Marina White critique – Open Show 12/06/22


1 Seward's Teuschons The Fierce Knight with Elleonia. Black, steady well-schooled and confident character, plenty of bone and substance for his age, balanced front and rear angles, strong muzzle, eyes of almond shape and set slightly sloping, firm slightly sloping topline, good bend of stifle, good on the move in all directions, holding his tail high.


1 BPD, & BPIS Evans' Lategain Heart Of Fire. Well-developed upstanding confident black puppy with rich red markings and good shine to coat, broad head with well-placed high set ears, slight stop, eyes obliquely set and dark in colour matching coat colour, well developed forechest, good length of neck which was clean of excess skin, front legs straight, pasterns slightly sloping, good depth of chest and spring of rib, topline slightly sloping leading to well-developed hindquarters with well bent stifles and strong hocks, vigorous movement but tends to crab a little on the out and back at this stage but a promising puppy and should have a promising future.


1 Plowman's Supeta's Pocketful of Glory. Compact and muscular black who was on his toes and attentive to his handler, excellent footfall on the move and impresses in all directions, head is a little strong for me, but keen and alert expression with strength and breadth of skull, wedge shaped, almond shaped eye with parallel head planes, neat small ears complete the picture, correct length of neck leading into decent shoulders and return of upper arm, topline slightly sloping, correct underline, well sprung ribs, strong quarters with medium bend of stifle and good turn of hock, stands on strong and well padded tight feet. 2 Wright's Kitado Ever So Funky. Handled to get the best out of him, very confident in himself and stands proud, brown with rusty red well placed marking, good round bone and straight front and good width, head OK, but would like more fill in the cheeks, muzzle a touch long, moved with good freedom of action but a little too much weight on body for me.

YD (1, 1a)

GD (2, 1a)

1 Bryan's Johmar Harlequin. Well-marked black with a gleaming smooth, thick close-lying coat, well-muscled up and of correct weight, strong round bone, compact body, well laid back shoulder with decent return of upper arm, chest reaches to elbow, perhaps a touch long in the loin, high set tail, wedge shape to head, eyes set obliquely, ears high set and carried forward giving attentive and keen expression, just let himself down on the move, sadly no matter how many times I asked, he couldn't get into his stride and paced. Hope his handler can get him out of this as he's a decent dog.

LD (6, 3a)

1 BD, BOS and RBIS Woodhouse's Jojavik Master Cutler. This black is a tad larger than I'd like all over but he's really good to get your hands on, in rock hard condition, of good weight, balanced and stands so true and square with little input from his handler, balanced clean head, with typical wedge in shape, broad skull, good strength of muzzle, correct top, small neat ears carried high and alert in expression, dark eyes giving an alert expression,  firm topline which was slightly sloping, good depth of chest, good rear angulation with high tail set and carriage, very sound mover with an easy ground covering action and one of the few on the day who moved true out and back. 2 & RBD Wedgbury's Manzart War Emblem. Upstanding and alert masculine male of good type and substance, strong head, could have tighter lips, good length of neck, decent shoulder and straight front and with good width, his rear is nicely put together with well-developed thighs, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, feet are compact with well arched toes, nice steady action on the move with decent reach and drive. He showed even better in the challenge for RBD. 3 Grace's Nerak Wot A Dream.

VD (1, 1a)

MPB (2, 1a)

1 Mackintosh-White's Teuschons Shadow Spell. Charming black who is balanced and in gleaming short coat, plenty of neck, good width of front, a little down on her pasterns still, pretty head with parallel head planes, slight slope to stop, tight lips, good ribbing, decent stifle and short hocks, unfortunately she tended to hop on the move to get into a trot and therefore her back was roached. A little more work on movement will help this.


1 & BPB Robinson's Vivat De Vinko Vendetta for Korifey (Imp). Tall and elegant black with rich rusty markings and appears to be rather raw at this stage lacking in depth of body and tuck up, square in profile, feminine head, dark eyes set obliquely, but would like a little more depth of muzzle, clean neck, ample forechest, withers a little high, topline was straight and sloping to a high set tail, could do with more bend of stifle, moved out soundly - she needs time.


