Julie Kelly critique - Champ Show 13/11/22 (dogs)


Midland Dobermann Club Nov 13th 2022

May I take this opportunity to thank my efficient stewards for keeping my paperwork and ring in order and for the steady flow of coffee that kept me going. Gone are the halcyon days of large entries and three deep spectators around the ring.  Only the hardened stalwarts of the breed prevail and it is to their hands that our breeds future is committed. Wish we had a much bigger ring on the day.


Puppy dog

1st and Best Male puppy. Manzart Zebedee ten-month-old brown and rust. Standard sized male developing along the right lines. Hard well-set body deep to the elbows, strong back held on the move. Excellent angulation front and rear which he used to advantage on the move. Would  like a stronger under jaw and chin but has time to mature. Full correct dentition. Would like a shade darker eye for perfection in such a dark brown coat.

2nd Teuschons the Fierce Knight with Ellione. Black and rust strong  bodied youngster. Deep to elbows good bone and tight feet. Longer in back than first and not collected on the move. Has time to mature.


Junior dog

1st Tuwos Mr. Bombastic. Black and rust compact hard body deep to elbows. Slight slope to backline held firm on the move. Excellent  bone and tight feet. Balanced angulation long well arched neck clean lean head flat cheeks and skull well developed under jaw full and correct dentition.  The consumate showman for one so young. Moved with drive just needs to tighten a shade in front coming towards. Excels in type balance  and soundness one to watch.

2nd Kitado Ever so Funky. Brown and rust strong deep body a shade longer than winner.Moderate angulation good bone tight feet. Would like to see a stronger underjaw and chin development  and would benefit from a better eye shape and colour.

3rd Lateagain heart of fire.


Yearling dog

1st Tuwos Mrs Majestic von Sallate.Brown and rust male of excellent colours. Strong ultra-short hard backline. Body deep to elbows strong boned legs and tight feet well developed  hindquarters hocks well let down. Clean balanced  head muzzle to skull strong underjaw full correct dentition.  Dark eye of correct shape. Moved  with accuracy covering ground with ease. One with a future given time and maturity.


Supetas pocketful of glory smart black and rust with ultra-short hard sloping backline. Medium bone tight  feet. Clean head strong underjaw with complete correct dentition. Moved well coming and going.


Post grad dog

Jolmar harlequin black and rust. Presented  a balanced picture. Eye of good colour  just a little  full clean head that would benefit from a shade more underjaw. Strong well-set body deep to elbows moved well in limited space.


Limit dog

1st Ruholfia Red Ronnie darkest of browns powerfully built male strong  clean head with punishing underjaw complete and correct dentition.  Eye colour in keeping with coat and almond in shape. Short backed deep body. Well developed  hindquarters and well let down  hocks. In hard condition.  His focus was on his ball which he was intent on retrieving  making  him uncollected  on the move assessing  him in the space available  was difficult enough. Would  love to see this lad moving outside in a large ring to show off the scope I know he has.


Diego Denzil Washington stylish black and rust that oozes breed type slightly  longer than winner and not as firm in backline on the move. Another that I would like  to see move in a larger outdoor ring. Clean lean head  dark Eye complete and correct dentition.


Jojavik showpiece at Kate meadow.


Open dog

1st and  CC

Tuwos Luisaidh. This lad just shouts breed type, balance and soundness.  Ultra-short slightly  sloping top line held in place on the move. Hard well-muscled body  deep to the elbows.  Excellent  reach and drive from text book angulation  front and rear. He made the most of the limited space showing his paces with  ease and precision. Lean clean head with flat wrinkle  free skull darkest eye of almond shape . Complete correct dentition.  Handled  to perfection.  Has much to offer the breed.


Eria Pro Hendrix at Korifey black and rust pushed the winner hard. As many of first’s attributes just not as together on the move.


Korifey Ivan.


Champion dog

1st and res CC

Champion Manzart Wise Guy. Black and rust this lad is a true pro. He never stopped showing it is obvious  he adores his mum never put a foot wrong. He is a blueprint for type, balance and soundness.  His expression defied me to pass him by pleased to award him the res. CC.


Ch Ruholfia Kendo another powerhouse from this excellent kennel. Strong lean clean head punishing underjaw complete correct dentition. Muscular well-set body deep to elbows well developed  hindquarters. Another that suffered from the lack of space to show his paces.


Ch. Korifey Amulet.


Veteran dog and best veteran in show.


Ch. Remesca's Rossini. A favourite of mine stylish old lad still has the moves. Age has not diminished  his class he did enough to take best veteran from the gorgeous  Ch. Tripiti.


Remesca's under pressure grand black and rust lad enjoying his day out.


Judge Julie Kelly