Tracy Tousent critique – Open Show 11/06/23

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me along to judge my first Dobermann club open show, I was very pleased with my entry considering we were in the height of the championship show circuit, I would like to thank the exhibitors that not only entered under me but who attended on the day as we did have extremely high temperatures on the day. It certainly was hot, and I appreciated the great sportsmanship from all exhibitors in the circumstances. Lastly, I would like to show my appreciation to my wonderful steward Yvonne your expertise and professionalism allowed me to really enjoy my day due to the very smooth running and efficiency of my ring.

Overall, the breed seems to be in a good place for temperaments.  Breeders do have their part to play in keeping to what the standard asks for, which is a medium square compact dog that still has elegance.  We are seeing a lot of large or fine specimen's around now, sadly, and a lack of bone overall, and this is something that needs to be kept an eye on. Let us not forget that they were bred to be able to take a man down. The breed seems to be losing their tight cat like feet and this is one of the attributes that makes the breed unique from all the rest. Throughout dentition was good and all males had two testical’s present.

Minor Puppy Dog (3/0)

A class of three litter brothers and their places could easily change round on another day, they were all very different with various attributes, sadly my third place in this class just didn't want to play ball in the heat, I was however very impressed with his handler trying his utmost best trying to encourage his charge the whole time while at the same time being a very sympathetic handler, and because of this I felt his handling skills needed a mention well done young man.

1st, Mrs C Bishop, KORIFEY HEARTBREAK TO SACARIA, 6 Mths, Brown/Tan, most balanced of the three at this stage, he just tipped the class as I preferred his overall shape and elegance, head is in proportion with body it presents an elongated blunt wedge, eye shape is good, colour ok, slight stop, cheeks flat with slight underfill, clean lipline, enough underjaw, nice length to clean neck leading into a nicely laid back shoulder with forechest developing well, good length to upperarm, straight front, feet ok, elbows are tight fitting, square in body, fairly tucked up, topline needs to harden but acceptable for age, well filled croup, moderate rear angulation standing on strong hocks, moved well with his handler who was working hard to get the best out of him.

2nd, Mrs & Mr J & C Griffith's, KORIFEY AXL AT AMIOUS, 6 Mths, black/tan, just not as square in profile as first, good medium sized overall appearance with balanced head in proportion with body, an attentive alert expression, skull is flat with ears set high lying close to cheek, dark almond eye with enough underfill, flat cheek with nice length and depth to muzzle, good length to clean neck, not quite the lay back of shoulder as first, enough forechest whilst developing, good length to upperarm, parallel straight forelegs, brisket just reaching elbow, feet ok, topline a little soft should harden with maturity, well tucked up, a little more length to loin than I would prefer, good tail and carriage, nice width to second thigh, just needs time to fill his frame, when settled moved freely around the ring.

Puppy Dog (1/0)

1st, Mrs L Hart, SUPETA SCORCHIO, 11 Mths, Brown/Tan, a large powerful male of proud carriage who has maturity on his side and no denying his a male of good bone and substance in lovely hard condition, headpiece is strong with a bold alert expression that demands attention, almond eye with enough underfill, nice length to muzzle with good depth to underjaw, would just prefer a cleaner lipline, long strong muscular arched neck leading into a straight front assembly standing on tight catlike feet with slight bend to pastern, elbows lie close to brisket, good forechest for age, well sprung ribs, sloping topline, well filled croup, hindquarters muscular and well developed bend of stifle standing on strong hocks that helped him power round the ring, he showed well in the heat, handled to perfection, BPIS.

Junior Dog (2/0)

1st, Ms E Fletcher, SACARIA WHISPER OF HOPE, 16 Mths, Brown/Tan, this boy topped the class for his overall picture of balance and his movement on the day handled well, of good size with bone and substance, he has a kind loyal expression and is very much tuned into his handler, flat skull neat ears lying close to cheek, slight stop, dark almond eye, length of muzzle is ok with a lot of depth to it, nice length to well arched neck leading into a rounded front assembly with good heart room and a good shoulder placement and correct length to upper arm, straight well boned forelegs, feet ok, elbows lying close to brisket, a nice tuck up just needs to strengthen a little in topline, balanced rear angles to give the square appearance, moved freely with reach and drive working as one with his handler, one for the future.

2nd, Miss M V Merchant, COCKNEYOKA GET OVER IT AT MANDAREUS, 12 Mths, Brown/Tan, another good sized male that is square in profile who gave his very patient handler a difficult job in getting the best out of him on the move, possibly down to the heat yet so sympathetically handled with great encouragement, a strong headpiece with good length of muzzle with a nice depth to muzzle that forms a blunt elongated wedge. flat skull slight stop, almond eye of medium colour to suit colouring, an alert expression using his ears well, fair length to muscular neck, he is in a growing spurt at the moment so just needs time to fill his frame, doesn’t have the lay back of shoulder as first, straight forelegs of good bone, feet ok, elbows lying close to brisket, nicely tucked up with a strong topline leading into a good tail set, long well bent stifles, hocks well let down,.

