Janice Bannister critique - Champ Show 14/11/21 (dogs)


Midland Dobermann Club Nov 14th 2021

Every judging appointment is an honour but a Club show is extra special , so I was delighted to be be invited to judge the males for this Club . Many thanks to the committee and its helpers for all their efforts in making the show the very pleasant memorable day it was . Particular thanks to my very able stewards Yvonne Cox and Derek Alsop , efficient stewards are worth their weight in gold and we should all appreciate them. Thank you also to the exhibitors for their entries and for providing a sporting atmosphere around the ring with their appreciation of all the winners.

I’ve followed the breed for 40 years now and seen various fashions come and go, right now there is a current fashion for excessively tall dogs with Standard height Dobermanns seemingly to be the exception rather than the rule . For me, balance is an essential virtue in any dog and with excess height, balance between the front and rear is often forfeit. Shoulders become too steep , upper arms are often too short , length of neck is lost and toplines become exaggerated in slope. All these changes in construction will obviously affect movement. I also notice with excess height there seems a loss of bone and limbs become finer and the visual definition between the sexes is less apparent. It’s common place nowadays for bitches to be at least as tall if not taller than the correctly sized males . On a positive note , I find temperaments nowadays are first class, dentition is excellent, heads have improved recently and muscular condition and coat presentation is really very good .

Minor Puppy dog (4,0)

McLaren, Mrs Julie & Jay Hershaw , Aritaur Invincible

A high quality 6 month old black male, growing evenly and correct for size at this age, pleasing head with correctly sized and well placed ears, I liked his expressive eyes, I’d just have preferred slightly more stop. Correct angulation front and rear , balanced body with a firm back, good front, elbows held close to the body and stands on §lovely tight feet , he moved sound and positive with good style and purpose , handled to full advantage to win this good class .

2. Hutchinson& Mycroft, Mrs D & Mrs S. Supeta’s Big Hunk O’Love for Debison
Another high quality black male , strong blunt wedge shaped head with correct ratio of skull to muzzle. Kind dark eyes, correctly set on ears . Body is square and balanced, with well sprung ribs and a deep chest . Close up on 1 , just preferred the movement of 1 today . These 2 youngsters should have bright futures and will change places as they move up the classes.

3. Bryan’s Johmar Harlequin

Puppy dog (2.0)

Weston’s Lateagain Let Them All Talk
I liked the clean cut outline on this 9 month black male , forechest coming along nicely and already deep in brisket, strong head with expressive almond shaped eyes , ears set well to lie correctly , lean convex neck of good length leads to a well placed shoulder, front limbs well under him and he stands on catlike tight feet, balanced angulation fore and aft . Moved out well being very light on his feet and he covers a lot of ground . BPD

2. Easton’ s Thunder Strike Decent head with dark eyes and a good expression , his chest needs to develop, his tail set is rather low and his topline is roaching at the moment , although his rust markings are very nice and dark I’d have preferred more defined markings on his chest .

Junior dog (2, 0)

Robertson’s Cockneyoka Dire Straits I just loved this young 14 month old boy, perfect for size and beautifully balanced, he has a strong well proportioned wedge shaped head with correctly sized dark almond shaped eyes , neat ears , always alert . A good length of neck leads to well laid shoulders and a strong, short back , slightly sloping topline, ribs are well sprung and chest is deep, elbows are set under the withers and held close to his body. Excellent feet and round bone , strong rear with broad second thighs . He needs a really big ring to show himself to full advantage as he powers around with great drive and real purpose . He pushed hard for the CC today, just needs a little more maturity and consistency in his movement and he should trouble the best. RCC
Edyveane’s Jojovak Snowpiercer
A taller dog than 1, he pleases in his head , flat skull , parallel planes and flat cheeks , I liked his dark eyes, deep chest , correct markings and correct tuck up . I’d prefer his feet tighter and more angulation fore and aft , needs more time to mature into his big frame . Moved out well and went soundly with verve.