1 & BB and BIS Luther's Supeta's Echoes Of Love for Langlore. Now this classy and compact brown just blew me away. Clear winner in this class. Balanced, muscular, thick short dense coat, feminine appealing head with parallel head planes, broad skull, strong muzzle, well filled cheeks, neat ears giving attentive and intelligent expression, good length of neck leading into well placed shoulder and excellent return of upper arm, ample forechest, straight and strong front, strong pasterns, tight elbows, chest of correct depth, good tuck up, strong loin, firm croup, tail set on high, well bent stifles, firm quarters, hocks well bent and strong rear pasterns, her footfall is so correct in all directions and she just glides round the ring with such an easy action, she was giving her handler a hard time but I couldn't stop thinking about her and she took BB and BIS. Wish she was mine! 2 Wedgbury's Manzart Xtra Special. Really liked this black but unfortunately she got spooked by the ring tape which was blowing hard and making lots of noise at that point. Love her for type, balance and substance, very nice head with eyes set obliquely, good length of muzzle and broad skull, straight forelegs, tight feet, excellent shoulders and upper arm of good length, chest reaching to elbow, firm topline which was correctly slightly sloping, a tough longer in body than 1 but rear quarters well-developed, decent bend of stifle, she moved well enough in all directions to deserve 2nd here. 3 Hallows' Kitado Ever So Tipsy.


1 S Echoes of Love for L. 1 in JB. 2 Merrett's Grafmax Titania. Quality, elegant black who showed well for her unobtrusive and clever handler, another who was gleaming in the sun with a pretty head that was clean and well balanced, neat ears giving an intelligent look, decent clean neck, withers quite high and she's a little narrow in font but forelegs are straight and she stands true on compact well-padded feet, carrying a little too much weight over the body for me but nice tuck up, strong rear and moved true in all directions with good reach and drive.


1 M Xtra Special. She was much more settled in this class.


1 Evans' Amazon Show Me Heaven. Square, feminine, black bitch in clean and muscular condition, with a balanced head good strength to back skull, small ears set high and strong foreface, elegant neck which shows no throatiness, ample forechest, decent shoulders, strong back, good underline and ribbing, strong loin, tail set high and carried high on the move where she showed reach and drive in profile but a little untidy out and back.

LB (6, 2a)

1 & RBB Mycroft's Supeta's Diamond In The Sky. Another super quality compact black bitch from this kennel who was on her toes and ever at the ready, making a superb balanced and elegant clean outline with round bone, straight front, good width too, decent stop, wedge shape to head in side view, oblique shaped eye with dark iris, eye rims could be tighter, strong muzzle with tight lips, beautiful shape to body, short back, sloping topline, well developed thighs, slight bend of stifle and hocks well bent, handled to advantage, and moved with excellent footfall and reach and drive, she tends to fly her ears a bit which cost her BB to her kennel mate.  2 Fisher's Jojavik Modesty Blaise. Have given this one a BP 4 years ago and another attractive quality showgirl with a feminine head but gives her handler a really hard time. I do like to see Dobes bold and alert but she can be a bit too much on her toes - she certainly would stand her ground and watch a stranger though! A little weaker in rear quarters than 1 but has a straight front, good chest depth and width and sometimes can roach her topline, she needs a bigger ring to really extend out. 3 King's Nerak Rewrite The Stars.


1 Sanderson's Jodaseen Cardinal Envy. Have judged this one before where she was BP and she's matured into a lovely girl who has super economical movement in all directions, another who was in gleaming condition although I'd prefer a fraction less weight over the body, she stands true with straight forelegs, decent forechest, good bone, firm topline which sloped, her eyes weren't as obliquely set as some but dark in colour, high ear carriage and always attentive. 2 Bishop's Korifey Oksana. Close up to 1 but she's just a tad big all over for a girl, being quite high at the withers and then her topline is sloping too steeply, and she doesn't hold as a good a shape on the move, alot to like about her with a very attractive head, balanced, clean and with eyes set correctly, straight front, good width of chest, depth of chest reaching to elbow, much more open angle on her shoulders but handled very cleverly to get the best out of her. 3 Hickling's Supeta's Under The Spell of Evalesco.

VB (2, 2a)