Yearling Dog (0/0)

Novice Dog (2/0)

1st, Second in junior Dog.

2nd, Mr Mrs & Mrs M J & A Kent Kent & Sutton, KORIFEY RECKLESS, 6 Mths, Black/Tan, a young dog that I've watched ringside and admire the partnership between him and his young handler, who works very hard at getting the very best out of him both sympathetically and patiently, but on the day sadly I believe the weather was just too much, (please keep building the special bond between you both you make a great team). Medium sized elegant compact male with an overall square appearance, head in proportion with body has nice clean muzzle with both length and depth, dark eye, slight stop, cheeks flat, strong underjaw, an alert expression when he uses his ears, lean well arched neck, straight forelegs standing on nice tight catlike feet with compact toes, good length to upper arm, topline needs to settle, belly well tucked up, moderate rear angulation, moved well when he was settled.

Graduate Dog (0/0)

Post Graduate Dog (2/2)

Limit Dog (2/1)

1st, Mrs J McLaren, ARITAUR INVINCIBLE AT TEUSCHON, 2 Yrs, Black/Tan, a typical good old fashioned honest male with nothing overdone, shown in nice overall condition handled sympathetically to get the best out of him, compact square look of medium size, well set body of proud carriage, typical head with an alert expression, ears of medium size lying close to cheek, parallel head planes with decent length and depth to muzzle, medium almond eye with enough underfill , flat cheeks, well-muscled neck of fair length leading into a lovely rounded front assembly, shoulders well laid back with equal length to upper arm, a good forechest with good heart room, 50/50 ratio's, elbows close fitting, forelegs straight slightly sloping pasterns, feet ok, slightly sloping strong topline, tucked up well, short in loin, well filled croup, good tail set, moderate bend of stifle, good width to second thigh, standing on strong hocks, moved well with good reach and drive. RBD & RBIS.

Open Dog (2/0)

1st, Miss R Robinson, CH /Lux & NI CH KORIFEY IVAN ShCEx, 4 Yrs, Black/Tan, another typical male that is all male of good size and substance with a powerful appearance who could certainly bring a man down as required as the tax collector companion. Bold and alert at all times very switched on to handler a great partnership he showed well in the heat and put in a great performance for top honours, almond shaped dark eye, good underfill, flat cheeks, nice length and depth to muzzle, alert expression with the I demand attention attitude, fair length to well arched neck leading into a decent front assembly with a well-developed forechest, brisket well let down lying close to the elbow, fair length to upper arm, straight strong forelegs, feet ok, well sprung ribs, a strong sloping topline, well filled croup, well bent stifle with a good second thigh, straight strong hocks, well-muscled, I would prefer a little weight off for a sharper outline, moved with purpose covering the ground well as one with his handler showing reach and drive, handled to perfection. BD & BIS. 2nd, Mrs & Mr K & A Wedgbury, MANZART WAR EMBLEM, 4 Yrs, Black/Tan lovely rich well defined markings, another square in profile male with no denying he is all male with good presence he is of good size and substance just not the outline or balance of class winner sadly on the move he seemed to be hop skipping and jumping so struggled to assess his movement as I would of liked maybe the heat had got to him, a strong head just broader in back skull than I prefer, medium triangle pendant ears, medium almond eye, decent underfill, fair length and good depth to muzzle with a strong underjaw, dark pigmentation, decent length to well-muscled arched neck, doesn't have the front assembly of first, pleasing length to upperarm, excellent ratios of wither to elbow and elbow to feet, good heart room, deep chested, strong slightly sloping topline would just prefer more tuck up, well sprung ribs, short in loin, well bent stifle, well let down hocks, handled well to get the best out of him.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2/0)

1st, Mr P Merrett, KORIFEY SWEET CHILD OF MINE, 6 Mths, Black/Tan, two very different types that could switch round on another day, just took the class today on being a little more together. Presents a nice elegant shape with just enough bone, head in proportion to body that's clean cut with an attentive expression who is engaged with handler, skull flat, almond dark eye, flat cheeks, nice depth and length to muzzle, good length to neck would just prefer a little more cleaner with tighter fitting skin, deep brisket, straight front legs standing on tight feet, topline still needs to strengthen, croup well filled with decent tail set that carried well on the move, long well bent stifle with strong hocks, handled well just missed out on BPIS due to a tendency of sometimes high stepping on the front, BPB.

2nd, Mrs S Mycroft, SUPETA'S EVERY WITCH WAY, a docked 6 Mth old at her first show I believe who was enjoying herself with great character, Black/Tan rich mahogany well defined markings, A very square compact raw baby with bone and substance who is strong yet still feminine, she has a very alert expressive headpiece with lovely dark almond eye, ears set high lying close to cheek, nice underfill, decent depth and length to muzzle with good underjaw, fairly long clean neck leading into lovely front construction with elbows lying close to brisket, forechest developing well for age, straight well boned forelegs strong pasterns, square in profile from every angle, fitted in the box nicely, a good bend of stifle standing on strong hocks that helped her move with reach and drive, handled well.

