and good underline and balanced rear angulation

GB (No entries)

PGB (1), 1. Evans' Amazon Show Me Heaven –

Well-toned and put together 2 year old feminine black bitch.  Tidy pretty head with a clean square outline in body, good front angulation with sufficient forechest and elbows well placed under her. Good depth of chest with nice spring to ribs and sloping topline.  Short strong coupling and good set to tail, balanced rear angulation, pleasing side gait showing good reach and drive but a little loose at the elbows on the towards.

LB (6,2a), 1. King's Nerak Rewrite The Stars -

Really liked this 2 year old black bitch, who was both sound in construction and well muscle toned throughout.  Heavier set than some of the bitches but still no mistaking her femininity.  Balanced head proportions and not too long in overall length, good planes on head and proportionate length to neck.  Clean profile from neck to set of tail.  Well angulated both front and rear and well up on her toes.  Moved true and effortlessly while retaining a sense of power.  RBB

2. Mycroft's Supeta's Diamond In The Sky -

This girl was another top quality black bitch which gave me a real headache in this class,  sound outline, feminine head, good planes, slight stop and good blunt wedge.  Really pleasing expression but held her ears off slightly.  Good arch and reach of neck. Well angulated front and rear, slight bend to pasterns and tidy feet.  Nice underline and moved effortlessly with a nice rear rotary action.  Slightly finer in overall frame than my first placed bitch but no less perfectly balanced.

3. Bradbury and Sanderson’s, Jodaseen Bootylicious

OB (4,2a) 1. Bishop's Korifey Oksana -

Quite a large 2 year old black bitch but well-proportioned and not too heavy in frame.  Pleasing feminine head, nicely balanced and alert to her surroundings, strong neck well set on shoulders.  Good front angulation, short slightly angulated pasterns and tight feet, lovely sloping topline and matching underline, well angulated rear with nice turn of stifle, moved true in all aspects and held her elbows tight while reaching at the front giving her a really nice towards profile while reaching out. BB

2. Sanderson's Jodaseen Cardinal Envy -

Shorter and more compact Black girl than 1st,  strong head, slightly longer than some but well balanced with clean parallel planes and slight stop, good muzzle.  Dark almond shaped eyes well set, short strong neck, moderate lay of should with complementing return, elbows tight and well under body, well up on feet, slight slope to topline and nice tuck up on underline, good rear angulation and showed well on the move.

VB (3, 2a) 1. CH Remesca’s Reet Petite ShCM -

If only we all looked as good as this brown bitch when reaching a respectable 9 years of age.  Pretty feminine head,  balanced in length and well filled under the eyes,  head broad and with well set ears.  Nice arch to neck flowing well into sloping topline which she held rock steady while moving effortlessly around the ring.  Well laid shoulders, matching rear angulation with good turn of stifle.