Ian Rimmer critique – Open Show 11/06/23

It was a great honour and privilege from the Midland Dobermann Club to be invited to judge at their Open show. Thanks to my steward who helped all day to run the ring so smoothly. My life is Dobermanns and judging the breed all in one day was wonderful thanks to all the committee, exhibitors and especially the dogs making it a good show on a very hot day.

MPD (3) 1 Griffiths Korifey Axl at Amious. 6½ mth old B/T good dark almond eyes with wedge shaped head nice looking head and expression lovely topline, good front legs, strong pasterns, tight feet. Moved straight coming and going nice picture. 2 Bishop’s Korifey Heartbreaker to Sacaria. 6½ mth old brown not as together as first. Nice head good length of muzzle long arched neck straight legs and nice angulation. Moved well. 3 Kent and Sutton’s Korifey Reckless.

PD (1) 1 Hart’s Supeta’s Scorchio. Standard sized brown of 10½ mths good shaped head almond eyes a long arched neck well pronounced forechest lovely straight topline moved well on the whole a well balanced puppy handled well. BPD and RBD.

JD (2) 1 Fletcher’s Scaria Whisper of Hope. Elegant balanced 16mth old good bone nice head and eyes well arched neck and well placed shoulders enabling a lovely topline sound in front moved with drive. 2 Merchant’s Cockneyoka Get Over it at Mandareus. 12½ mth old just preferred the head on the winner almond eyes well pronounced forechest nice elbows straight front and topline. Well balanced and moved well.

ND (2,1) 1st second in JD.

LD (3,2) 1 McLaren’s Aritaur Invincible at Teyschon. Substantial black male of 2yrs old upstanding and alert what a cracking headpiece wedge shaped head dark almond shaped eyes lovely long clean neck. Well tucked in elbows good depth to brisket straight topline and tailset. Nicely angled front and rear. This male was sound on the move one with good muscle tone handled effortlessly BD and RBIS.

OD (3) 1 Wedgbury’s Manzart War Emblem. Lively alert well balanced 4yr old black male blunt wedge shaped head strong underjaw dark almond shaped eyes. Well arched long clean neck, straight front parallel legs and tight feet. Strong topline good turn of stifle moved with good front and rear reach and drive. Well handled a worthy winner in this class. 2 Evans and Lewis Amazon Alcumlow Love is Life. A 3½ yr old who lost out to one but still shows elegance head too strong for me almond shaped eye darkest rich rust tan markings straight front parallel legs with tight feet strong topline adequate depth of brisket moved with drive just preferred the rear angulation of winner. 3 Robinson’s Ch/Lux /NI Ch Korifey Ivan.

MPB (2) 1 Mycroft’s Supeta’s Every Witch Way. A stunning black girl just 6 mths old head starting to develop dark almond shaped eyes tight lips well arched neck and correct shoulder angulation well knuckled tight feet with elbows tucked in. Nice depth of chest firm topline which she held on the move. Her movement was steady and true both front and rear coming and going on this very hot day. Truly a cracking well balanced minor puppy with a very bright future so pleased for her and BPB and BPIS.

 2 Merrett’s Korifey Sweet Child of Mine. A 6½ mth old b/t not as together as the winner head to come slightly round in eye good reach of neck straight topline nice front with good feet. Moved well coming and going. JB (3,2) 1 Balshaw’s Cockneyoka Over the Line. A brown bitch of just over 12 mths good eye shape clean arched neck sound front and rear smart outline and nice angulation for and aft on good feet. Lovely head and expression moved with purpose once she settled down then she was handled to perfection.

YB (4,3) 1 Mackintosh-White’s Teuschons Shadow Spell. A well balanced strong boned and square 18 mth old, long arched neck level topline straight front and well angulated rear with tight feet. Wedge shaped head almond shaped eyes nice spring of rib and forechest allowing a flowing movement and handled well in the ring. RBB.

NB (3,2) 1st Repeat JB.

GB (2,1) 1st Repeat JB.

OB (3,1) 1 Mycroft’s Supeta’s Diamond in the Sky. A quality girl of 2½ yrs with level head planes dark almond shaped eyes nice wedge shaped head good length of muzzle and reach of neck. Well angulated shoulders tight knuckled feet good legs and depth of brisket to elbows a correct topline and well developed rear with good turn of stifle. Moved very well held topline on the move and expertly handled well deserved she is lovely pleased to award her BB and BIS.

 2 Fisher’s Jojavik Modesty Blaise. A clean cut 6yr old strong girl well boned and balanced wedge shaped head and good length of muzzle dark almond shaped eyes long lean neck good legs with the tightest of feet strong topline moved true and straight well handled.

VB (3,2) 1 Evans Ruzuna Fabulous Frankie at Amazon.

At 7½ she is a strong girl with good head and depth of muzzle dark eyes nice markings good reach of neck well sprung ribs on good front and rear legs. Nice topline and depth of brisket well let down to elbows. A lovely outline moved with purpose and drive well handled and well deserved BVIS.

Ian Rimmer