Puppy Bitch (0/0)

Junior Bitch (2/1)

1st, Mrs J Balshaw, COCKNEYOKA OVER THE LINE, 12 Mths, Brown/Tan , rich defined markings, good size and substance, head is in proportion to body she is elegant with strength, an alert expression with the look of very eager to please, large ears that lay close to cheek, good almond eye shape with enough underfill, deep stop, decent length to muzzle with strong underjaw, nice length to lean clean well arched neck, good length to upperarm would just prefer shoulder placement to be a little more laid back for overall balance, forechest developing nicely for age, well rounded boned forelegs, slightly bent pastern, feet ok, deep in chest with decent heart room, ribs well sprung, good tail set and carried well on the move, stifle long and well bent, strong hocks, handler had to work hard to get the best out of her on the move she has a tendency to pace but moved well when settled, maybe in a phantom so carrying a little extra weight right now.

Yearling Bitch (3/1)

1st, Miss R Robinson, LUX CH VIVAT DE VINKO VENDETTA FOR KORIFEY (Imp), 23 Mths, Black/Tan, rich defined markings, easy class winner on overall balance and condition, elongated blunt wedged head, dark eye just needs more underfill, slight stop, flat cheeks, clean lips, fair length to lean neck, front assembly ok, straight front legs with tight feet, sloping strong top line just needs more tuck up for a cleaner sharper outline, decent second thigh, strong hocks yet little wider than preferred, handled to perfection to get the very best out of her.

2nd, Mr & Mrs G & A Mackintosh-White, TEUSCHONS SHADOW SPELL, 18 Mths, Black/Tan, she is balanced with bone and substance and good strength, stronger head than first, alert expressive headpiece, elongated blunt wedge of good length and strength, nice flat skull, high set ears lying close to cheek, slight stop, dark almond eye with underfill, strong underjaw of good depth, nice front construction with matching rear angles, straight front legs with round bone, tight catlike feet, slightly sloping topline with decent tuck up, hocks parallel, sadly couldn't quite get her moving on the day, another that had a tendency to pace maybe struggling in the heat, handler worked very hard to try getting the best out of her.

Novice Bitch (2/1)

1st, Junior bitch class winner.

Graduate Bitch (1/0)

1st, Junior bitch class winner.

Post Graduate Bitch (0/0)

Limit Bitch (0/0)

Open Bitch (3/1)

1st, Mr & Mrs A & L Fisher, JOJAVIK MODESTY BLAISE, 6 Yrs, Black/Tan, a standard square in profile bitch with nothing overdone in anyway, of good strength yet still feminine with the picture of substance with balance that fits in a box as a Dobermann should, although carrying a little extra weight she still couldn't be denied top honours as she powered round the ring and could of gone all day even in the heat. A good head with an attentive alert expression very tuned into her handler, lovely dark almond eye with good underfill, muzzle is of good length along with depth, strong underjaw, clean lipline, elegant arched neck that leads into a lovely front assembly, shoulder placement is well laid back with good upperarm ,  elbows lying close to brisket, straight parallel forelegs, good feet, ribs well sprung giving plenty of heart room, matching rear angles to finish the picture of balance with a strong topline that she held on the move when she powered round the ring with reach and drive which won her the class and best bitch, my easiest decision of the day, BB.

2nd, Mrs S Mycroft, SUPETA'S DIAMOND IN THE SKY, 2 Yrs, Black/Tan, rich defined markings, not the overall balance of first, has a bit more length, head is clean-cut and balanced with strength, skull flat, ears high set just would prefer if they laid close to cheeks, slight stop, eye is dark of good shape which gives that alert expression, flat cheeks, fair length to muzzle, lipline is clean like her neck which leads into nicely laid back shoulders with a well-developed forechest, deep in brisket, straight front legs standing on tight cat like feet, tucked up well, croup well filled, hindquarters well developed and muscular with good second thigh standing on strong hocks, handled and moved well just not the movement of class winner but could not be denied RBB.

Veteran Bitch (2/1)

1st, Miss R Robinson, CH REMESCA'S REET PETITE ShCM, 10 Yrs, Brown/Tan, I smiled the whole time whilst she was being shown an absolute credit to her owner, she loved strutting herself round the ring totally come into her own a real pleasure to judge and for her age still in fabulous condition and very much a joy to watch her move, showing a little grey as expected but overall nice size with substance yet still has the elegance, head is in proportion to body, nice almond eye and good ear set, clean lipline, lean long elegant neck leading into a well-constructed front assembly, ample forechest, short firm topline with belly fairly well tucked up, ribs well sprung, rear quarters well-muscled and strong hocks for age, flowed round the ring with reach and drive working as one with her handler, BVIS.

Tracey Tousent

June 23