Thank you to all the exhibitors who gave me the pleasure of judging their dogs, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Congratulations to the Midland Dobermann Club to running a very smooth not 1 but 2 shows in these “trying” times.

Minor Puppy Dog 0 entries
Puppy Dog (4-2 abs)

1st Cockneyoka Dire Straits 10 month black & rust. Good head planes, dark eye with a teasing expression. Strong yet elegant neck leading into a firm topline which is held on the move. Strong hocks and a good turn of stifle. Once settled he is a delight to watch on the move, moves with drive and purpose. Pleased to award him Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Dobervarden Raise to Glory 11 months old, Black & Rust. Slightly taller than 1, lovely depth of chest and spring of rib, brisket still needs to drop which iam sure will come with age. Handler is only a youngster and she did a super job of presenting him – well done.

Junior Dog (2-1abs)

1st Korifey Vanquish14 month black & rust. An eyecatcher as he entered the ring. Clean wedge shape head, deep dark almond shaped eyes with a menacing expression. Ample fore chest and brisket down to the elbow. Lovely reach of neck leading into a strong sloping top line. Strong hocks, moves out with drive and purpose holding that beautiful topline. Worthy winner of Best Dog and Best in Show….. Delighted to hear this youngster has since gained his crown! Congratulations.

Yearling Dog (1-0 abs)

1st Grafmax SergeantPepper 21 month black & rust. Well developed, good head with a correct dark eye, ample fore chest and brisket down. Good firm topline, nice turn of stifle. Moved out well once settled.

Novice Dog (3-1abs)

1st Korifey Vanquish
2nd Rafthouse Amulet’s Child Just over 12 months black & Rust. Little taller than 1. Another well developed youngster. Super head that definitely resembles an elongated blunt wedge when seen from above. Well developed fore chest, lovely rear angulation. Covers the ground well.

Graduate Dog (0)
Post Graduate Dog (2-0 abs)

1st Manzart War Emblem Just over 2 yrs black & rust. Good head and a dark eye with an alert expression. Lovely sloping topline , hindquarters well developed and muscular, straight hocks. Moved with power and drive. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Amazon Alcumlow Love is Life 21 month brown & rust. Super bone, deep chest, strong neck, nice strong hocks.

Limit Dog (2-2 abs)
Open Dog (3- 1 abs)

1st Ch Repertoire Simply Red 5 yr brown & rust. Another dog that catches your eye when entering the ring. Good head with correct eye colour and correct ear set. Super strong muscular body, good front and rear angulation. A Champion for a reason.
2nd Lateagain Satisfaction JW 4.5yr black & rust. Standard size and in proportion. Dark eye. Front legs straight and parallel with the elbow tucked into the brisket. Nice turn of stifle. Steady mover covering the ground with ease.

Veteran Dog (0)
Minor Puppy Bitch (0)
Puppy Bitch (2-0 abs)

1st Supetas Diamonds Rforever with Debison 9 months black & rust. A lot to like about this promising youngster. A little unsettled on the day but stood long enough to see her quality. Head is in proportion to her body, lovely strong muzzle yet still feminine, dark eye, with the true alert expression. Defined stop. Ample forechest. Elegant neck leading into a sloping topline. Lovely rear angulation with strong straight hocks. Was unsettled on the move but a typical excited puppy. Will watch with interest.
2nd Grafmax Titania 10 month old black & rust. Taller than 1. Nice forechest and brisket down to elbows. Early days for this girl. Handled well and with ease.

Junior Bitch (2-0 abs)

1st Cockneyoka Gypsy 15 month old black & rust. Nice feminine head with a true almond dark eye. Elegant neck leading into sloping topline. Strong hocks. Still not a mature girl and needs to settle on the move to assess her true movement.
2nd Manrio Havana Maelstrom 12 month brown & rust. Strong girl with substantial bone, although on the heavy side. Moved with power and drive.

Yearling Bitch (1-0 abs)

1st Grafmax Lucy in the Sky 22 month black & rust. Eye catching silhouette on the stack. Feminine in all attributes. Covers the ground with elegance and ease.

Novice Bitch (2-0 abs)

1st Amazon Heaven Can Wait 16 month black &rust. Head in proportion to the body, nice dark eye. Good bone and a super strong fore chest. Brisket well down to the elbow. Nice short strong topline and good strong hocks. Moved with power and drive.
2nd Supetas Diamonds Rforever with Debison

Graduate Bitch (1-0 abs)

1st Amazon Heaven Can Wait
Post Graduate Bitch (1-0 abs)

1st Korifey Oksana 2 year old black and rust. A lot to like about this girl who is now coming into her own. Feminine girl in all attributes. Nice head, elegant neck leading into a lovely slightly sloping topline which is held on the move. Ample fore chest and good front and rear angulation. Beautiful mover. Promising future. Reserve Best Bitch

Limit Bitch (2-0 abs)

1st Jojavik Modesty Blaise 3 year old black & rust. I judged her as a puppy and wow has she matured into a beautiful example of the breed. Everything to like about this girl. Good head with a flat skull and slight stop, correct almond shape dark eye with a piercing expression. Lean strong neck and a good front angulation, deep fore chest and correct spring of rib. Square. Strong slightly sloping topline, correct tail set. Good turn of stifle with strong hocks. Moves with driving power from the rear and balanced throughout. Best Bitch & Reserve Best In Show.
2nd Amazon Touch The Breeze In Millwood 4 year old black & rust. Taller than 1. Elegant female with a nice overall outline, good deep fore chest, moved out well.

Open Bitch (4-2 abs)

1st Korifey Opium 4 year old black & Rust. Was a little heavy on the day. Ample bone, super strong deep fore chest and good spring of rib. Good front assembly. Moved smoothly.
2nd Zeegeez Walks in Beauty 3.5year old black & rust. Square, strong, good muscle condition. Nice clean topline. Powerful and eager on the move.

Veteran Bitch (5-2 abs)

What an honour to judge this class of super “oldies” all of them worthy of a 1st placing.
1st Remesca’s Vida Loca 9.5 year old black and rust. Superb condition and does not look her age. Strong powerful girl. Square, lovely front assembly with a super deep chest. Still holds that strong slightly sloping topline. Lovely turn of stifle. Started off pacing but the handler quickly corrected her and off she went with such power and drive, a pleasure to watch. Best Veteran In Show.
2nd Amazon This Girl Is On Fire 8.5 year old. Another that does not look her age. Excellent condition. Super expression. Good angulation. Lovely mover.