G Kuhl critique – Open Show 17/02/19

I would like to thank the committee of Midland Dobermann club for such a warm welcome for my first Club show, the stewards for the smooth running of the day and to all the exhibitors who entered under me, The atmosphere was lovely.

Minor Puppy Dog 2/2:

1. Hopkinson's Otago The One And Only; 8 month old, Black & Tan, masculine balanced standard sized male, well off for bone. Level head planes with good depth of muzzle, well placed ears with dark almond shaped eyes giving alert expression. Blunt wedge shaped head with adequate fill under eyes. Good reach of neck, a little wet underneath but nothing too distracting. Strong sloping topline in to a well filled croup. Just enough forechest without being overdone, brisket already well let down, elbows at this point in time not as tight as they could be but expected at his age and development. Tail set & carriage a continuation of the spine. Standing on tight feet his movement initially started off as erratic but when settled presented as clean with no deviation front or rear, adequate reach and drive moving well with his handler. BPD, BPIS.

2. Sharp's Martifers Keep The Faith, 8 month old. Very different type to 1 but many attributes. Level head planes with neat well set ears, dark eye giving overall pleasant expression. Offers a clean neck which goes in to a front which is currently immature, brisket not currently let down as far as it needs to be to complete the picture. Topline needs to strengthen as currently dipping in various places. Tail carriage fine. Exceptionally clean movement with foot fall perfect placement, sufficient rotation and drive from the rear. Time will be this young dogs friend.

Puppy Dog 2/2:

1. Hutchinson's Supeta's Spells Magic For Debison; Tall but mature 10 month old black & tan Male. Strong masculine head with good length to muzzle, ears well set and proportionate to head. Enough forechest with well let down brisket. Would prefer a cleaner flow at his shoulder but topline is short and strong, he held it well on the move. Just enough angulation at the rear and an overall balanced dog. Movement was incredibly powerful with good rotation and drive from the rear.

2. Evans's Kitado's Vengance Is Mine; 10 month old brown & tan male. Good length to muzzle however would prefer is lips were tighter, overall loose skin spoiled the elegant look of this male. Nice reach of neck in to well laid back shoulders, upper arm return ok but a young dogs front at the moment, time will help pull everything together.
Topline firm and held on the move, clean croup & tail set.

Junior Dog: No entries.

Yearling Dog 1/1:

1. Mycroft & Brown's Supeta's Backstabber JW, 22 month old Black & Tan male. Strong Masculine head, level planes with good depth of muzzle. Dark eye giving wonderfully arrogant expression. Open front angles, good depth of brisket, would prefer more forechest to complete picture. Firm short topline, croup well filled out. Standing on tight feet, Well muscled rear giving powerful drive and rotation. BD & BOS.

Novice Dog 3/3:

1. Hutchinson's Supeta's Spells Magic For Debison, Puppy Dog Winner.

2. Grace's Nerak Wot A Dream, Brown 20 month old male. Classic head with level head planes, good eye. This is a totally honest dog with no exaggeration, his front angulation has equal length of shoulder and upper arm with super return. Topline is strong and overall shape is square, I would prefer more turn of stifle to balance him better. Totally standard dog but on this occasion just lacked ring presence, his handler made a fantastic job of him but looked better when stacking for critique than in his class once she relaxed. Unfortunate to come up against 1.

Graduate Dog 2/2:

1. Grace's Nerak Wot A Dream.
2. Billington's Luftez Meridian for Yrieix, 2.5 year old black male. Elegant head with level planes, dark eye and well placed ears. Well laid back shoulder with shorter upper arm, topline not as strong as it could be. Balanced angulation fore & rear with free movement.

