S Thorn critique - Memorial Stakes 09/11/14


It was a privilege to be invited to judge this charity class with entry fees going to support DCM work. Entries 8 (3).

1 Quigley, Day & Piper’s Swnydwr Double Take, chunky 10 month black male, well developed for his age, beautifully square and compact. Well-developed head with good wedge shape and already a good length of muzzle. Eyes dark, teeth good and lovely clean flews. Ears could be smaller, but that’s true of so many dobes these days. A good arch of neck, could be a little longer, but still has time to develop. Lovely forechest and angulation. Smooth clean topline with slight drop to croup. Legs very straight and well-boned, but front pasterns rather weak at this point. Moved with good reach and drive. I’ll enjoy watching him develop.

2 Horgans’ Aritaur Love Me Long Time, elegant 8 month black female, again compact and square. Good length of muzzle and dark eyes, but head not yet as well-developed as

3. Ears again could be smaller. Good arch of neck running into promising topline. Scapula spoiling the line a little at the moment, but she should grow into that. Front angulation good, but a little more forechest would be desirable. Hindquarters excellent with good, straight bone, lovely angulation and musculature. Tight feet and moved with reach and drive.

4. Robinson & Parrott’s Remesca’s Reet Petite.

Sue Thorn