Yearling Dog (1.0)

Jones’s & Ushakova’s Korifey Vanquish A very classy eye catching 18 month old,everything to like about him with nothing exaggerated , he’s correct for height and has a pleasing square, clean cut outline, gorgeous head with a dark almond eye, neat ears , correct under jaw , clean neck of good length , well laid shoulders, plenty of forechest, strong back , well muscled rear with broad thighs and a well bent stifle, excellent feet , moved soundly with drive and purpose. Lovely handling to show him to full advantage . Definitely one destined for the top .

Novice dog (4.0)

As puppy 1
As minor puppy 3
As puppy 2

Graduate Dog (2,0)

Santoriello’s Rafthouse Amulet’s Child Impressive well proportioned head on this boy , good eye , strong expression, pleasing in profile although a little taller than my preference. Good angulation fore and aft , handler needs to watch their handling as he tends to knuckle over . Topline still needs to firm up . Steady and sound on the move , covers the ground well .
Merritt’ s Xemuti Beamish Boy Smaller in statue than 1 , and not so strong in the head . I’d have preferred more length of neck and more lay of shoulder. Another who tended to knuckle over .

Post Graduate Dog (3,0)

Groves’ s Lateagain Rocky Lots to like about this boy , he’s balanced and square in outline , correct for size , pleasing wedge shaped head with parallel planes, well angulated in front and in the rear , enough tuck up, good feet and bone . I’d like slightly darker markings . He moved with enthusiasm, positivity and soundness .
Wedgbury’s Manzart’s War Emblem A dog of good sound type , taller than 1 but presents a smart profile . Well defined markings , good front , enough neck and strong topline . I’d prefer slightly more tuck up . He moved well with drive , verve and purpose .
Wall’s Amazon Leonardo Da Vinci With Jarjarjinx

Limit Dog (5,0)

Evan’s Alcumlow Love is Life . This was a good class to win, 5 quality males here. Headed by this high quality brown standard size dog , beautifully balanced square in outline , I really liked his type , has substance but nothing is over exaggerated, well developed fore chest , strong short back. A powerful and fit dog with a strong sound rear, broad thighs , good bone, he moved soundly with the required drive .
Hopkinson’s Otago the One and Only JW. Another dog of excellent type , quality head , taller than 1 but still has good balance and correct lay of shoulder and correct rear angulation . Stands on good feet and moved well with drive . Pushed 1 hard .
Grace & Lawson’s Nerak Wot A Dream

Open Dog (3.1)

Langford & Groves’s Lateagain Satisfaction JW One I’ve liked since his puppy classes , a standard height dog with a lovely well proportioned head with kind expressive eyes , clean cut square outline, good length of neck, strong back, correct slightly sloping topline , well set tail , well sprung ribs , correct catlike feet , broad second thighs , nice markings although could be slightly darker, a well muscled up rear gives him the power to drive on the move .
Robinson’s Korifey Ivan A well muscled up , top sized dog with a lovely masculine head, dark expressive eyes and well set ears , decent length of neck leads to a firm topline but is slightly over sloped for my preference . Deep chest and elbows well set. Moved positively and sound.

Champion Dog (2,0)

Evan’s CH Kitado’s Vengeance is Mine JW This mature masculine brown male was exactly the type I was looking for - a noble standard size dog who carries himself proudly. He has substance and a square balanced profile , an excellent correctly proportioned head with good depth to his muzzle and strength in the under jaw , expressive almond eyes , flat skull with correct head planes, muscular neck of good length , correct lay of shoulder and a firm strong back with a slight slope . Impressive fore chest, well sprung ribs, deep brisket and correct slight tuck up. His rear quarters are well angulated, powerful and well muscled . Pleased to award him the CC and on a referees decision he was BOS and RBIS .
Edyveane’s CH Jojavik Victor Rizzi at Kateamead Different type to 1 , a tall male with a lovely head of good proportions, well filled under the eyes, strong muzzle and eyes of correct shape and set . Plenty of fore chest and straight fore limbs , although feet could be tighter . Moved a little close behind today.

Veteran Dog (1.0)

Mason’s Jacharia Russkaya Dusha De Doberlane (imp) 7 year old docked black boy of good type. A well put together dog, pleasing well proportioned head with a kind dark eye and neat ears , muscular neck , deep chest, firm back with a correct tail set. Good round bone , straight sound limbs and stands on good feet, moved out well with verve and light on his feet.

Judge Janice Bannister (Janeryl)