Post Graduate Dog No Entries

Limit Dog 3/6:

1. Layton's Ottia Uptown Funk At Kaisart JW BH AD, Black & Tan Male. Lovely overall dog. Level head planes with an almost equal length of muzzle to skull, something which is lacking on a whole with Dobermanns these days. Eyes could be darker but still an overall pleasing head. Crested neck in to good lay of shoulder, upper arm could be longer. Longer cast than 2 but still presented an overall balanced picture. Adequate turn of stifle and rear angulation, not over done. Presented in super hard condition. Movement was calm & free with no deviation. RBD

2. Mackintosh-White's Supeta's Witchkraft, Incredibly enthusiastic black & Tan Male. Masculine wedge head, level planes with dark eye. Good reach of neck in to upstanding front, good depth of brisket. Well muscled and overall balanced front and rear for angulation. Short topline held on the move. Really made his handler work!

Open Dog 1/1:

1. Santoriello's Ch Korifey Amulet JW ShCM, Beautifully coated Brown & Tan Male. Masculine clean wedge shaped head, crested neck in to well laid shoulder. Upper arm not quite equal but sufficient, Pronounced forechest and good depth of brisket, Longer cast in loin than I would like but Topline firm and held on the move. Well muscled rear, movement animated with drive from the rear, would have prefered cleaner coming towards but otherwise a very nice dog. Presented flawlessly.

Veteran Dog - No Entries

Minor Puppy Bitch 3/3:

1. Jones's Cara Iz Zoozferry For Korifey, 8 month old black & Tan Female. Incredibly elegant female who is just poured in to her skin presenting a flawless outline. Head currently immature and needs to split but all the basics are there, fantastic length to muzzle and level planes. Crested neck flowing in to a strong sloping topline, balanced angulation front and rear. Movement clean and harmonious, beautifully in tune with handler, one to watch in the future. BPB, RBPIS.

2. Heffernan's Avamer Maple, 8 month Black & Tan female, different type to 1 but lovely girl. Wedge head, dark eye with well placed ears. Enough forechest without being overdone, brisket well let down, clean sweep of stifle standing on tight feet. Topline needs time to strenghen. Movement clean and steady
Puppy Bitch 2/4:

1. Mycroft's Supeta's Put A Spell On You, 10m old Black & Tan female. Strong but still feminine head, dark expressive eyes with well set ears, ever so slightly roman nosed but this could change as she matures. Well off for bone, Short & compact balanced body with strong sloping topline. Almost equal shoulder and upper arm length which is becoming a rare find, just enough forechest without being overdone. Elbows well tucked in to deep brisket. Good turn of stifle, standing on tight feet. Movement vigorous and free moving in harmony with handler with power and drive.

2. Billington's Only The Brave Wot A Thriller Avec Yrieix, 11 Month old Brown Female. Currently immature but presents a pleasing side profile. Taller than 1 but needs to mature in to her frame. Critique done off memory as owner declined to stand for it.

Junior Bitch 2/2:

1. Caffel & Kavanagh's Doberway Repeat after Me, 16m old Black & Tan Female. Strong female head, wedge shape from the front. Dark eyes with well placed ears. Beautiful neck flowing in to a front with open angles, prominent forechest with enough depth of brisket, would have liked tighter elbows to finish her. Topline smooth and firm, over all lovely shape to this bitch .Movement steady, enough rear rotation and as always presented beautifully and to her advantage by her handler.

2. Brisco's Oi Dorris Wot A Thriller, 11 month old Brown & Tan Female. Clean dry feminine strong head without being overdone, almost equal length of muzzle to skull with level planes. Good reach of neck in to well developed clean front, angles open but equal. Short square firm topline leading in to a clean croup. I prefered this females overall type to 1 however I was unable to assess the movement due to her pacing despite being given numerous chances.

Yearling Bitch 2/3:

1. Mycroft's Sant Kreal Jewel For Supeta, 13m old Brown & Tan female. Clean elegant head with level planes, lovely depth of muzzle & well placed ears framing wedge shaped head. Well off for bone. Good lay of shoulder, would have liked more return on upper arm but otherwise clean front assembly. I would have prefered more turn of stifle but this did not hinder this girls fantastic movement which was free without deviation and driving off the rear like a powerhouse.

2. Tyler's Nyx Asteri Wot A Thriller, 18 month old black & tan female. Ultra feminine head with dark almond shaped eye, well placed ears. Open front angles with depth of brisket. Topline firm and slightly falling at the croup. Movement was clean and without deviation but also lacking in drive.

Novice Bitch 1/2:

1. Brisco's Oi Dorris Wot A Thriller, 2nd in Junior.

Graduate bitch 3/4:

1. Fisher's Jojavik Modesty Blaise, 22 month old black & tan female. Classically beautiful wedge shaped head, dark eyes, well set ears with good fill under eyes. Completely standard bitch without exaggeration, Equal shoulder to upper arm with good return. Sweeping underline making an overall nice shape. Good turn of stifle. Topline unsettled while standing causing her to roach which ultimately cost her further up
2. Mycroft's Sant Kreal Jewel For Supeta.

Post Graduate Bitch 4/5:

1. Richardson's Jasprico Flower Bomb, 22 month old black & tan bitch. Strong but feminine head, head planes not parallel. Dark alert expressive eyes. Short back & firm slightly sloping topline in to well filled croup. Well let down brisket with pronounced forchest giving a overall pleasing outline. Open front angles with rear not quiet mirroring but enough turn of stifle to facilitate good rear drive on the move. RBB & RBIS.

2. Swain's Ackleypark Harmony At Liason, Black & Tan Bitch. I prefered the head on this girl over 1 however topline not as clean and slightly longer cast in loin. Good lay of shoulder, return of upper arm sufficient. Well angulated at the rear, moves well with handler.

Limit Bitch 3/5:

1. Tant's Granadeya Aosta JW, 3yr old Black & Tan Bitch. This is a bitch that if she walked in the ring alone she would look no different, totally honest and standard unexaggerated girl who needs no fancy handling to make her look her best. Parallel head planes with defined stop, tight flews and clean dry neck. Slightly sloping topline in to well filled croup. Well sprung ribs, elbows tight standing on cat like feet. Well muscled rear, with defined second thigh. Enough turn of stifle to not be overdone but give enough angulation to allow for rotation and drive. Pleased to award her BB & BIS. I really hope she goes to greater things.

2. Cattermole's Supeta's Phoenix for Kalvadene JW ShCM, Pretty head with lovely dark eyes, not as much depth of chest as 1 but a super happy girl who never stopped wagging her tail. Well angulated front with sufficient return of upper arm, would have liked tighter elbows. Enough rear angulation, well muscled. Moved well.

Open Bitch 5/5:

1. Lainchbury's AshlainTrypiti JW ShCM, Having judged this girl as a puppy and later on as a junior it was lovely to see her as an adult. Good head, dark eyes with well placed ears. Clean neck in to fairly open angled front, would have prefered more length of upper arm but return angle was good. Topline when being presented was good, held on the move. Stifle a little long but otherwise good turn. Movement was free & harmonious without any deviation.

2. Heffernan's Ruzuna Blazing Amazing JW ShCM, considering this bitch was a few days off turning 7 her overall condition was superb. Well muscled throughout and very much an honest dog where the handler didnt really need to do much. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, balanced rear angles compared to fore. Topline ok. Moved well with handler but could have done with picking up the pace a little to make best use of her drive at the rear.

Veteran Bitch 3/3:

1. Parson's Ch Ottia Lady Gaga, 7 year old female in well muscled condition. Feminine dry head with lovely crested neck, Clean overall outline, slightly upright in shoulder but length of upper arm and return were fine. Sweeping rear with straight hocks. Moved free and vigorously, clearly no one has told her she's an older lady now!

2. Fisher's Dronski Adele At Lintoya, 7 year old female, long blunt wedge shaped muzzle with dark expressive eye. Lay of shoulder ok with good return of upper arm, would have liked more of a forchest. Knees let down but still moved well.